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  1. Blendtec or Vitamix are the only blenders worth having IMO. I have had my Blentec for 7 years and it is going strong. Both are pricey but will last forever. Costco will sometimes run specials on them, or you can find a refurbished one on their site(s) if you want to save a little bit.
  2. Unfortunately that is how club sports are. You are expected to be available any time, any place. My daughter played club softball for 5 years. We lived in a Seattle suburb. Most tournaments were an hour away. There were several that we did that were in Portland, which is 3.5 hours, with no traffic. Others were in Eastern WA which is 3 hours away. I drove about 12K miles a year for practices & tournaments. As they get older it gets worse and you have to travel farther for tournaments. I will say that staying in one local area, even a large one, kids play the same teams over and over and it gets to be less fun BC you know which teams are good/bad, which have the mean coaches & parents etc. Trips to ID and such were fun BC you pulled in a bunch of new teams so it was more challenging and more fun. Mine was the oldest of 3 so I did not let her do club until she was 12, almost 13. If I had to do it again I would not change a thing. She thinks she missed out on opportunities bc she started so late. I stand firm that young kids do not need to specialize so young, they still need down time to rest and play with friends and such. I see way too many 9/10 year olds that are playing select and all their time is their sport and they spend a lot of time injured bc their little bodies just aren't ready for the stress put on them by only playing one sport non-stop. Then, by the time they get to high school they are so beat up they don't or can't play in HS anyway.
  3. I have always thought it would have to be an annual shot. My guess is they will end up combining it with the flu shot so you are only getting one shot a year. Like the did with H1N1 for a few years.
  4. This what I put when I was applying for a job as an office manager for a private school: Home Educator 9/2009-Present Solely responsible for curriculum development, instruction, and administration of home education program for two children of varying grade levels, interests, and abilities using the Classical Model of education. · Researched homeschool programs for my children by reading: The Lost Tools of Learning, Sayers, Dorothy; The Well Trained Mind, Bauer, Susan Wise; 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, Duffy, Cathy. · Develop customized curriculum tailored for my children’s specific needs, consisting of several different programs including Saxon Math, Easy Grammar, Logic of English, IEW, Story of the World, Apologia Science and others. · Successfully prepared my oldest son for state required testing each year using the Stanford test. · Experimented and refined teaching techniques tailored to each child to produce the best results.
  5. I would not require a 15 yo to be an umpire. The parents are awful and very few take into consideration that they are berating a 14 yo. I never required my 15 yo's to work. My 2 oldest did. #1 because she needed the $$ to help pay for softball and #2 worked at summer camp for practically nothing because he loved being at camp. Actually at 15 he volunteered, the entire summer was not paid until 16. My 13 will work as soon as he is able, because he is itching to get a job. He doesn't need the $$ but he wants a job so badly. If you want him to work to learn the value of $$ then I would just stop paying for extras and make him earn $$ for things he wants. Could be all extras, could be some extras. (Like, I will pay for baseball, but kid will pay for spending $$ out with friends.) Also, if 15 yo doesn't want to save for a car then OK, that will probably change when they are 16 and have the ability to drive, but not the wheels. Also, keep in mind umping will always be there, maybe next year when he sees he wants a car he will be willing to do that job.
  6. This was several years ago and it was totally my fault but I still laugh every year when it comes up on my FB memories. I was really, really sick with pnumonia. I placed Amazon Fresh order so the kids could have stuff they could prepare etc. My order arrived and I had 8 bags of bagels, I wanted 2..... I am pretty sure that every time I woke up from a nap I thought Oh, I need to get bagels for the kids and I would add 2 to my order.
  7. Last time I went dishwasher shopping the appliance shop said not to get a Bosch. He said they used to be really good but now they have the highest repair rate. We got a Miele and loved it. I recently moved and now I am waiting for my KA to die so I can get another Miele.
  8. I have 2 kids who are like this. Eventually I just had to let it go. In your case I would do the following. Stop doing her laundry. Give her a day that is hers to do her laundry. If she does it great, if not it is not your problem. If she doesn't have clean uniform to wear, too bad. As for the cat peeing on the carpet, buy a carpet cleaner. Every time the cat pees she has to clean the carpets in her room. Sit on her bed and read a book while she does it. Maybe all the extra work will motivate her to keep things tidier. It wouldn't with my kids but that is where I would start.
