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  1. I will tell you last black Friday, k12 had independent courses for 1/2 off. I don't know if they will run the sale again this year, but it makes a huge difference in cost if they do.
  2. A lot of the bad reviews come from people in charters that don't realize that each charter is not k12 the curriculum. It is a public school that implements k12 to fit their public school rules. It is more advanced than the local public schools and does require a lot more work than kids in public school may be used to as well. I won't lie. It has both good and bad, but most of the negative reviews are specific to the schools they are enrolled in not the k12 curriculum. It is the same way that people complain about different public schools. That is not reflective of buying k12 independentl
  3. Out of those 3 options, I would go with BJU or K12. We have done Calvert and it is too costly for private homeschoolers at this point. BJU is really good, but I do find that my kids tune out watching a video taped teacher. We have done k12 the last 5 years. Sixth grade is actually a really good year with the k12 setup. It is American History-civil war to present, Earth Science, Fundamentals of Geometry and Algebra (which I actually like...I agree elementary k12 math is not great, but the middle school math is pretty good if you do the FGA, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 line up not the new Interm
  4. I am on my 3rd middle schooler. I honestly think some of the reason I was so keen for mine to try high school was because of how narrowly we survived the middle school years. It is just horrible. I can't imagine how teachers in b&m schools deal with all that with hundreds of students. I have 1 more year of middle school with my 3rd child then I get a reprieve for a few years. I plan to savor the non-middle school years.
  5. http://carpediemprepathome.blogspot.com/2016/05/the-leaning-tower-ofmath.html
  6. I know it is summer and most are winding down. I have been homeschooling for 6 years now and off and on the board for most of that time. My oldest son has dysgraphia/dyslexia and I am always seeing posts about people wondering if their child has either or both and posts looking for materials to help with it. I am going to blog our journey this year of going through Dianne Craft materials to try and help my son be better prepared for high school He is 7th grade now. I am creating a link up for anyone with a blog with a right brained learner to share their experiences or materials that help
  7. We actually moved to k12 with our boys and that has worked great for them. They are 7th and 4th now but my older son did so much better with the textbook style books than multiple books and notebooking. He has mainly done K12's Am. History with Hakim's US History. He also has done History Odyssey for world history through k12. My girls went to school for high school. They also did a few years of middle school each with k12. We did try Rev to Rev and WG after k12 and before they went back to public school for a year. My girls did the most with HOD before going to K12 and they did start
  8. I have used HOD LHTH, LHFHG, BLHFHG, BHFHG, PHFHG, CTC, Rev2Rev, and WG each at some point and to some degree. I don't think HOD loses the pieces and parts feel to it. You do stay in one book for longer as they get older, but it is still the same style of learning with the same style of directions. It just gets longer and longer days as you go through. It never gets to the point where history is condensed to a few items and less pieces and parts. History is their bread and butter for the program and Bible and History package is combined all the way up through the guides. The science beco
  9. I would suggest Miquon for k-2 and transitioning to TT3 whenever you finish Miquon. It uses the rods as manipulatives and is a strong foundation.
  10. I see your children are young. I would say the writing in the lower guides is very CM. It is slow to start. I would say you aren't really doing writing until Preparing which is the 3rd/4th grade guide depending on which guide you start with for kindergarten. For k-3rd grade, I would say it is lower than what is expected of peers of the same age/grade. It does ramp up in the middle school guides. We did not like either Write with the Best writing components. IEW worked really well for my kids. I would say if you start HOD in the younger guides and try to jump to something else before 6t
  11. I would wait until 9th. We knew friends that switched in 8th and got put in a not so great class line up. They really don't try to validate your schooling to put in the right course levels jumping into the middle of middle school. They just stick you on the hum drum path. We watched a friend put her daughter in for the transition 8th grade and that is what happened. She was as smart as my girls and tested the same but b/c she hadn't been on that path in the middle school for the prior years--into the hum drum path she went. We put our girls back in at 9th grade registration. Since high
  12. It was online through classical conversations. They send you an email listing the times. It is broken down over 2 days. http://cctestingservices.com/ Click the online testing button and you will see a calendar to sign up.
  13. Stanford is timed and during the time for that test section you can go back and check your work, but not after the time is up. It is proctored and the proctor would have to open it again. It has a schedule for each section and a time. We did Stanford through classical conversations and it was a good experience, but once the time for the section was up you couldn't go back without the proctor opening it up again. You can go back with the CAT as long as you haven't ended the section as well. It is when you submit the section that you can't go back.
  14. I think most people are much more passionate about reviews when they don't like something unless they got the item for free and are essentially being paid with free material to write a review. You don't see really harsh negative reviews on any of the bloggers sites that get their materials free to review. You see waxing lyrical reviews from paid reviewers. I also think not everyone goes online and praises curriculum that gets the job done. We have used LLATL with our older girls and now with the boys in between being in a k12 charter using a lot of intense material for each individual lang
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