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Forum Game--who wants to play yet again?

Chelle in MO

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What are your best tips for cooking stew?


Use a heat source...open flame, stove, EZBake oven....


Anyone in southern Utah?


I drove through it once, and no, I do not recall there being any inhabitants in Southern Utah.


Our phone just rang ...


Answer it before the caller hangs up!


Help me! It's day 4 w/o caffeine


To the rescue...


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The doorbell just rang.


Answer the door. Or not; it is your choice.


Dog people...i want to throw up


Well, bird people make me want to throw up, so :001_tt2:


Help with punctuation and capitalization for dd10


That is the correct abbreviation, no punctuation or capitalization necessary when typing "dd10"

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Please Help With Whining


OK, repeat after me. "But I don't waaaannnnnna!" "Nooooooo, You can't maaaaake me." Note the elongated words where you need to slide your voice up into a high pitched crescendo before coming down for the finish.



Good one! I was thinking, "I've got just the kid to help you with that!"

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A couple funny combos (one thread after another) currently on the chat board--


s/o Ask a Muslim

What does this mean?


Better question than "where do you work" to get to know people

Does anybody here know what it takes to put in a pocket door?


Any Memorial Day Weekend plans?



How can I make Father's Day special?

Blondie to the rescue!


Airport shoes and socks

How long to adapt to public school?


Sweet 16 gift ideas

Happy Towel Day!


Weirdest stuff you yourself have seen in a house for sale

Diatomaceous Earth

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Piano Lessons and No Makeups Allowed


I started piano at age 5 and I didn't wear no makeups. But as I got older it was allowed.


Ohmigosh, I keep reading this as "no make up", as well. I always think, "This must be a really strict piano teacher not to allow any make up during lessons!"
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Undergrad, Med School - How Do I Help Her Get There?


A car. Or a minivan. Or a truck, or a bus, or an airplane....



Can we talk Spanish?


No hablo espanol.



How do you cover P.E.?


Step #1 - send kids outdoors

Step #2 - lock doors



Anyone use Better Chinese?


No, sorry, we stuck with Mediocre Chinese.



Favorite LA for 1st?


My 1st favorite part of LA is South Central LA. Awesome stuff.


Saxon Math question...can you skip?


They really ask that in Saxon Math??!! No wonder I went with R&S years ago; if they spend time on unimportant things like whether the child can skip, then I made the right choice.




Where is the logic?


Nowhere on the internet, that's for sure.



Poll: Hours per day?


I vote for 24.

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Please share your gallbladder stories



Once upon a time, there was a gallbladder who lived inside a human. He was a very nice gallbladder, but one day he became ill. The doctor made him all better, and he and the human lived happily ever after. The End.

Omgish I almost did this very thing the other day. Hilarious

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