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  1. Skippy

    Why, why whyyyyy can't they just get along????

    I like the quote: "Parents don't want justice. Parents want quiet." Siblings argue, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. In general, when you are talking to them, teach them good principles about getting along with each other. But otherwise, try to arrange things so they are not bugging you all of the time with every little disagreement. If they are arguing and come to you with a disagreement about a toy, video game, or TV program, then the toy gets taken away from everybody, the video game or TV gets turned off. In almost every situation, make them bringing you into the argument detrimental to all involved so that they will stop coming to you with every little disagreement. From my experience, this teaches them to resolve their own differences. There is a limit, but maybe it will cut down on 90% of your needing to be involved.
  2. I think maybe it is convenient to dumb down this conversation to, "Don't ya just hate female gymnasts, old ladies trying to look young, and women who wear high heels." Then we can focus on that discussion and pretend that this is not a thing - that no double standard exists, that society doesn't really expect women to ever wear less clothing than men, that women are never expected to sacrifice their comfort in exchange for looks, and that it is not more permissible for men to "grow old gracefully."
  3. Looking at (let's say so-called Western) society (for a frame of reference), this disparity is relatively new. Before the 20th century, men and women were similarly covered although styles were much different between men and women. I am also looking at these things from an academic perspective as opposed to an individual level.
  4. If we look at something else, like news anchors on some channels, the difference in clothing is very apparent. I think the worst offender could be Fox News. (This post has nothing to do with politics.) Both news anchors will be young and attractive, but the man is completely covered, and the woman is most definitely showing much more skin. No one is tumbling, and he is not lifting her up. If he were dressed showing as much skin as she was, we would think he looked ridiculous and unprofessional.
  5. There is a huge difference in clothing for male and female college cheer leaders. One thing that stands out to me is shoes. Male and female feet are shaped the same, but our shoes are often shaped very differently. Shoes for males tend to always be shaped to accommodate feet, but often shoes for females are not. We are (appropriately) aghast when female feet are bound. But don't we do something similar when we wear shoes that do not accommodate the shape of our feet and destroy our feet and backs in the process? I don't really see any justification for the vast difference in the shape of shoes for males vs. females when our feet are shaped the same.
  6. I think it is kinda like cooking. People who really know how to cook well can't tell you what you need to know. "You just use some of this and a little of that." My husband has a great sense of direction and really knows his own way around the metropolitan area near us. So he will tell me something like, "At this point you will need to keep the downtown to your east." With my sense of direction, this doesn't help me at all.
  7. I am praying for you. I am very sorry that you are carrying such a heavy burden.
  8. Skippy

    measles outbreak...

    I think this was a pretty common idea actually. You get an illness when you are young that doesn't usually have many terrible, lasting effects, like chicken pox or mumps, and then you have immunity and don't get it when you are older (or pregnant, for example) when there can be more complications. I think that is the meaning.
  9. Skippy

    Anyone going to update their MMR?

    No, I hope to never have to take that one again. I had to take it when I was 17 before I went to college and passed out cold in the health department. (I happened to be standing at the time and had a bad fall, too.)
  10. Skippy

    Difficult School Year

    When I am in a phase of spending a lot of time in the car, we tend to do subjects during the drive. I have used audio books for science and history and even for things such as state capitals and multiplication tables. Independent reading is also good in the car unless the kids tend to get motion sickness.
  11. Skippy


    I think there is quite a bit of hypocrisy with all the outrage in the US over the meddling from other countries. Truth be told, the US government meddles in other countries all the time.
  12. But if you don't say anything, how can you say, "I told you so" when they don't follow your advice? ; ) Seriously, thank you for this. I think I really needed a reminder today to use the take-a-step-back and keep-it-to-myself strategy. ETA: And I answered a text just now with "Sounds good" instead of what I really wanted to say.
  13. Skippy


    Smells like McCarthyism
  14. That's awful. Sometimes hotels post a list with the prices of everything in the room. Could she post something similar and charge for the missing items, assuming that she has a credit card for the culprit? Some people find a way to ruin just about everything.
  15. Skippy

    Is anyone else widowed?

    I agree that you are doing great! If it makes you feel better, I haven't started back with spelling yet after the holiday break, and I have no excuse whatsoever. Your girl sounds like she enjoys reading and can learn so much by just reading. Your little one still has so much time ahead of him to learn what he needs to learn. Take care of yourself.
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