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  1. I have tried the Yamaha digital pianos and loved them. I play an antique upright at home and big grand at church. I love love love the real sound but understand the digital idea and trust me the thought of having my kids be able to play silently is awesome. :) As far as cheap digital pianos my main beef with them is that they can not be weighted like real piano keys and the cheap ones have some atrocious key noise. The noise of the keys being played can be almost as loud as the music if you are playing softly... So just a few thoughts hope they help! And enjoy your new piano. What a gift!
  2. Help me with stinky laundry - I know it seems obvious but I'd suggest washing it.
  3. Well I looked under setting and attachments and there was nothing to delete. :blushing: I did take down my avatar of pink high heels. So I think that covers it? So sorry about this Susan. I appreciate this forum so much! Thank you for all your hard work. Hope you can get it all worked out soon. :grouphug:
  4. Is this an ok guitar to take lessons with? Well it depends. Did you want to take guitar lessons?
  5. Rat gave birth in my car. I am sorry to tell you this but you are going to have to burn your car.
  6. No, but the second review sounds like my response doesn't it? Oops :)
  7. Do You Answer The Door When Home Alone??? Well if I thought an inanimate object was talking to me I would probably wait until I was home alone to reply..
  8. my-brother-is-having-twins shower present question Good for him and how do I convince my husband to carry our next child????
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