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  1. Right there with you. :glare: In the last two weeks, I have spent about $500.00 on doctors and prescriptions I am no better at all. I did see a different doctor after the first one. So, two doctors can't make me well. One prescription (a steroid) caused a mid cycle period from hell and made me even sicker. So, in addition to my original problem, I put 500.00 on my credit cards and now have my hormones all out of whack. And I am sicker than ever. :cursing: And they want me to come in for a follow up. More $$$$$. I could just flush the money down the toilet and get the same results.
  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers for you all.
  3. We came through fine here . I am in North Central FL.Lots of heavy rain last night and a few strong wind gusts early this morning. Sunny out now. :)
  4. Nice! I bought two bikinis this year. I couldn't find any in stores that would fit my ample booKs , so I had to order online. This is one the ones I got. The other is a plain black one in a similar style. http://www.swimsuitsforall.com/Swim-Sexy-The-Muse-Medallion-Bikini
  5. I work from home as an internet assessor for Lionbridge. Pay is decent, and I can work when I feel like it, for the most part.
  6. Medication! LOL :laugh: Only sort of kidding. I deal with chronic depression and anxiety and I finally went for help last year. The meds I take help a lot. Also, trying to concentrate on what I can do in my own back yard, so to speak. I cannot control much, but I can try to do what I need to do to get through my life one day at a time. Hug my daughter, say an encouraging word to my husband, be a listening ear to someone who needs to talk, etc. Praying the serenity prayer helps too.
  7. Yes! And so does my teenage dd. Although we are moving into a smaller home soon and are having to downsize our collections. We each have a stereo with turntable that we bought from Kmart. It is a vintage looking item that plays records, cassettes, CDs and has a radio and a hookup for MP3. We get most of our records at a local flea market. Also, local thrift store often carry them.
  8. Well, people take pride in various things they identify with all the time. Nothing wrong with it that I can see. Gay pride, black or other ethnic pride. St Patrick's Day brings out "Proud to be Irish" Proud New Yorkers, proud Southerners, etc. It isn't something I spend any mental energy on, but I see nothing at all wrong with it. To each their own.
  9. I watched the Frontier House one years ago. I recall some references to tEA and some discussion of family planning methods of the day. Also it could be stressful to a child when it comes time where the animal is about to be turned into meat. Maybe others could remember more.
  10. I somehow missed the news that you were expecting! Congratulations and best wishes! i hope you feel better soon.
  11. Off to research the Instant Pot! I am moving into a new home pretty soon and need to replace my crock pot (which I use frequently). Maybe this will be better??
  12. Yes, you can do Flylady without the emails! I did for a long time. I bought a used copy of her book, "Sink Reflections." Then I just followed the steps from the book. I wrote the zone tasks on notebook paper and used that for a reference. Also, I think all the info you would need is on her website, then you could just print or write down the tasks and keep track of which week is each zone. By the way, I really need this thread. My housekeeping skills are....not great. I am moving into a smaller home (brand new,yay) in a couple of months and I want to do better.
  13. Following along. My dd is going into her senior year. She works part time and has a social life. We are buying a new home and I will feel better with adding in some more income to my part time work at home job. I am applying for a full time warehouse job and just got a call for an interview (yikes) working in the school system's extended day program (part time) . Changes are in the air for many of us. :willy_nilly:
  14. :cheers2: Standing in solidarity with you!
  15. My 17 yo dd loves to do winged eyeliner also. It is just a makeup trend. I would talk to your dh in private about it and have a discussion about hills he is willing to die on. Does he really want to make this one of his hills?
  16. Following. We will be replacing ours also and are considering going from Q to K.
  17. So, do you all think that this type of thing is becoming less common and less popular in homeschool circles? I used to see all the Pearl books, Vision Forum items, etc at convention. Also , homeschoolers I knew IRL as well as online homeschool moms used to really be into this type of thing. As time went on, it seem to have gone somewhat out of fashion. Of course, Vision Forum imploded, so that is why they are gone. Is this type of thinking/lifestyle on its way out in the homeschool world?
  18. So, we are getting a new home soon and I need some bedroom furniture. I spend a good bit of time browsing online local FB sales groups and other online classifieds. Things I have seen include: Someone selling a "chesser" drawers Someone selling a "bump bed" A person listed a bedroom set for sale. Someone replied and asked , "Does the mattress come with it?" Except that they spelled "come" with a short "u" and no "e" at the end. :huh:
  19. Used them a couple of times when dd was a toddler. We went to a night time outdoor Christmas party. There were lots of people and a very large bonfire. :w00t: Even though she was a very easy child , she was a toddler and liked to run around. If I felt I needed it for safety, I used it.
  20. Nothing wrong with you. A drink to help unwind and relax is a good way to end the day sometimes. Yes , there are other ways to relax, but I am assuming you are a responsible adult and there is nothing wrong with partaking in moderation if you so choose. (Of course I understand some people have religious convictions against it or choose not to partake for whatever reason. That is fine also.) For me, why do I partake? Well, I don't feel a need. It is just something I like to do. Sort of a "grownup time" thing for dh and myself in the evenings. We just enjoy it, relax, and spend time together. We do not get drunk.
  21. Why are they considered to be so awesome? They just released the new life planner and it starts at about fifty dollars. Wow! I am considering one and like the idea of personalization, but I feel I am missing something in what makes these worth so much money. Here is what I am looking for in a planner, so maybe it will help you all to give me input. I am not looking for a lesson planner. Dd will be a senior, and hopefully doing dual enrollment, so no need for that. I am buying a home, have a part time, work at home job, and am trying to start a new venture doing some online selling via ebay. I need to have a week and month at a glance and then be able to break each day down into hourly sections. I tend to have ADD tendencies (no formal diagnosis) and I want to allot time each day to do things that need to be done. I need to assign myself blocks to time for my part time job, my new online business, housework and things related to my home purchase. Anyone here love Erin Condren and can tell me why? Or anyone have other planner suggestions? Thanks
  22. Well, in my opinion , this sounds great. They are young children of 5 and 7. Going to the park regularly to play, being read to , playing learning games like Starfall, and a little bit of formal curriculum adds up to perfectly ago appropriate learning. Plus you walk through life with them and answer their questions as they come up. Keep homeschooling is my advice. You are doing fine. :grouphug:
  23. My husband and I were married for about ten years before we had our dd. Most of those years, I stayed home, There were a few times I had a part time job. Why did I stay home? DH and I were both content with me not being employed. We live in a rural area, so we had to consider an extra car for commuting, gas expense , extra car insurance, etc. As for what does it look like-well, I did all the things I do as a SAHM minus the kid. Housework, laundry, errands, shopping, meal prep and planning. Also, I cared for our pets. At the time, we had a dog that had ongoing health problems and I was taking her to the vet a few times a week before she died. If I had worked, it would have been even more stressful for us. My ability to take care of these domestic, family type things adds plenty of value to our lives. I worked a part time job that I loved when I found out I was expecting. I quit that job a couple of months before she was born and have been at home since. She is now 17. I do work from home part time now and I really like doing that. If I need to go back to work outside the home at some point, I will . Never once have I felt that I shouldn't go in the kitchen and get something to eat because I didn't bring home a paycheck. :huh: My dh earns money that provides for "our" needs. I cook the meals-does that count as working for the food. In other words, he brings home the bacon, and I fry it up in the pan. :cheers2:
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