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  1. HomeAgain, I wasn't aware that NOEO was part of Master books now. It's not on their website. Although, I admit I don't understand how all that works. I appreciate your comment about the thought process that went into noeo. I will have to rethink what I'm after. I thought I wanted to find a creationist, young Earth curriculum that uses the Bible as a filter for truth but doesnt totally ignore other viewpoints or present them haphazardly. Thanks for your comment.
  2. My kiddos' favorite thing is science. We used RSO this year and they enjoyed it. I've thought of just continuing on with it, however, I'd really like something with a Biblical worldview that also presents other views. I thought I may have found it with NOEO, but it turns out from my extensive online reading that NOEO really doesn't present much at all, of any view. So...what do you know about RSO-style science (non-textbook, multiple books, lots experiments) that's Biblically based and discusses other points of view?
  3. Hi all :) I am researching elementary chemistry and really liking the NOEO guides. I am able to get a sample of their other level 1 guides right from their website but doesn't appear to have a Chem 1 sample. Any of you know if a review with pics out there? YouTube has unboxing but she doesn't really show inside the guide, just flips through super fast :) I mainly need to see if the layout works for me and the workload works for my son. Thanks!
  4. That's interesting because I did contact TT and they told me that there was no news on when it would be available and did not offer any option to use the test version
  5. What are people using after Singapore if you don't go with Art of Problem Solving? I see that is the clear favorite here on the boards, but I also see that it is geared towards math kiddos. What do you suggest for kiddos who aren't so mathy but just need to get the job done after Singapore? PS - momma really doesn't want to do a whole lot of upper level math teaching, so help there would be a bonus.
  6. I may be completely imagining this but I thought TT had an online option. I have a Chromebook, no CD drive. Please tell me there is a way I can use this :/
  7. ...did you beef it up or ditch it? I have to tell you I really like the looks of it. Yet, I cannot deny the many reviews here calling it supplemental and light. My second choice is NOEO but I'm just not loving it as much, by the looks. I'm only concerned because my son LOVES science and LOVES experiments. So here's my idea: Use RSO E&S and also read the books selected by NOEO. We can even add in the YS kits if he still wants more. What says the hive?
  8. Are any of the web based math options similar in methodology to Singapore Math? I was considering CTC Math and others and wondered if there is something out there like a digital version of Singapore. My husband really thinks a conceptual math will work well for my son and I agree. Anyone know about the existing options if they are similar to Singapore or would something work well as a digital supplement?
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