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  1. Oh yes, I forgot to mention. While we were at the hearing he mention he would be willing to reduce the rent if we went on assistance. I think I am wrung out at this point. I still don't see how he gets away with things but I get called to the carpet. I can't rebut everyone's comments. I am to mentally and emotionally tired at this point. Like I said before, if I had taken him to court..... instead of trying to get a reduction on my own... this could have been avoided. I talked to a lawyer then and I had a case. I was trying to keep it OUT of the court system. The repairs weren't things
  2. I do actually. He had me write a list of things wrong to give to him. I also mailed it. It is also in the lease that he is to fix things that need repairing. Just like I am supposed to pay rent he is supposed to fix things. It is in the laws as well. Again, I wasn't "willfully" just not paying rent! I thought I had successfully re-negotiated the terms! Everyone seems to gloss that over as well. I wasn't saying .. Oh he just doesn't need this money, I am just not going to pay him. It was a reduction in rent for "damaged goods". Yes, I paid a lesser rent. I asked him for it. He didn't sa
  3. I have been hearing time and time again that I need to adhere to my contract.. my agreement with the LL. However what about him? He DID NOT hold up to his side. He gets off free as a bird and doesn't do repairs or takes months to do one thing and I can't TRY to re-negotiate my terms? What is so wrong with that? How was I supposed to know he didn't like it if he wasn't willing to communicate with me? When does he get "in trouble" because he wasn't doing what he was supposed to? He signed the same contract. He was supposed to do things and he didn't. But I am the bad guy. I don't get it.
  4. If we move BEFORE the court date we done get an eviction on record? I say the "Amount he wants" because it is the amount he wants. It may be what I owe but it is still the amount he wants and we just don't have it. It is in his power to lower the amount. Up to him though. The ball is in his court at the moment. As an aside, I found out in the state of NC he could have accepted my lesser rent for an infinite amount of time and then decided to evict and sue me for ALL that back rent. I guess I am glad it was only just over a year. He even admitted he hadn't contacted us in over a y
  5. I put this in my original post but here is the update... 03/26/2015 Update! Went to court and was issued a continuance. I still think the LL will evict. He agreed with the continuance only after the judge asked twice. We can't pay him the amount he wants. We shall see what happens!
  6. I would agree, expect this is the exception not the rule for us. I don't do this kind of thing. Ever. There was a period when we had more money than I thought we should. since I thought I already paid the bills I thought we had just bought less. We have been trying to save money and buying less. It is a flimsy excuse at best but I just wasn't paying attention. December into January is very busy for us and I just over looked it. If I had just heard one peep from the LL about it I would have cut a check immediately. We didn't so I didn't think anything was amiss. I know it isn't his responsi
  7. Thanks ladies. I have looked at them in and out. I am with TechWife, I'm screwed. I will loose the case. I did things the wrong way to begin with so I have to love with my lumps but it's sad that a slum lord (you should see the house we rent) can get away with this when he wasn't fixing what needed to be. It sucks that he can wait 15 months and let us rack up an insurmountable amount of money (that we can't pay) and then plop an eviction on us. It sucks that he can put a family of 5 out on the street (so to speak) with nary a twinge. The laws in NC protect the LL not the tenant. For instan
  8. We contacted him asking him NOT to evict us. DH talked to him about it. We were supposed to meet him to talk it all over to see waht could be done. But... He won't call us back or text us. So we have no choice but to go to court.
  9. 03/26/2015 Update! Went to court and was issued a continuance. I still think the LL will evict. He agreed with the continuance only after the judge asked twice. We can't pay him the amount he wants. We shall see what happens! Yes, I am being evicted. Partly... maybe mostly my fault but I lay some of the blame at the landlords feet. One, I missed rent in January. No, don't ask how. I have no clue how I missed it and completely forgot about it. The landlord never called to ask why I didn't pay. Two, in January of 2014 I sent him a letter (certified mail) asking to reneg
  10. We bought a fixer upper RV. We have been slowly fixing it up over the last month or so. We are not done. There was some delamination on one side that we need to fix. Little background... We live in a rental and where this rental is situated on the property be can't drive up to the actual house. The property is kind of wedge shaped and the garage is at the point and the house at the back. The garage is over 100 feet from the house. The drive way has a "bump" to get over. It's like an uneven shoulder but higher. Needles to say we can't get the RV up the drive way because the back of it scrap
  11. Mynyel

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    I have a lot of stuff I am selling. Tapestry of Grace Year 1, Rod and Staff, WWE, FLL, HWOT, Saxon Phonics and a plethora of other things. *** I am adding more things in the coming days and weeks so keep checking! *** I have attached a PDF with all the items and prices. The ones marked ppd are postage paid. The rest will need to add shipping. There is a link in the file to view the images of the items I have taken but You may also click on it here. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9tMHszrRrriaDNfRlQzT3RsdTA&authuser=0 Thank you! The file didn't attach, here is the link to the file.. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9tMHszrRrriNzFRdEN3NjZHMWs/view?usp=sharing


  12. We will miss you Spock! :(

    1. Mommy22alyns
    2. hornblower


      He was, and will remain, deeply loved.


  13. I believe I had one last night. Before you tell me I probably should see the doc.. yes, I am going to the doc. However I'd like to know if anyone has experience with this? What, exactly, does a thunderclap headache mean? It was excruciating! It felt like my head wanted to split, literally. I get migraines and this was worse. Not by a whole lot but certainly worse on the pain scale.
  14. I have a Vitamix. I like my Vitamix. I would, however, like something smaller. The only thing I really use it for is smoothies, shakes and making crumbs. I know it can do so much more and I have used it for a lot more in the past. Just not now. Any suggestions?
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