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  1. Hi, All. I'm not here that much (too busy; so forgive me if I don't reply to your responses to my response) and I happen to see this thread. This is a subject dear to my heart because I have seen so much of it around me. I have seen so many people become outraged by lenient laws yet they turn away from victims of domestic violence who ask for help. All I have to say is regardless of the laws and demographics in any state or country, please, please try to help someone in such a situation. The strictest laws are useless unless someone calls the police, helps the victim find a safe place, calls a "safe" relative for that person, loans/gives money to help the person get out, whatever fits the situation, etc. I've had to call the parents (which was very awkward for me) of someone in that situation because no one else would dare to do so.
  2. Happy Easter Season to you and the family!

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