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  1. This is such a great point. This particular proposal seems to only benefit the 9 to 5-ers and would help many middle class parents (certainly a very large and powerful voting block) but not benefit many poorer parents who are not working 9 to 5. There are many such programs in my state, such as our lottery, which funds state college students. So our poor people (who are often the ones buying the lottery tickets) are funding the college education for our middle class.
  2. Unfortunately, there is truth in what you say. I don't think that anyone is even pretending that the push for a 10 hour school day is because children need more time for instruction. This push is obviously because parents need more daycare.
  3. This was wild, and the first time that it has happened, according to the news. I was rooting for the Astros, but congrats to the Nats fans here.
  4. He's actually loved in Houston because of his charity work and especially for his hospitality during the flooding after Hurricanes Harvey and Katrina.
  5. I think his worst was the Korean Air story. His theory was that the plane crashes (seven in a 20 year period) were caused by (Korean) cultural communication problems between the pilots. He revealed that in one instance, Soviets shot the plane out of the sky. When listing the other six crashes, he omits the fact that for one of the other crashes, the Soviets shot the plane out of the sky. He omits the information that another one of the crashes was caused by a bomb that was planted on the plane. This is relevant information for the reader when discussing the causes for these crashes. Leaving out this information is, in my opinion, misleading. He also (allegedly) misquotes a crash report and selectively quotes from a flight transcript to suit his claims. This doesn't prove that his theory has no merit at all, but leaving out information that is contrary to his theory is very suspicious. And he is often criticized for cherry picking information and studies relevant to his subject material. Here is a lengthy blog post on this subject if anyone has a lot of time to spare:
  6. A lot of the theories in Gladwell's books end up being debunked because of (arguably) poor and misleading research. You can google his name and "debunked." There are a lot off issues with his claims. So I avoid his books. But he is popular, sells a lot of books, and makes a bundle on speaking fees. My kids had to read his stuff in college, where you'd think they'd insist on more (arguably) academic, well-researched material. This article sums up the way I feel about his writing: Edit: one source actually calls him: "perhaps the most serially debunked writer of modern times"
  7. As an Astros fan, the good news last night was: I got to go to bed early. I couldn't bear to watch it any more.
  8. Thank you for being understanding about what I was trying to say. I understand what you are saying, too. Thanks for your thoughtful reply.
  9. Huh? Please quote where I said this? I think you should reread my posts. I am also confused why you think I was ever commenting on your participation in this thread.
  10. I am not trying to pick on anyone, but it was asked why I would come to the conclusion that someone reading this thread could infer that women choosing to hide away to breastfeed is discouraged as a bad influence on others. Comments like the above example are what I am referencing.
  11. Did anyone see the picture of the billboard in Houston welcoming their hometown Nationals player? Both teams are showing a lot of class. I wish I could have said the same for the series last week in New York. Edit to say: The NY players were fine. But the fans...
  12. If society needs to encourage mothers to uncover, then a young mother could easily interpret this as I am doing something wrong if I am more comfortable covering up or desire privacy. I am not letting my light shine. I am not being a good example to other women and to men and to children of what it means to care for and nurture another human. Young mothers have enough of a struggle learning to nurse their babies without adding the burden of the guilt of halting the progression of society. Why should women be "encouraged" by society to uncover in front of others if they are not doing so? Some here are making the argument that women should cover up in order to make others comfortable. Correspondingly, some could infer (whether this is intentional or not) that others here are implying women should uncover in order to do their part to change society. This may not be intentional, but can we not see how the above could be interpreted that way? I am glad if my posts cause others to clarify that they do not in fact feel that way. There are many reasons why a mother may want to cover up or go to a private place. It may be modesty, religious convictions, shyness, or self-consciousness (such as because of being well-endowed, which was mentioned earlier). Sometimes people forget that while nursing is natural and easy for some mothers, nursing is incredibly difficult for many other women. They have trouble getting the child to attach correctly or have trouble with their hold on the baby. Many women would not want an audience or unsolicited advice during this struggle.
  13. I have a different viewpoint/experience than what seems to be represented here. When I see a mom covering up or going to a private space, I think it is probably for her own comfort, and she is not trying to accommodate society or men or whatever. I am done with nursing, so none of this really applies to me anymore. The way I felt and the way it seems that the nursing moms I know feel, when in a public place, we would prefer a quiet, private space in which to take the baby to nurse for our own comfort. This is much better than nursing in the middle of Target or in my car. So I don't feel that a company providing a private place for moms to nurse their babies is shunning them. I feel that it is accommodating them. I am kind of cringing at the way mothers who choose to cover up are portrayed here -- that they look ridiculous wearing a blanket or a tent. I never used this, but the moms I know of that cover with a blanket or whatever are doing it because they prefer coverage over exposure for their own comfort and not for the comfort of others. I hope young moms reading this who prefer using a blanket (or prefer going to a private place) don't feel they look ridiculous or like prudes or anything. I think most people in real life would respect your choice to cover for your comfort and think you look fine.
  14. I wonder if someone would plant these memes as bait to sue those who share them?
  15. It was amazing what the Nats did to St. Louis. We are big time Astros fans! The games against the Yankees were so much fun to watch. This should be a fun series, too. May the best team win!
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