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  1. If I have something to say to you, I gotta say it. If I think of something to add to a recent conversation it will roll around my head, bugging me, until I get to say it to you.
  2. I guess it depends on what part of the country you're in.
  3. I just left Texas, but I have a Texas garden story. I tried a veggie garden. I used ant killer, the ants ate my corn, the birds pecked my tomatoes before they ripened, and a neighbors pig got loose and ate my broccoli right when it was almost read guy. I stuck to pumpkin patches after that. Nice, thick skinned pumpkins.
  4. pm me where. My sister already lives there and she homeschools my 8yr old nephew. I told her to go check it out for me. She sounded happy to.
  5. hey! Cool. That's where we're going. My sister's already there. I'm excited. I Googled your group. I'm glad I asked. No fees. Field trips. Group discounts. Is it local to Apopka, or in Orlando. I'll be living in Apopka. I have an 8 yr. old & a 5 yr. old.
  6. There's a lot of home school groups listed on google for Orlando Fl. I'm just reaching out to see if anybody here is over there. I just finished a year long divorce. After Christmas we will be moving to Orlando with my family and I will get to resume homeschooling my kids.
  7. There's a thing called time journaling where you get an hourly day planner and record what you did instead of what you plan to do. This lets you see where the blocks of time you waste could add up to enough time to do another thing you'd like to do. Yes, I'm an xx yr. old housewife who still needs to read stuff on getting organized. Live and learn.
  8. My phone's not letting me. You're right. When I Googled those words, it didn't come up either. When I google "cyborg costumes" and click on google images, it's in the top row (for me, I know Google's adaptive). It's the one where the face paint looks more like a Borg eye patch. I found it on sears link for "cyborg costume" about the 5th row down. ETA: I also found it on amazon as "Childs cyborg costume Large".
  9. cyborg costume at buy costumes dot com That looks like the costume we bought my nephew and we plan to paint his face the same way. It looks cool.
  10. Gorilla snot hairgell from WalMart. My son doesn't have curly hair, but he's had a really tall mowhawk before and that stuff is stiff, strong, and long lasting. He would fall asleep in the car and lay on it and the mohawk would bounce back up when we got out.
  11. my preschooler drew a picture of me sitting in a chair in front of an egg I just laid
  12. How do the public schools offer to take responsibility for all these kids education and then this author thinks it's anybody else's responsibility when it fails besides the public school? Blame the legislators, the schoolboard, the textbook companies. If it's truly beyond their control then why did they offer to take the responsibility? If they don't have the ability to find solutions then why did they fight other people for these jobs? I'm sure that everyone who took those jobs fought out somebody else to take them. Like one commenter said, "since when is looking out for your own family a problem?". Hmph. The social contract says I should contribute to making it better for people to live togeather in civilization, but it doesn't say I have to give up my responsibility to look out for my own family. Like one of the commenters said, "We're not homeschooling this well to make the public schools look bad, we're just doing our own thing well because it's right for us." lame article, enjoyed the comments Hey article lady, if homeschoolers are taking all the "necessary" parents away, then go lobby that only retired homeschool parents can run the public schools anymore. (just kidding-it's apples and oranges).
  13. Darn it! I was hoping this was something cool I could buy. It's right up our alley. Kids just learned the names of the States from 50 nifty United States on youtube. They get ahold of a song like that and they sing it to death. I would totally buy a cd that was kids songs with a walkthrough of world history or American history.
  14. I didn't use the program, but I enjoyed the 30 day trial of "Active Chinese" a couple years ago. It's worth looking at. It's cute.
  15. I started my kids early. And I followed the advice I received on this board to switch to a more challenging set of books. I don't know what it was, but recently my almost seven year old didn't want to do his work any more. At the same time my almost four year old was asking for more work. I said, fine, my son can take a break and that will give me more time to teach my daughter while she's asking for it and interested. (she's an emerging reader and transitioning from tracing into copywork, she could use the support at this stage). My son has insisted on doing his sisters lessons too. It's way behind the work he was doing, and slightly behind the work he should be doing at his age. I'm taking it as a good thing because he's choosing to do work when he doesn't have to. I don't know the deeper meanings of his choice. I don't know if it's what people are calling burnout. I don't know if it's what people call consolidation, where you rest after you've worked to let what you've learned sink in. I don't know the signs to distinguish between the two and I've read people mention both happening. I don't know if he's trying to stay little a little while longer. I don't know if it's because he's doing a serious physical growth spurt (he is) and sometimes they need their energy to do a growth spurt and not spend it on studying. I'm not sure how to tell the difference in the moment. I guess this doesn't help you figure out your choice, except to tell you that not only can I not predict what will happen in the future if you make this or that choice, it's also hard to decipher what's happening when you're going right through some kind of stage. And if you read too much online about child development and education you'll find there's so many meanings you can read into a situation that I'm not sure which one's true. I'm trying not to read too much into it, let it play out and give it time to see what's happening. A benefit of homeschooling is that everybody can follow their own path and go at their own pace. It's btdt, but barely, more like I'm in those trenches right now. I also keep changing pace. I figure it all out so that everything's working smoothly, then it seems to change after awhile. I started the school year with one schedule, it quit working smoothly. I made another schedule that worked great most of the year, now that quit going smoothly and we're doing this. I'm not sure what I'm doing. I've read arguements that this kind of flexibility is positive. I've heard other arguements in favor of consistancy and routine. I don't know if changing the routine is staying flexible and following my child's lead (not child-led, that's different, that's interest or delight driven) but following the child's lead, "teaching the child, not the curriculum" as it's called. I don't know if my btdt experience is far enough to help you at all, but it sure felt good to type out my confusion and "let it out.". :) edit to correct: I meant "can not predict", not "can predict".
