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  1. Hello all - I am going to be homeschooling and working simultaneously, so time will be limited. Please share which literature/biography/non-fiction books you consider essential to go along with SOTW 4. I will not be able to do all of the recommendations in the workbook and am not sure which to pick and choose. Thanks!
  2. A lot of parents who never intended to homeschool and found themselves at home trying to manage their kids' zoom time with teachers think that that is what homeschooling is and they have not liked it. They are asking me "if that's not homeschooling, then what is?" I know what I think, but I want to give a solid answer that is helpful, honest and inspiring.
  3. If you had to describe the difference between doing school at home (what has happened to many public/private school families because of the pandemic) and homeschooling, what would you say?
  4. Is anyone talking about Harvard's upcoming anti-homeschooling "summit" in June? https://hslda.org/content/hs/state/ma/20200324-harvard-summit-to-discuss-regulating-homeschooling.aspx https://nypost.com/2020/04/23/elites-go-to-war-on-homeschooling-just-when-everyones-doing-it/ https://arizonalawreview.org/homeschooling-parent-rights-absolutism-vs-child-rights-to-education-protection/
  5. Paula's Archives wins the day! THANK YOU, Another Lynn, and thank you all who answered. :)
  6. Thanks! But, it was something else. It had something like a thousand titles listed with lots of classic kids' lit recommendations. I am talking at least a dozen years back, but I am sure there are some on this board who will know. :)
  7. Hello - There was/is a booklist that listed books/movies in chronological order, or at least, by historical themes ... it was massive and recommended on these boards... I can't remember what the list/site was called and I would like to look it up. Does anyone know what I am talking about? :) Thanks!
  8. Thanks! I will take a look at these. Any more recommendations?
  9. Thank you for pointing that out. Yes, I am a fluent speaker who needs help explaining Spanish grammar. I do not need pronunciation or vocabulary. I can speak the language but cannot explain it. :)
  10. Hello - I am looking for a paper and pencil Spanish curriculum for elementary aged dd (please, no recommendations for anything on a computer or online). I want it to be grammar heavy and correct, not "fun" or about culture, for serious language acquisition. Thanks!
  11. My blood testing and cardio visit turned up nothing at all, and yet, I am having very real symptoms.
  12. Thank you. Please keep the ideas coming. I have low blood pressure. No anxiety or panic. No medication or infection. Looking into the magnesium suggestion.
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