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update on my weight loss surgery


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So, happy to see such a wonderful update. You are glowing. I have been checking your blog and was worried that there hadn't been any updates, so happy that those fears were unfounded and you are doing so well.


Oh goodness! No, I'm just fine. To the point I forget I had surgery often. But schooling has been crazy, and writing, and I just hadn't gotten back to the blog. I'm wonderful, I promise!  (and there are some updates on there now)

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Thanks all. And for those that asked, yes I feel great. I honestly forget I had the surgery pretty often. Still have a slight pain where he put an extra internal suture, to prevent internal hernias. I only feel that when I'm really using my abs, like sitting up from laying down, and only sometimes. I've had no issues with vomiting or anything like that. And like I said, lab work is great, no deficiencies. 

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