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  1. There is so much wisdom here! And I say that as the mom of an adult child whose bio dad I parted ways with before my son was born.
  2. You have every right to be proud. Congrats to you and her!
  3. I would feel the same as you do.
  4. I have often bought more than one item knowing I was going to return one. I like to take them home and think on it. For example, I might want to try dresses on in different lighting or see how an item looks with my decor. I think that is perfectly ethical. What is unethical is buying something you know you are going to use before you return it. I've actually heard people say they do this with clothing for a family photo shoot.
  5. I read part of the article. My (obviously well-thought out 😆) conclusion: whatever. Every generation has had stress that can lead to burnout. In my observation, every generation has whiners and every generation has people who try to look at the positive and do the best they can with what they've got. I know many millenials, including my three kids, who don't fit the stereotype I keep hearing about. I'm sure they exist; I just haven't met them.
  6. Take a look at Alexia Clark workouts. For $30/month she gives you 5 workouts per week. Each day has both a gym workout, which utilizes typical gym equipment, and a similar home workout, which can be done with minimal equipment. They are excellent workouts (I did the gym version for a few months when I was bored with coming up with my own strength routines). While they are not exactly CrossFit, I do think if you enjoy CF, you would enjoy her workouts. You can take a look at snippets of what you would be doing by checking her out on Instagram. They really helped me when I was in a rut but wanted
  7. I would definitely get a hotel room in this situation.
  8. That's awesome! I love it when a small thing makes my day.
  9. Yes, I would expect my dh to stand up for me. What a hurtful comment. And I hope my sons will let me know if I ever offend their wives (if and when they actually get married). I want my dil's to feel like my daughters.
  10. I just posted a dog training spin off question but I would like to add: please train your dog or don't take them out in public. And when you take them out in public make sure they are on a secure leash and that you are strong enough to control them. I have had so many instances of problematic dogs (all off leash) while my dog was controlled and leashed that there are some places I will no longer take my dog because it is just not worth it.
  11. I just read Katie's post about poorly behaved dogs. My dog is very good when out and about with me, but jumps on people when they first come over to my house. How do I break this? I usually put him outside while I answer the door and then let him back in and hold his collar while he says hello to my guest(s). However, I would like for him to be able to remain in the room and be able to control himself from jumping. He doesn't jump on anyone in any other situation. Thank you!
  12. I don't. If I wanted to spend time listing all the items and deciding on a valie for them, I might as well try to sell them in a yard sale or online and actually make some money. I am way too lazy to do that so I drop that stuff off and my brain does a happy dance rejoicing that I never have to see that stuff again. 😁 (Also, we don't have enough expenses to itemize. I still don't think I'd do it if we did itemize.)
  13. You did a fabulous job! I would feel so loved if someone made something like that for me.
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