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  1. Which one of these would you consider more worthy of high school credit?
  2. Hi ladies, I was wondering if any of you have used Circe's guides to the Iliad and the Odyssey? I'm also considering the MP guides. If you've used MP, have you used the videos that go with it? The Circe ones look rather intriguing to me............ Any thoughts? Thanks!
  3. Hi ladies, I'm looking at putting my 5th grader in a Latin class (using Latin for Children A) with either Wilson Hill Academy or Schole Academy. Anyone have kiddos that have taken that class at either of these places that can speak to them? Thanks!
  4. Great points!! Thanks for replying. Hmmm..............I'm going to have to do some thinking on this. One of my goals for next year is to NOT have information overload. I don't want too basic of an overview, but we opted for American only vs. Modern (whole world) so that we could have less details to get through. Is History of US far more information than Notgrass? I like the idea of built in assignments in Notgrass, but I see your point (Targhee) about Notgrass having so many pieces, though I think I would just add the 3 texts. Targhee - do you feel like Notgrass is NOT engaging or do you just prefer History of US? You specifically said it was engaging. America's Story has been really fun for them. It is a living book and doesn't feel very textbook-ish at all. So I don't mind her having to work through something more textbook-ish next year. We'll still be reading aloud as a family from America's Story again. Maybe my idea re: our schedule would help: basically we'll read a lesson from America's Story 4 days a week all together (tutorial 1 day). They will each have a reader to go along with what we are studying to do on their own. My plan is to have the older student also have one of the texts to work through and do assignments from. This year, America's Story takes about 15 minutes to read and discuss. Sometimes 10, sometimes 20. But not too long. So I'd be adding to that. I may only have her work through the additional text 3 days a week. If this matters, we will be starting around the time of the California Gold Rush. So we won't be using all of the Notgrass volume 1. Thanks ladies!
  5. Hi, I have been using America's Story Volume 1 (Angela O'Dell) this year with my kiddos and we've loved it. We've added literature to round it out. I would like to use volumes 2 & 3 next year to finish the rest of American history, but my oldest will be in 8th grade and it might not be enough for her. I'm trying to decide if I should add Notgrass America the Beautiful or some of Hakim's History of Us books for extra reading and output. Any opinion on how those would work with America's Story or how you feel about Notgrass and History of Us compared to one another? I likely wouldn't add any of the Notgrass or History of Us extras - I'd just have her write narrations and do discussion questions and such. Thoughts?
  6. Same here. Same discussion with Ian. The only thing I'd add is that they mentioned that since Adam is clearly older now and wiser, with more experience, that will show up a bit in the new version. They still said I didn't need the updated one. Nevertheless, I bought it. I'm going to watch it over the summer so can't say what the differences might be. But I, also, respected that they weren't trying to get me to purchase something I didn't really need.
  7. Thanks! Great information. I'm heading to a convention this weekend and I really hope Rainbow Resource center has some copies for me to look at. I do so much better holding the product in my hands vs online samples!
  8. That makes sense. And that Notgrass lineup seems like it would work. They will be studying the same thing but with different resources for the younger student and the older ones together. I'm not sure how well the high school vs middle school texts line up, but at least you'll be doing generally the same thing. If Notgrass appeals to you and you think it will help you actually get things done, go for it! I know several families who really like it.
  9. What didn't work with BP? Isn't it all planned out? Kids on the same page but using different books? Are you wanting them all reading the same books? I agree that having the 4th grader reading the same thing as the 8th grader will be hard.
  10. I was wondering if anyone can tell me their thoughts on Rod and Staff grammar vs Grammar for the WTM for 8th grade. Which do you prefer? What are the pros and cons of each in comparison to one another in your opinion?
  11. Hi ladies, I'm trying to decide about next year - language arts for an 8th grader. I was thinking CLE 8 to cover spelling and grammar. But also tossing around the WTM suggestions for R&S and Spelling workout. I'll add a roots/vocab program regardless of which of these routes I take. She'll be taking a literature and composition class elsewhere. Any thoughts on CLE vs R&S and SW? Edited to add: also considering Grammar for the Well Trained Mind
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