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  1. Thank you Lori D. for your thoughtful helps! I have not heard of Morning Girl. I'll check into it. Thanks!
  2. ​Any opinions on the following books? Planning unit on explorers of New World. ​Walk the World's Rim ​The King's Fifth ​Pedro's Journal ​Daughter in 7th grade in the fall and is dyslexic. I will likely be reading these books to her, so I want to read the best one(s). What do you think? Is one better than another? Are they all good? Is one slow going but ever so worth it? Any different lit suggestions?
  3. Yes, good idea. I ususally think of Pinteret for recipes I guess. :)
  4. I guess from the lack of responses here that my topic is too broad. How about any ideas for explorers and navigation or 13 colonies? Hands-on, notebook pages, etc? Surely someone has done this time period with their dc and blogged about it? Thanks everyone.
  5. Can anyone point me to resources that flesh this curriculum out? Dd finds the Veritas Press cards and worksheets dry and boring. I've done this time period several times with other dc, so I already have great lists of books that I love to go along with the year. What I need are lots of hands-on activites, visual aids, and projects for my 7th grader (who is also dyslexic--very slow reader, terrible speller, no grammar skills but actually likes writing as long as some creative element is involved.) I also have SOTW vol. 3 that I'll probably be supplementing quite a bit with. Any blogs or websites that might help me make this time period interesting for her?
  6. Great question. I haven't been on the boards in a long time, but I came back today looking for exactly what you've asked. My dd (12) is dyslexic, so I'm looking for anything to help her succeed in the middle school years. She's come a long way, and I too would suggest looking into Don Potter's website. The information that I found on his website turned learning to read into something positive for my dd. We now use All About Spelling. Spelling is her worst subject second only to grammar. Anyone have any suggestions for a good grammar program for a dyslexic 12 year old who basically can barely remember to capitalize the first word in a sentence and put a period on the end?
  7. This is it!!! This works for me!!! Oh my word, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I thought I was going crazy. :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:
  8. Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure this out. So, I followed your directions--I still see no place where the word coach exists. I see the Khan logo--clicked that. Nothing. So then I looked around more and found a place where it said your child needed to add you as a coach to his account. So we started to do that, but I noticed that on his account, I am listed as his coach. I've also been getting e-mails for the last couple of weeks explaining his progress, etc. I even got on a different computer today to see if my laptop was just having a problem. Still nothing. Thanks Jean for your help. I appreciate you taking the time. I guess if I don't figure it out, I will need to find something else for math. Sigh.
  9. Well, I thought that I was; however, I see everything you've explained BUT the word coach. I will look into what I've done wrong--hopefully that's it! It's gotta be, right? :001_smile: Thanks!
  10. Hmmm.... Okay, so I go to my name in upper right hand corner. A menu drops down and I click "your children". The next screen should have "coach" somewhere to click? I don't see it. :confused1: If I try clicking on son's name first, I still don't see the word "coach" anywhere that produces what I'm looking for.
  11. I am a bit frustrated again tonight. I cannot for the life of me figure out how I made a coach recommendation! I've done it twice now, but for some reason, I can't do it again like I did before. I'm clicking on my name, then "your children", but there is no place that I can see to go from there successfully. I'm sure I'm just missing something. Can someone help? I've read the directions from the Khan PDF, but they don't match up with what I am seeing on my screen. TIA.
  12. Ok, so Monday is here and were are working on Khan again. Sigh. I do not understand about the horizontal bar chart--I see the colored bar chart and numbers when I hover over them, but I have no idea what those numbers mean. Also, I get how to view the problem he worked on and got wrong, but I don't see his answer anywhere. You had stated that it showed the answer he gave? I can't find it. This program is either not very user friendly, or I'm just slow. :) Does anyone else find Khan hard to figure out?
  13. Matryoshka, Thanks so much for all this detail. I am currently working through your descriptions, so I may have more questions, but I wanted to say thanks!
  14. Hmm... So, are the mastery challenges optional? What do you mean when you say you "require" your kids to do them if available? My ds won't do anything I haven't required. Ha!
  15. Yes, I am his coach. Okay, so I see now the problem he did by hovering over the bar graph. But, I don't see his answer or what the correct answer is--just the problem. I see whether or not he got it right or wrong.... I don't understand what you mean by "track back in a focus topic..." Sorry! I feel so illiterate! Ok, I did see the pie chart, but now I can't find it again. I've been looking at the "active summary" page. How do I give him a coach recommendation? Also, what do those badges tell me? Or, are they just for the student for motivation? And, I see energy points? What are those? Thanks for taking the time to help. I feel like a dummy!
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