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  1. Kimberly in IN

    Can I beg more prayers and good thoughts please ?

    Praying for you.
  2. Kimberly in IN

    I need prayers

  3. Kimberly in IN

    Prayers please?

  4. Kimberly in IN

    Sounds like SWB could use some support, guys

    Thoughts and prayers are with him and your family.
  5. Kimberly in IN

    Need diagramming help!

    Thank you. I was so confused with the ELA teacher's explanation. She was so adamant and told me not to bother trying to understand the subject. Ugh
  6. Kimberly in IN

    Need diagramming help!

    Sentence - John was running. What is running? Back story, I am a part-time Resource Room teacher at a small parochial school. I was helping a fifth grader today with his ELA. The assignment was diagramming sentences. The teacher told the students what to look for in each sentence - gerund, direct object, prepositional phrase. This sentence was on the assignment sheet. The sentence "John was running." was marked as having a predicate nominative/predicate adjective. I was surprised and asked the teacher. She said running is a gerund and is acting as the predicate nominative. Silly me, I thought "was running" was past progressive, was running was the simple predicate. Can someone please explain it to me? I feel so silly but I don't see "running" in that sentence as a predicate nominative.
  7. Kimberly in IN

    Media Reporting during Crisis Situations

    I am with you. I would much prefer factual updates. I am not as interested in the human interests segments which are so popular now.
  8. Kimberly in IN

    Well, that was fun while it lasted. UPDATE - 1st post

    Kelly, You are in our prayers!
  9. Kimberly in IN

    Help with wording on a resume.....Pretty please.

    Forgive me, I am very tired and on my way to bed, so I may not make sense. But, I would remove "start a career in human resources." Maybe something along the lines of transition my skills and experience to a career human resources. I would get away from indicating no hr experience as the ad mentions 2 yrs of experience in hr or like field. I am unclear as to why you need a career summary … maybe to combine your eclectic background. Generally, I would include that in a cover letter, not resume. But I don't know your specifics. Good luck!
  10. Kimberly in IN

    My next unintended challenge - UPDATED In 1st post

    Hugs and prayers and good thoughts! You go fight this and I (we) will keep you tightly in prayer.
  11. Kimberly in IN

    It is Navy boys last night at home.

    Lots of hugs to you!
  12. Kimberly in IN

    My dad's funeral is this weekend.

    I am so sorry for your losses.
  13. Kimberly in IN

    Please pray for my ex dh

  14. Thank you so much for sharing. Opened up this forum for another topic, saw this one and …. Anyway, my next project is to plan our Greek Mythology section.
  15. Kimberly in IN

    More prayers/good vibes/good thoughts

    Prayers for Caden and your family.