  9. Hmmm, I have had the paperwhite since they came out I never even noticed the ad along the bottom. 😂
  10. I would take her in, simply because the ear is swollen. My son had what we think was a bite and his ear turned red and swelled up. My neighbor, an EMT, told us to go to the ER. At the ER the Dr. said never wait with a swollen ear. There is so little blood flow to an ear that if it is swollen it is easy to not get enough blood ciruclation to the ear. In our case it turned out to be a staph infection, maybe from a spider bite. Antibotics cleared it up real quick.
  11. Let's compare this to a hurricane. You are expecting a CAT 2 hurricane. You know it could easily be a CAT 1 or 3 because that is just how they work. You go to bed prepared for a CAT 2. You wake up and discover it is going to be a CAT 5 direct hit. That is what happened to the entire state of Texas. You don't prepare to be locked in your home for a week, no electricity, no water, that just doesn't happen here. People here don't have supplies or the knowledge of what to do for an extended power outage. This was our first winter here so we were pretty prepared because we are used to this. That being said I thought it would be a 2-3 day stay at home deal. I had planned on having electricity so I had to go to the store during the power outages and get things that we could cook on the gas stove. I stood in line for an hour. We have 0 degree sleeping bags, long underware, high end ski jackets. Most people here do not.
  12. I am sure the overhead vents contribute, but I do think it is an insulation issue or some other build difference. In our other house, even when the power was out the tile never seemed as cold as it is here. As in I could always walk on it barefoot and it wasn't unbearable. Here in TX I have to put socks or slippers on before going into the bathrooms in the winter. I grew up in a house with all tile/wood so I don't mind doing it but my husband complains nonstop about how cold the tile is. He is from Florida so he is a cold wimp.
  13. Umm, I think we are saying the same thing. In WA my house was built to withstand colder temperatures. Our summer temps average in the 70's so we do not need to worry about the few days we hit 90. And no, I did not have a custom home in WA, and yes, the spray foam was required. The year we built our home they had just started requiring it for fire purposes. Here in TX you do not build for long term sub zero temps, therefore the insulation requirements are not the same and that is why I can feel the cold seeping through my walls. I don't expect TX to get below zero for days on and and I do not want to pay to have my house built like it will. I will just suck it up for the few cold days we get. I will be the first to admit that we got lucky, very lucky not having any damage. On the other hand, part of that was I had knowledge of what to do in cold weather that most Texans do not. I opened cabinets, dripped faucets, closed blinds and doors to rooms etc, long before the news started telling people to do it.
  14. Of course all homes have insulation, but the type and amount vary by region. We just moved to TX from WA. In WA we had spray insulation on all of our outside walls. That really helps keeps the houses warm. Our house here in TX is 3 years newer. I can put my hands on the outside walls and feel the cold. My tile floors in my bathrooms are freezing and uncomfortable to walk on without socks. In WA my tile were always walkable and not freezing cold like here. I would turn my heat off at 7:00 am and back on at 4pm and it would only drop 5-6 degrees, even on the coldest days. Here Even with the cycling electricity I could not get my house abouve 60. For us it wasn't an issue bc we have all the cold weather gear, sub zero sleeping bags, headlamps, long underware, warm jammies etc. In WA we have had power outages that lasted up to 7 days. The lowest the house ever got was 45. Heck we would go on vaction in December and leave the heat turned off for 2 weeks and it was still 45/50 when we got back. There is a difference. All insulation is not the same.
  15. GF/Dairy free is hard to start but trust me, if you do it for a couple of months is becomes a lot easier. My biggest piece of advice is do not try to substitute things, find new favorite things. The substitutions are always lacking compared to the real thing and then all I want is the real thing. After a couple of months you dont even think about it, but those first few months are hard. Even if I don't think I am feeling bad I feel so much better if I stick to my diet and I realize how bad I actually felt. (I have a lot of things beyond gluten/dairy.)
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