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  1. I wish to be cremated. I want to be a tree. No seriously. I don't wish to have a public memorial. Just a private one for my immediate family.
  2. I think more and more in shades of grey, however I have become increasingly grumpy.
  3. Wonderful to hear! Sounds like a great start. :-)
  4. For our family, we are working towards three months of income saved. We also are paying off our smaller debts and then once paid off, we add that to the next smaller debt.
  5. Meghan wants money to take care of cats. She is a volunteer at Feline Lifeline and we also foster some of the cats. She also would like some vegetarian cookbooks.
  6. The last couple of years we have gone to Cracker Barrel for their Thanksgiving meal. No muss, no fuss! We then go to a matinee. It is just the three of us and we don't care to eat turkey and all the fixing for days and spend a whole day cooking it all and trying to find room in the fridge. Not to mention all the calories.
  7. My daughter is just as pale as I am and several years ago when we went to BBB at the Magic Kingdom, she wanted to be Tiana. She was Tiana and I don't care if anyone had a problem with it. Tiana is one of my daughter's favorite princesses. She likes how hard working she is, that she does not quit, and thinks she is the most beautiful princess of them all. IMO, some people need to just get over themselves.
  8. My daughter who is an avid animal supporter, has been chosen to represent our small organization, Feline Lifeline. She has received two tickets to the Furr Ball and it is being held on Oct 6th. She will be 14 on October 3rd. She is about 5'2" and weighs 86 pounds. I think she will be a double 0. I tried looking for pictures off the ball and cant find any online. What would be appropriate for her to wear? I was thinking a knee length cocktail dress that is age appropriate, heels, her hair done, light makeup. Does she have to wear a full length gown? My husband will be taking her. Do we need to rent him a tuxedo? There will be dinner and music, and a silent auction. it will be from 6pm till 11pm.
  9. I am O positive and my spouse is A positive. I think our daughter is A positive too. She has a physical coming up soon and I will ask her doctor. My son is A positive and so is his father.
  10. I am reading The Lying Game currently and once I complete it, I will be reading Fierce Kingdom. ðŸ˜
  11. Okay that was suppose to be Meg and get the house together this weekend, not the week. I am on my phone and can't see where to edit. Lol I need coffee!
  12. Let's see. Have laundry going both in the washer and dryer. Going to get Neg up and go to breakfast. Then get started on her schoolwork. When mostly finished and having taken a break for lunch earlier, we need to run to her doctor to pick up her shot records. I need a bang trim, grab a few groceries, and take my son to the DMV. Stop by the mall to grab Meghan's new khaki slacks and red polos for AHG.Get home and get my house in order which will be an all week ordeal. Not a hoarder, lol. Just behind on little things here and there and need to get these things completed to start the coming week with a clean slate.
  13. Glad to hear some good news admist all the bad we hear every day. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Sounds like fun. What a thoughtful hostess you are. Can't wait to hear more.
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