  16. I mess around. I'm not very good at gardening yet. I have a 2 yr. Old pineapple top in a bucket. I guess they take a couple of years. The roots never get very big. Google says it takes more nutrition from its leaves so put a little potting soil right inside the leaves. The other thing I have is a bag of potting soil that I poked holes in one side and cut a square out of the other side and put a bunch Swiss chard and turnip seeds in it, not the whole packets. (yes, I keep trying stuff I see on Facebook). I've ate some Swiss chard from it already. There's two turnip plants in it that are looking good. Hope their bulbs are doing as good as their leaves. I just keep planting stuff and seeing what grows and what don't. I planted some ginger in the ground because it's supposed to be a beautiful flowering plant, but it hasn't grown yet. I let my son plant some garlic that sprouted.
  17. This is my second year coaching soccer for a Boys and Girls Club team. Can you show me a good website with a list of drils for the season and any good team building tips? I got no training.
  18. Your opinion--babies in checkout lanes Ask them what aisle they found them on, if you want another one.
  19. I used to think ending our war would stop the cartel violence by taking away their money until someone (I think here) pointed out that criminals aren't going to quit being criminals and get a real job just because they lose their drug trade (and the most we'd ever legalize here is pot, not the harder drugs anyway). That's when I got to thinking we're looking at this like it's modern, drug cartels and gangs, but it's really an old story of violence, power, military vs. military within the same country. It existed in many nations before modern drugs, or whatever the gangs are calling themselves now. I wonder what this struggle would look like without the drug money, but I'm no longer convinced that it wouldn't exist without the drug money. Maybe it would weaken them. Maybe they would still continue the kidnappings and violent executions. How did criminals get their money before drugs? Maybe sex trafficking and robberies?
  20. Mrs. Mungo I dabble in having a layman's understanding of laws. I even got an ordinance passed in my town. I vaguely understand that some laws are passed as statutes, codes, or some are voted on as bills, others are created by court rulings that create a precident case, basically making another law. All of this is democracy. I was looking through the links for reasonable arguements, room for debate. I thought that one sounded like an honest arguement, as in there was room for debate there. I think the arguement they meant to make is "majority rules", even if they didn't know that laws can be made in a courtroom by precedent case and it's still democracy.
  21. The third one is the most valid fear, legally having to do business in a context you feel is immoral if immoral people legally gain equal rights and become a protected class. No amount of comparing blacks to gays will mollify a baker, photographer, or minister who does not want to be forced to participate in any way in a gay ceremony. Even the hobby lobby ruling doesn't address this concern, because it can always be overturned. And if gays already have rights, and the courts later decide that businesses are not a moral extention of their owners, then what?
  22. Now I feel bad because you didn't offer those links for me to tell you why they're wrong. Off to read the last one.
  23. "Further, if love were the sine qua non of marriage, no “for better or for worse†promises would be needed at the altar. Vows aren’t meant to sustain love; they are meant to sustain the union when love wanes. A pledge keeps a family intact not for love, but for the sake of children." The second link argues this, which follows the reasoning that sisters don't get the same benefit of married couples. I can agree with both of those statements, but cannot agree that gender discrimination in marriage is the logical conclusion. You can't marry if you can't have kids (it happens) or even if you already have kids, or even if you plan to adopt or have kids by surrogacy, if you're a same sex couple.
  24. These points sounded more reasonable. "They want to change legal definitions of marraige undemocratically, by judicial fiat." True, efforts were made by taking cases to court instead of just making a vote. "They want benefits other loving pairs, such as sisters who live togeather their whole life, don't get, which are reserved for married people."
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