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  1. Are you in Homewood? You guys did a great job if so. I outside of Birmingham and followed the Homewood story with Dr Ellen Eaton. Hi, neighbor!
  2. Thank you for updating- I am so thankful for his turn around.
  3. I hope your son is recovering well at home with you and your husband.
  4. Google to see if the hospital system he used has an online portal. If it does, you should be able to register him and get the results of whatever tests they ran. I am glad you guys can get your hands on him.
  5. I would be crushed. I am so sorry.
  6. I had my second Moderna on Saturday. I may have felt a little drained on Sunday, but may have just been tired from being active with the kids all weekend. My arm was slightly sore for a day but otherwise no issues.
  7. I had it Saturday, along with my best friend and brother in law. No issues at all for either of us other than a little soreness which is to be expected.
  8. I got Moderna on Saturday. Normal sore arm Saturday evening but it was gone Sunday. No other issues.
  9. I am an RN but work at home as a triage nurse. My heart breaks for the pain my colleagues are facing every day. It is going to be hard to like some people after what we have seen. Praying for your daughter.
  10. We use it for everything. I love that my 11 year old can safely cook potato wedges, chicken tendersX etc. we use ours multiple times a day.
  11. The only way I would do this is if I bought the house and rented to them. If something like Alzheimer’s necessitated long term care placement, it would cause a huge problem for the house to be in their name.
  12. He needs to quit. It is a poor working environment and he isn’t suited for the job. If he doesn’t want to quit I would recommend he walk the entire shift. It may not be fun but he will stay awake.
  13. I find it very unprofessional. I am a nurse and wouldn’t ever swear around my patients, who are all adults. I don’t think a teacher gets some kind of magical pass because they are dealing with teens. I’m not a prude, I just recognize that what is acceptable in my home and social life isn’t always acceptable at work.
  14. Ha! I am trying to figure out how much it is going to cost to use the curriculum for a group and can't decide if it is worth it to have everyone pay for the supply pack from RR or if we can get by with just gathering them week to week. Surviving February the best way I know how- planning for next year with confidence it is going to be sooo much better than this year! ;)
  15. For those who have used it in a co-op or group setting - did you have lab supplies for each individual student? Or did you just have one set of supplies for the class?
  16. DH and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon. In the cabin next door was the girl he dated for a couple of years before we met and her current boyfriend. We saw them right after boarding, during the lifeboat drill and upon returning to our rooms. We never saw them again once the ship set sail. It was such a crazy coincidence. There is another person with the same first middle last name as my maiden name with the exact birth date and year. Unfortunately she doesn't pay her bills. My DH's birthday is my bff's anniversary date. We were dating when she was married and I knew he loved me when he spent his birthday at the venue all day long while there was a big football game going on. I am a home health nurse and I had a patient once whose daughter was visiting from Florida. The patient needed home O2 so I got that set up and waited on the delivery person to bring it out. When the delivery person arrived it was a British man. The patient asked about his accent and he stated he didn't have an accent, that he had lived south of Birmingham his whole life. I chimed in that I knew a man that always said the same thing and the patient's daughter said she did too. I explained it was my Granddaddy's coworker from many years ago (who I met while working as his home health nurse also). The daughter stated a man she had dated named Dave Lastname had always said that. We knew the same man. Home health lends itself to a lot of stories. One night I was seeing patients and I took cover from a tornado warning at a Walmart. I ran into a group of college students there and we talked as we waited for the storm to pass. The next night I had a very sick patient I had to send back to the hospital. While waiting for the ambulance I was talking to the niece of the patient and she said she worked at the college those students attended. I told her I had met a group of students from her college including their drum major and they were all such nice kids. She pulled out her phone and showed me a picture and it was her drum major son I had met the night before. She called and chewed him out because she had apparently told him not to go anywhere in her car because the storms were supposed to be so bad. I was trying to pay the kids a compliment and ended up making trouble for one of them. I think if you are as chatty as I am you end up finding all sorts of connections with all sorts of people.
  17. If they have Medicaid the Medicaid waiver provides respite care and in home assistance. Te home health benefit Medicare provides is very limited and short term.
  18. Hi! Does anyone know of any curriculum choices that explore body systems assessment for middle school age students? I want to teach a class at co-op for middle school students who have interests in the health sciences but really don't want to have to create the whole class. I would love to find a curriculum and then modify it as I need to. Thanks!
  19. My cousin's daughter has Rett Syndrome. Our co-op has a market day in the spring and my 7 year old dipped cookies and pretzels in white chocolate and sprinkled them with purple sugar and I helped tie them up in treat bags. He put them in a basket that explained to take one and leave a donation if you wanted. He raised $45 that day but had a goal of $56 so we paid him a dollar a day to pick up ,30 sticks a day under the trees in the pasture. Now he is growing tomatoes, peppers and sweet potatoes to sell to raise money for Rett research also. I have helped him. He originally wanted to buy cookies and sodas from McDonald's to see and I explained why that wouldn't be best and we went from there.
  20. Mediboney is OTC - you may wanna read up on it or ask your Dr about it. Very popular and generally effective product. https://www.amazon.com/Derma-Sciences-31515-Medihoney-Dressing/dp/B00RDILWTK
  21. Does it have a depth? Is it just superficial or does inttunnel down?
  22. I am a home health RN and see lots of Wounds. Have they ever packed it with anything?
  23. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: I am sorry.
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