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  1. Thank you Lori D. for your thoughtful helps! I have not heard of Morning Girl. I'll check into it. Thanks!
  2. ​Any opinions on the following books? Planning unit on explorers of New World. ​Walk the World's Rim ​The King's Fifth ​Pedro's Journal ​Daughter in 7th grade in the fall and is dyslexic. I will likely be reading these books to her, so I want to read the best one(s). What do you think? Is one better than another? Are they all good? Is one slow going but ever so worth it? Any different lit suggestions?
  3. Yes, good idea. I ususally think of Pinteret for recipes I guess. :)
  4. I guess from the lack of responses here that my topic is too broad. How about any ideas for explorers and navigation or 13 colonies? Hands-on, notebook pages, etc? Surely someone has done this time period with their dc and blogged about it? Thanks everyone.
  5. Can anyone point me to resources that flesh this curriculum out? Dd finds the Veritas Press cards and worksheets dry and boring. I've done this time period several times with other dc, so I already have great lists of books that I love to go along with the year. What I need are lots of hands-on activites, visual aids, and projects for my 7th grader (who is also dyslexic--very slow reader, terrible speller, no grammar skills but actually likes writing as long as some creative element is involved.) I also have SOTW vol. 3 that I'll probably be supplementing quite a bit with. Any blogs or websites that might help me make this time period interesting for her?
  6. Great question. I haven't been on the boards in a long time, but I came back today looking for exactly what you've asked. My dd (12) is dyslexic, so I'm looking for anything to help her succeed in the middle school years. She's come a long way, and I too would suggest looking into Don Potter's website. The information that I found on his website turned learning to read into something positive for my dd. We now use All About Spelling. Spelling is her worst subject second only to grammar. Anyone have any suggestions for a good grammar program for a dyslexic 12 year old who basically can barely remember to capitalize the first word in a sentence and put a period on the end?
  7. I love this. I don't really get math, and I would never have thought this out quite in this way. DD hates math, and I'm going to share this with her tomorrow. Hopefully she will see the wonder in it as I do. Thanks for sharing. I can't believe I've finally made it to the end of this thread! For now anyway. Off to reread....
  8. One thing I wanted to add or ask about. A lady at my church just explained about FAFSA and said that we should fill out those forms in January just as soon as we would receive our tax info. She said that the aid was on a first come, first serve basis and that waiting until March might cause one to not get the aid he could have gotten if he had filled out the form in January. Is this correct information?
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