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  1. DD entered our public high school this year after homeschooling K-8. So far, we haven't had to use any of the homeschooling resources we have. One of the key benefits of homeschooling for mine was that they learned how to LEARN, seek out information, and problem solve. So I've been really impressed with how DD has managed her time, assignments, and even difficult teachers. It's all still relatively new, though, and there may come a time where I might need to tap into our homeschooling resources to offer extra help. Regarding the second question, I've taken a hands-off approach, though I've told DD I'm available if she needs any help with studying, assignments, or the aforementioned difficult teacher. As an aside, DD's teachers have been so impressed with not only what she knows but the quality of her work; in Biology class the teacher once held up her paper as an example for the other students -- because she had answered in complete sentences. LOL And on parent night so many of her teachers asked where she had gone to middle school. We took great satisfaction in telling them she was homeschooled. Thank you, Well Trained Mind!
  2. I see this happened back in May, but am only seeing it since it got bumped today. I'm just gutted. :( I always really enjoyed nmoira's posts.
  3. My sister is a huge Little House nerd and told me about Jack many years ago. I was crushed. :( I have the Little House Cookbook too! We've tried several of the recipes but my favorite is the pumpkin pie. One year my sister and I did a "Little House Thanksgiving" with dishes mostly from the book. It was awesome. Great thread!
  4. All three of the libraries in my vicinity have teen sections. The largest one even has its own separate librarian-- she is fantastic and arranges all kinds of activities/book clubs/computer classes etc. for the teens. None of them are restrictive-- anyone can go in to peruse the books. I think it is great; no particular reason why. My two love little kids but still enjoy having their "own" space in the library.
  5. Thanks for the friending! :)

  6. Thanks for the friend request. :)

  7. They really don't bother me, unless the wearer of said camisole is spilling out of it. Correct fit is everything!
  8. Hey Lee! Thanks; I hope you are all well, too. We are great, but it's been a busy year and virtually no time for blogging. :( It's good-busy though, so I won't complain too much! Happy Summer :)

  9. Love the picture of Tess! Hope all is well for your family! :)

  10. Thanks for the friend request. :)

  11. You're very welcome! ;)

  12. Thank you for the friend request! Happily accepted! :)

  13. That is hilarious-- it's the same for us! Lots of gorgeous guys... eh, not so much with the ladies. In fact Sookie irritates DH to no end! He thought Dawn was smokin' but she got killed off pretty early. And yeah, team Eric all the way! Bill? Pft! Bill who???


    Eleven books! Crickey, that'll keep me in good reads for quite a while. WOOT!


    **I actually posted this yesterday, but in all the UGH thread hoopla, accidentally posted it to my own visitor messages page! LOL**

  14. There are 11 books now. Good "Southern Vampire series" for a list of them. I can read one in about 2 days, lol. They are really fun, different from the show sometimes, but really fun. I love love love this new season of TB!!! When you get to it, we can discuss! Even my husband likes it. He's just disappointed because he doesn't think the women in the show are as hot as I think the men are. There is a female character in season 4 that he's pretty hot for, though. ;) TEAM ERIC!! Woohoo! Can you tell I'm obsessed? heehee

  15. Yes, we just got into TB this summer! I was looking for something to watch and got hooked. DH and I have been speeding through the episodes like crazy, and are about 1/3 of the way through Season 3. Guilty pleasure is a perfect description! LOL I'm glad to hear you recommend the books--I haven't checked them out yet but am always looking for a good read. Off to the library tomorrow! ;)


    Thanks for the heads up on the UGH thread-- I'd missed that one!

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