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  1. I'm looking for some exciting history audiobooks recommendations for a 9 year old. This child is my happy go lucky kid. She seems to have entered this awful phase of boredom and sarcasm (I hope it's a phase!). More than anything I would love to hand her something for school that she gets excited about. I want to see that spark of joy again at learning something. Originally I had planned CHOW for this year's history. The chapters are short and she is a very slow reader. Also it gives a nice overview of history before we restart the history cycle in 5th. I think it's just going to be a grind though. I don't want history to be a grind. I want it to be something that she enjoys. Ideas? Recommendations? Tips? If you have gone through this before, I would love to hear how you handled it and what worked/didn't. Thank you!
  2. I love Beast Academy for all the silly voices I get to use for each beast. Seriously, reading the guide to my kids is my favorite part. You can totally hand the guide over to the kids...but what would be the fun of that??? Our eldest daughter, who hates work, complained her way out of the program after 3b. I was gutted. The next daughter is currently thriving with it. Just an FYI she's had Miquon, RSA, and Ray's arithmetic.
  3. Anyone know a great place to buy or print rock/geology printables (coloring pages, cut and paste, etc) for a K'ers use? TIA
  4. I'm just wondering...is there a 6th grade math that has minimal parent involvement? Last year, mid year, I switched my eldest to TT5 which she hates. However, since all her anger is directed at the computer and no longer at me, I love it. Total relationship saver! Is there a better dvd or online math program though?
  5. Thank you for the recommendations! Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  6. I'm looking for a sailing themed book for an 8 year old who reads Harry Potter (first book) slowly. We're going to do a unit study on sailing- sort of. I came across Rhoda Blumberg's books and thought they'd be full of great adventure. Also they offer sailing lessons on base so I thought this could be a fun summer theme. And it sort of ballooned from there. [emoji15]DD8 does not need to read a sailing themed book BUT if there is a great one out there please let me know. I'd love to hear the Hive's recommendations. Thank you! Liz Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  7. Yes, there has been a slow erosion of a schedule since we started a few years ago. Then I got sick this July/August and it's taken nearly 2 months to feel well and on track again. Needless to say, my perception of boundaries on school days and subjects has relaxed. The last vestige of traditional school ideas to dissipate was courses must be completed in 36 weeks. This may sound like a minor realization, but knowing I don't need to cram and catch up was freeing. :)
  8. Good idea tranquility7. I called and left a message for them to get the military discount but never thought about a free replacement since I purchased the IG from Rainbow Resource. Sbgrace, I'm sorry your son puked on your lesson plans. I hope they clean up well and don't smell. :) Both of you are typing what I'm thinking. We're on lesson one and this is the most my daughter has written without complaint. I monitored and had her correct her writing in the previous section. But rewriting a whole story seems like punishing her and killing the newly discovered fun of writing. I like the idea of typing it on the computer and making corrections there. Creative! Thank you!
  9. I thought Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution was fantastic, though she's not a founding father. I listened to Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow to prepare for history last year. It is well done. Chernow does not gloss over Washington's blemishes of character. I would also say that much of the information is presented in such a way that it sparks debate about Washington's decisions instead of telling the reader what to think. DH and I discussed Washington's actions towards his slaves and towards Lafayette quite a bit while listening to this book. It's also touching. I cried through a couple of spots and remember being completely sick to my stomach listening to one section about Washington in Philadelphia. I recommend it!
  10. I picked up the two Great Courses- History of Rome and History of Vikings. Did you know the lecture notes are included? I didn't until purchasing these two. I've listened 4 or 5 other Great Courses through the iPad app and always lamented the lack of notes whenever a professor referred to them. I never thought to check My Library in the audible website. Duh! ;)
  11. My youngest just puked all over an IG. We're more than halfway through! The horrible cheapskate side of me is trying to figure out how to salvage it. Yeah....no. Thank goodness BF has downloadable guides now? Writing- those using CAP's Writing and Rhetoric Fable, do you have your child rewrite their original work to correct spelling and grammar errors? I hope everyone is having a better Friday! :)
  12. DD8 just bombed the estimating section on the ITBS. I'm not surprised because I don't think we covered much about estimating this year. This summer I wanted to focus on mental math and math facts for both girls (also have a dd6). Any suggestions on what to throw into the mix to improve estimating skills? Is there a brief program along the lines of MM Multiplication or Kumon books? Thanks for any info! Liz
  13. I appreciate the info even though we're not using it for reporting purposes. It's always interesting to learn about the hurdles in homeschooling in other states/districts. Thanks!
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