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  1. I would absolutly do it as soon as I could. You don't know if/when office will be closed again. Their cleaning procedure right now are insnane. We went to the eye Dr. last week. They are only seeing one patient at a time (3 Dr. office). Temp check at the door, mask required. Only the patients can be in the office, one parent with minors. They wiped down the entire office when we left. Under normal circumstances there are very few people in our oral surgeons office at one time. I have never seen more than one other patient in the office at a time. (Single practice)
  2. We are moving about 2000 miles away. I am trying to plan trip from here to there and am having a hard time finding an app to do what I want. I am looking for an app that will do the following: - Start/End Point - # hours I want to drive -start/stop time each day -plan stops for the night, but allow me to easily change them and adjust the rest of my drive accordingly. With the shutdown I am trying to stay in areas that are a bit more open and not still totally locked down. -add sightseeing stops For the mostpart we are just wanting to get from point a to point b. We want to stay in larger cities that we are more familiar with. I have been trying to use Ferkot and it checks most of the boxes but it is hard to makes changes. Anything better?
  3. I always buy high end shoes. Ecco, Dansko, etc. I will usually buy from Nordstrom 1st to make sure I like them. I take them home and wear them in the house for a few days. Then, I buy them on sale at Nordstrom Rack, Amazon, Shoe Buy, Zappos etc. I got some really cute Dansko sandals last year in August for like $30.
  4. He said he thought schools would open in the fall but that they might have to close several times during the year. He has not given any solid criteria for moving to the next phase. It is just "We are not there yet." Personally, from what I saw yesterday extending the lockdown is only going to make things worse. I went to Fred Meyer yesterday and it was like Christmas Eve and New Years combinded. Every checkstand open with 3-4 people waiting in line with carts overflowing with stuff. the govenor would open up some other stores people wouldn't be crammed packed into the 2 he has left open. At this point those who are going to stay home will stay home, those who aren't aren't. If we at least gave the stores the option to open it would spread the people out more.
  5. I had a uterine ablation in my early 40's. Best. Thing. Ever.
  6. Nope. No way no how. He is not going to allow any gatherings of any sort all summer. July 6th is the absolute earliest by his timeline., but I have no doubts he will drag it out as long as he can.
  7. Please, please do not wait. My son went from totally fine to sick overnight. We waited a day to go in. They said we caught it early and he would be in and out. The dr came out after surgery and said he was very, very sick and we would be there 1-2 weeks. Long story short he was in the hospital for 7 days.
  8. i don't think most college could afford to cancel classes altogether. I know my daughters college desperatly needs to have students on campus. They are a research school. All of their money is made from research. Not having students on campus to do that research is costing them dearly. Along that same lines schools can't afford to lower tuition for online classes either. Their costs are pretty much the same if they are online or on campus. Yes heat, electricity ect is cheaper but the cost to be online is higher too. They also have to continue maintaining dorms and buildings that no one is paying for. Plus it sets a precident. If you charge less for online classes now then going forward the expectation is online classes will be cheaper.
  9. Yes you become super sensitive to the sun. You will burn just thinking about going outside. One of the things I did the 2nd time was timed it so that it was late fall/winter while I was taking it. Living in Seattle there is no sun that time of year so I really did not need to wear sunscreen often.
  10. I have taken Accutane twice, once at 14 and once in my 30's. It works amazingly well but the side effects are horrible. The first time I only remember the super, super dry skin. As in if you moved your face it cracked and bled. The second time I took it I also has the worst aches. Every bone in my body hurt and some days I just could not move. That being said the best, non-medical results I ever had were going gluten/sugar/dairy free, basically Paleo. I have never had better skin than when I am on a strict Paleo diet. If I had know that would help I would have gladly done that over Accutane.
  11. DH & I are both healthy. I normally do all the grocery shopping and cooking so I am doing most of the shopping. I know where everything is in the store and I can adapt my menu on the fly if something is out of stock. So, I feel I can be in and out faster thus less exposure. The kids (12, 18, 19) are pretty much at home. They go for walks/runs pretty much daily, weather permitting.
  12. I think they will be low for awhile. For about 2 years after 9/11 I was able to score cheap flights. The first year they were really, really cheap. Airlines would rather have someone in the seat than have it empty.
  13. Ugh. I wish I had waited to cancel. We had several flights in the wind. (College daughter home for spring break, husband traveling, spring break etc.) My daughter got screwed because she tried to cancel a flight when this all started in early March. She bought flight insurance but in order to activate the insurance she had to cancel the flight before it took off. She couldn't cancel online, when she got someone on chat they told her to go online when she went online they told her to call but she couldn't get through. She went to the airport and tried to cancel but bc she didn't book directly with them they couldn't help her and told her to call. She and I went round and round for 48 hours and never got ahold of anyone. I waited a few weeks but once I realize this was not going to pass we canceled all of our flights. 1 return trip to school for college daughter, 1 return trip for DH work, 1 RT for dh to come home in May, 3 tickets for spring break. All in all we probably have close to $2000 in travel credits now between our 3 accounts. Looking at our flight for spring break it looks like the outgoing leg got canceled. Bummer. We do have one more ticket scheduled for sons college orientation in May. Looking at recent flights the outgoing flight has been canceled for the next two weeks so I will hold off on canceling that one.
  14. We wanted to name my daughter but in my state a guardian must be 21. So we put in our will that if my daughter was old enough she had first choice of getting guardianship of her brother. If she did not want to nor felt she could not then we have a 2nd guardian named.
  15. My daughter is starting her second year at UTD and absolutely loves it there. She misses the green and mountains of home but otherwise could not be happier!
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