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  1. I wish to be cremated. I want to be a tree. No seriously. I don't wish to have a public memorial. Just a private one for my immediate family.
  2. I think more and more in shades of grey, however I have become increasingly grumpy.
  3. Wonderful to hear! Sounds like a great start. :-)
  4. My daughter is just as pale as I am and several years ago when we went to BBB at the Magic Kingdom, she wanted to be Tiana. She was Tiana and I don't care if anyone had a problem with it. Tiana is one of my daughter's favorite princesses. She likes how hard working she is, that she does not quit, and thinks she is the most beautiful princess of them all. IMO, some people need to just get over themselves.
  5. Things might be looking up!

    1. HeWillSoar


      That's good to hear!

  6. My Meghan wears pull ups and has to wear swimmies to the pool and beach. I was concerned about what she could wear now that she is 4'9 and weighs 73 pounds. I did not think to ask here, so thank you for asking OP and for the rest of you answering! :hurray:
  7. Thank you for the updates. Prayers ongoing. Hugs
  8. Does it really take three to four weeks to get the Fitbit? I ordered mine as a late birthday present, four weeks would be March 20th. I can't wait!
  9. Continued prayers for ongoing good news!
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