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  1. NO! Not unless that is specified. For theatre performances, yes. For musical performances, no. I've seen lots of people get teased mercilessly for showing up in concert attire for the Dress Rehearsal.
  2. At least to the person who asked, cant you say, "Actually, its a private play ground." ?? Our neighbors play in our yard and in our driveway. DH had to go out and ask them little girls not to ride down our driveway after they ran into his car with their wagon.
  3. Ohh, yes! The reason the chocolate croissants appeal to me so much is that they remind me of what I ate in Europe. Yum!
  4. That wasn't helpful either. You don't even know me. Why are you trying to wreck my resolve not to eat junk??? Thanks for the suggestions ;)
  5. We went to SW last night and bought the trim and ceiling paint and bought 4 gallons of untinted paint to take advantage of the sale. We saved a ton! Still working on my colors though.... Thanks to whomever mentioned buying untinted paint (I think it was in the other thread). :)
  6. Thanks! I'm wondering if that is the cause of the varied reviews about Behr and Valspar. Perhaps they work better for light colors and lighter coverage?
  7. Actually, that's about what I have in mind. :) I can't seem to land on a good neutral for my living room with SW so I think I need to branch out.
  8. We already have a few from our first room. Money well spent. I'm sure we'll be adding to our collection...
  9. Thanks for all of the replies. I need to locate a BM store near me and compare some of their colors with SW. Picking colors is a whole 'nother question :D
  10. No kidding! It's ridiculous just going back and forth for samples.
  11. We had a hot pink closet. Gross! Thanks for the info.
  12. Thanks for that warning! We (probably DH!) are doing the painting ourselves so that is very good to know.
  13. I need to paint every room in my house so I'd like some opinions on paint brands :). Did certain brands work better for certain colors? Finishes? We've done one room with Sherwin Williams and we were happy with that, but I've had no other painting experience. Thanks!
  14. I had a professor with a very common first name whose last name was Smith. All of his children have unique names or unique spelling, and two middle names :)
  15. My friend and I started a meal planning challenge at the beginning of the year. She says it has changed her life :001_smile: We both use themes, to some extent. For example, I have Mexican, Crockpot, Soup, and Breakfast each week, but my actual meal is not set in stone. This has worked well for me. My friend has different themes, like a weekly pizza night. HTH!
  16. I love it :-) I have good connotations from the Grandma's Attic books....
  17. I am hosting a book discussion group in my home for couples of young children. I have offered decaf and a variety of hot teas and had several people each time who were disappointed about the decaf. I don't have the logistics to serve both either. The people who preferred regular coffee either drank the decaf or had tea, so they weren't totally out of luck.
  18. I have two friends who are 2012 and 2013 grads who are in their first nursing job. Here in Ohio, it is becoming a requirement to have a BSN. I believe the deadline may be as soon as 2015. Both were able to find jobs within a few months of graduation, but not necessarily in their preferred area.
  19. Do you have girls? My mom did an Easter purse or bag when we got a little older, so the purse was the main thing with mostly candy inside. I also remember toothbrushes and garden seeds different years :-)
  20. I'm a homeschool graduate myself and I originally joined this forum when I was researching curricula for a college project. I do intend to homeschool, but that's still years away. I hang out sometimes because I like homeschoolers and I sometimes share my perspective as a graduate. My mom has been on here for years, but doesn't post much lately. (Hi Mom!!)
  21. Have your tried a Pioneer Woman cookbook? Her step by step pictures are annoying for some, but might be nice for reference. You could always try recipes from her blog, first. Also, what if you invite your MIL to your house? You may both be more comfortable :001_smile:
  22. I want to do this! I have an 8 month old and I'm not sure I can pull it off right now. Maybe this summer when I can get out of the house more.... I tend to eat more when I'm in the house all day long, but if I'm out, I don't.
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