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  1. We wanted to name my daughter but in my state a guardian must be 21. So we put in our will that if my daughter was old enough she had first choice of getting guardianship of her brother. If she did not want to nor felt she could not then we have a 2nd guardian named.
  2. My daughter is starting her second year at UTD and absolutely loves it there. She misses the green and mountains of home but otherwise could not be happier!
  3. We live in Seattle and my daughter goes to school in Dallas. She will be home for 10 days and asked if we could go to Powell's. I am flying her into Portland and driving down to meet here there. I leave tomorrow morning. ;-)
  4. My 16 yo finally earned his Eagle. That kid sat at Life foe 2.5 years! His first BOR was canceled due to weather but last night he finally had his BOR! He will be working at Scout Camp again this summer. This is his 3rd full summer + the summer he was CIT for a week. Friday my youngest crosses over to Boy Scouts. Time to start all over!
  5. My 16yo was hired for summer camp today. This will be his 3rd year working there. On the 12th he has his Eagle BOR. My youngest will bridge over at the end of the month. He is so ready to be a Scout.
  6. Years ago I watched a very compelling video about how/why we should keep penmenship seperate from schoolwork. It talked about how it is difficult for kids to be stressed about writing neatly and also having to think about doing the work correctly. That they actually made more errors (spelling etc) when we tied the grade to neatness. I know I am not explaining this well and I know it is a stab in the dark to find a random video I watched years ago but if anyone can help its you all! Anyone?
  7. For me the biggest question is how does your kid feel about always having to work really, really hard to be average? The Ivys/super selectives everyone is super smart. That can be hard for someone who is used to, and likes always being at the top. My daughter had a perfect 36 on her ACT, 4.0, blah, blah, blah. She applied to one super selective because she fell in love with it. She was going to apply to an Ivy, but the one she chose doesn't allow double majors so that was a deal breaker for her. Now my child has always been the tippy top, not even close to her classmates. She would absolutly thrive being around super smart people. Some kids wouldn't.
  8. They have several listed for $150 or less but most of them are 2+ miles away from the university which seems far if I do not have a car. . Drury is what I was thinking of doing.
  9. We will be visiting Miami Oh, and Wash U in St Louis in Feb. For WashU, any recommendations for a hotel? The hotels on the school site are all over the place so I am having a hard time deciding. I would like to stay under $150/night with parking. Do I need a car? Or can I get by with Taxi/Shuttles? We will be there for about a 1.5 days. My friend says I need a car but I. Dont. Wanna! We will arrive at 4:30 on Tuesday. Tour/interview Wash U on Wed. And leave around noon on Thur.
  10. I havent read all the responses but here is my opinion. Option 1 is a no way, never, get your hands out of my kids mouth. My FIL is a dentist. My son had similar issues. My fil said never pull adult teeth unless it is a last resort. And never, ever pull canines. One of his son had his canines pulled and FIL said it was the biggest mistake and he always advises patients against it. My son ended up having 3-4 baby teeth pulled, then the palate expander. The ortho wasn't sure there would be enough room but that was his 1st priority with phase 1. Long story short son just got his phase 2 braces off a couple weeks ago and his (huge) teeth are beautiful. (They are all there too.) ETA: It is my understanding that headgear is old school and not used anymore so I would think twice about Dr. 3. There is a device (my son had it) that is put in the mouth for 3-6 months that does the job of headgear. I cannot remember the name. It looks like a tourture device and takes some getting used to but it works and you do not have to worry about your kids "remembering". When my sons adult canine came in they came in as fangs. The ortho was fine with that. I was surprised how quickly they went into place once the braces were on.
  11. Where is your favorite place to get a canvas photo? One will be for our fireplace so I am willing to pay more for that one, but the ones for the grandparents do not need to be super expensive. Where is your favorite? Anyone ever done Canvas on Demand?
  12. My Daughter also has U of Alabama - Presidential Elite & Engineering scholarships
  13. She said if she got it that is where is is going. It is an amazing scholarship. It is just a bummer that scholarship weekend isn't until March. She will know in 2 weeks if she got the full tuition scholarship for her #1 choice. It will be hard to sit on it for 3 months!
  14. Yes. She applied for the first round of consideration. Waiting for Dec 4th to see if she is a finalist.
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