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  1. While I do not use England and UK interchangeably (or do the kids and dh) I hear it often both in media and in person quite a bit. If we hear it often in a short time span, it becomes a topic of conversation at our house --- why do people use it interchangeably, how do they not know it is not the same, etc.
  2. Praying for you and your family for a mild case and fast recovery.
  3. Thank you for the replies. My dd just shared this with me today. On one hand, it seems out of character for the district to condone anything sketchy, but otoh, this situation seems a bit odd. Will look into it further. I now understand why my dd has been complaining about the book; so many pages are too fuzzy to read as I looked through all of the scanned chapters that have been shared so far.
  4. So my youngest dd is at a public high school; she is remote this semester, but most students chose to attend in person. Discovered that one of her teachers is scanning a chapter at a time of an out of print textbook for the remote class to use as the only textbook for the class. (reason my dd shared this with me is that the scans are very fuzzy and she can't make out the text.) Somehow this seems like a copyright wrong, but maybe it is not. Maybe this makes a difference but the teacher won't share the title of the text book or isbn. If she would provide I would try to find a copy for my dd bec
  5. My 5'4" 87 lb daughter wears XXS in Aerie underwear. I think their underwear does run small which makes it a great choice for my daughter. My other daughter, 5'1" 100 lb wears a small in their underwear. I too think I would try medium.
  6. My oldest ds was on Accutane his senior year in high school. It was a game changer for his acne. He did fine, no serious side effects. He did experience dry lips but was able to keep that under control with continuous use of lip balm. His doctor quizzed both him and me about any mood swings and other potential side effects every single visit. I was hesitant about ds going on the medicine, but it really did help him and he experienced none of the scary side effects. Five years later his skin still looks good.
  7. Bumping, in case it got missed. We are also looking at this flooring for a basement bedroom. Following any answers.
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