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  1. Older dd received AA from CC & WA state diploma simultaneously. She enrolled at UW as a junior at age 18 but opted to double major, add a minor and study abroad. Looking down the road at master's programs currently as she's finishing up senior year. She's in no hurry to leave academia, it would appear. ? Dd15 is full-time CC and working toward pre-Nursing AA. She will hopefully receive direct-admit to dream BSN program. If not, she'll apply as freshman to many nursing schools and see what happens. She's pursuing BSN and eventually DNP so she's in no hurry as well. I'm only famili
  2. Dh (yesterday): "Abi, What math do you want to do with me today?" Dd9: "Life of Fred Advanced Algebra. It's my favorite book!"
  3. Me to dd9 this morning: "I have to take Aly to violin. Your math is downstairs on the table. The video is ready. Just hit play." She then watches the MUS alg video for lesson 25 (difference of squares) and yells upstairs, "Can I do as many lessons as I want? This is fun!" :001_smile:
  4. :001_smile: HoE is genius. Today she figured out how to add the opposite of a number -- on her own. She hadn't used the green cubes in that way before. She also chose to use the 'symbols' this time on the white board. Her mental capacity has changed so much since the last time she did HoE (6 months ago).
  5. Dd7 to me this morning (Saturday): "Mom, wake up! You said we could do Hands On Equations today!" Me: "Ok, Let me get my coffee." :tongue_smilie: Aly: "Yipee!" (Pics here.)
  6. Dh to me today: "Honey, you look nice this morning." Dd8 to dh: "Does she make your torches burn bright?" (Romeo & Juliet):tongue_smilie:
  7. Today... Me: Abi, You need a good lunch before science class. Abi: Not too much food though. "A full meal makes a slow mongoose." Me: Who said that? Abi: Rikki-Tikki :)
  8. Today.... Me: Girls, I downloaded The Elements app. Here. Abi: Thanks! You're the best mom ever! (opens the app) Aly, look! Carbon! (an hour later) Me: Have you guys been playing with it this whole time? Abi: Yes, It's amazing! We love it!
  9. It is for this reason that I'll be outsourcing to TPS after WWS. It was wonderful to watch a professional writing teacher at TPS (Mrs. Fred) inspire my dd last year. Ruth, Do you plan to teach them all the way through? I have no doubt that you would be fabulous!!!
  10. As heard a few moments ago at our school table.... Aly, 7: "I wish my math book said twelve on the cover so I could be done with math FOREVER!" Abi, 8: "I wish I was born earlier so I could be in precalculus by now." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As heard last week while I tucked the girls in one night.... Me: "Girls, since you've been working so hard over the last few months I'm going to let you pick what we do for school tomorrow." Abi: "Precalculus!"
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