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  1. This is Jennifer (aka Yogger LeFossa's mouthpiece) from A Pirate's Guide t' th' grammar of Story.

    Wondering if your son finished the book, and what you thought of it? 

    Thanks! Jennifer

  2. Something must have happened, one now must have an account to read the Naugler Subforum. Basically, the Nauglers are still crazy. At one point there was some big issue about them throwing their buckets of human waste on the ground and it, along with used feminine products and dirty diapers, ended up rolling down hill to their neighbors property.
  3. This. And Tea High quality spices. I have socks that cost more per pair than I care to admit but not dealing with raynaud's in my feet is worth it. Shoes that fit my feet. This has become harder and harder with the gel insoles and shoe technology etc that make almost all brands of sneakers impossible for me to wear without extreme pain. Actually, I think this is more a splurge for my husband so he does not have to listen to my rantings about shoe manufactures. Sheets from this website: Massage and chiropractic care to manage my physical pain for an injury I sustained while moving. If I ever move again I will splurge on professional movers.
  4. Different situation. After extensive testing the results are that they have no disabilities. We did not charge the adult step-children rent because like you I am not a fan of the idea of it. I am not sure how well that worked though, they did not look for a job or partake in job training, college, volunteering, or do anything outside of staring at screens. What we did was slowly increasing the things they had to pay for (cell phone, medical, etc) did not help motivate them. I stopped buying foods they would eat, which was easy as they would not put forth any effort to cook or prepare food. For example, instead of buying preshredded cheese and cooked flour tortillas I bought a block of cheese and uncooked flour tortillas. We stopped driving them places. We stopped waiting and found places for them to apply and made them go. No jobs but they found someone else to pay for them to have a place to live and to buy them food.
  5. Please clarify for me and others why you do not want to be called cisgender. Is it because you do not like the label or because you do not identify as the gender that matches your sex?
  6. Your fears are legitimate and I admire your courage to keep speaking up. It is a hard road to walk. I cannot change opens others eyes, but I want you to know that I am listening and learning and teaching my kids. Hugs.
  7. The people he is at most risk from learned their hatred, at least in part, at the knees of their mothers.
  8. I do not cut my parchment paper, I let all the edges hang over the side. I did not even know it was a thing.
  9. BTDT. School was portable. I had a tote and packed whatever we needes for the day and it went by the door the night before. School happened in shorter blocks in waiting rooms, at the library, at Barnes and Noble...
  10. All of this and adding in to look at the website for Tesla solar roofs. We have talked to them and they felt they would be everywhere within 5 years and the deposit is 100% refundable if something happens.
  11. Hmm, you must be nicer than I am, I would politely decline rummy and invite her to play the most complex game in my personal collection. Currently that would be Mage Knight with the two rules books and fairly steep learning curve for non gamers. It takes up the entre table to play, has a solo player mode, and if the person does not know the game they will have no clue what the objectives are or if/when they have been completed so the game can stretch for days and days. If that did not work I would start a Descent 2.0 (with all expansions) campaign and claim it cannot be stopped until every possible scenerio has been completed or I would borrow Diplomacy or the massive Axis and Allies with expansions.
  12. Please teach me! I do some things already and have been able to cover domestic trips, but I am always open to other options. I know if I signed up for an instant cash back program and bought gift cards at stores I shop at I could gain more which is awesome, except I do not shop. Those I knew who were doing it and making the most shopped competitively. We are minimalists and I cannot tell you the last time I set foot inside a big box store except to buy dairy products. Even our groceries are not bought through chain grocery stores. Except the dairy, then it is Costco.
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