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  1. I got my very own microwave in college, to use in my dorm room, and was so excited I bought a microwave cookbook to get me started. But ugh, the food all tasted so gross to me! Especially meat. Just... no. Even popcorn or cooked vegetables tasted "off." So yeah, I'm one of those that doesn't use the microwave for that reason, not because of any kind of health fears. I do use it sometimes to soften butter when I forget to take it out for a recipe, but everything else- cooking, warming up leftovers, making popcorn etc, I do on the stovetop or in the oven. I even prefer to heat water for tea in a kettle, but I'm a purist when it comes to my tea. :)
  2. This is hard to answer, now that mine are teens. We are extremely free range now. I guess looking back it wasn't an either/or situation; we were just progressively more free range with each passing year.
  3. Preach it, sista! (No pun intended). ;)
  4. I can hula hoop like.. forever. Really. It's like walking to me and I can just do it for as long as I want to. I even won a contest once at an 80's party. The Mini I drive is a manual and yeah, I guess that really is an unusual talent these days!
  5. Another Tier 6-bound heathen here. At least I'm in good company. :coolgleamA:
  6. That's the worst when you've built a rapport with someone and then have to find someone new (says the introvert). I'm sorry. :(
  7. Yes! And advanced algebraic equations. And I'm not even particularly math-minded; I just find them fun- like a puzzle.
  8. We are facing this issue more and more in my community. We're primarily a fishing village but tourism is our town's main source of income. Tourist (mostly from NYC) come in and love the place so much they decide to buy summer homes, but then when they do they complain about the noise and smell coming from the docks when the fishermen bring in their hauls. I don't think they understand that sometimes- at low tide- the entire quaint, postcard-perfect village smells like seaweed and muscles rotting in the sun... never mind the fishermen's hauls. And since we're surrounded by farms we also have many of the issues mentioned above as well- complaints about manure smell when the farms are fertilizing, the noises farm equipment makes etc.) I just don't get it.
  9. Yep. I don't get my knickers in a twist over it. I assume most people are just doing their thing and not thinking too much about it, so I mentally shrug and move on. We do have those at some stores in my area, but they are mostly for parent and baby-- it's frowned on if people with toddlers use them.
  10. I wear small silver hoops that I rarely take out unless I want to wear something different for a particular outfit. DD and most of her friends have ear piercings, as do mine, so yes- it appears to still be pretty popular in my area.
  11. Well, I have a MINI and have a similar issue, so I feel your pain! When I pull through up to the end of the space, it leaves a good 1/3 to 1/4 of the space behind me free so that I can get groceries into the hatchback. Many times I've come out and someone not realizing how small my car is has pulled up right to my bumper, well into my parking space. Ah well. Conversely when I had my old Volvo wagon, I never pulled through, so I would have space to get my groceries in the back. Once I had an old man who was in the car behind me get out as I was exiting my car and scold me for not pulling through (he intended to park behind me). It really wasn't any of his business to begin with- is he the Parking Lot Police?? But I said, "I need to be able to open the back". He seemed chagrined and walked away but, really.... people are just weird.
  12. This has been bothering me too. I don't have time to follow up with every thread I post in, so relied on that quote notification to give me the heads up. I always, always acknowledge in some way if someone quotes me- even if it's just a "like." But for over a month I'm not getting any quote notifications- only like notifications. So, if you've quoted me and I haven't responded, I didn't see it!
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