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Forum Game--who wants to play yet again?

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Broken Jaw - need recipe Take one chin. Administer one fist in swift uppercut. Let sit.

Schooling with a newborn   <gently> There is no harm in waiting until the babe is four or five years old before beginning formal school work.

Getting tired of puppy brains! What to do?     There really are a lot of other menu options, even if you just wanted to branch out to other types of brains. I would go and browse your local grocer

All About Spelling outside of the US



Well, that really depends on which country you are spelling in. If you want to know all about spelling in France, for example, you could start with a French dictionary. Arabic speaking countries keep things simple by leaving out all the vowels, we really could take a page from their book if we want to cut down on the hassles of teaching spelling in English--all those pesky vowel sounds with different possible spellings...wll wrth cnsdrng.

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Is it common to ask for money to adopt?




I haven't heard of it, but I think it could be the new trend.  I'd be happy to start .... I can adopt all the money my purse can hold.  



Is there an agency for this?

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Help me get out of the house with small children





I'll turn on Elmo and throw fruitloops on the floor.....you RUN at the 3rd squeal.  



Ready..."Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayons too...".....GO!!!  GO!!! GO!!!!







Hey!----Forgot your shoes----and bra----ah, oh well.

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To Do List Management




Crumple into tiny ball.  Smaller.  Smaller.  Toss into nearest trash can.  Go sit down with cup of coffee and consider it well-managed.



When someone asks "Where is my _______?"  just shrug and smile.

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Pedi Files ~ Recommendations?



No, I have to say I can't give a recommendation

for Pedi Files. They generally have a pretty

Bad reputation on these boards & in neighborhoods

Everywhere. They can't be left lying around where

Children might be. I would try to choose something else.

Something more appropriate & safe for the whole family :).

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"New to homeschooling with questions"


Don't worry, you'll love it. It is a lot easier to be able to ASK if they understand a concept as opposed to trying to guess from their body language or watch for eye-glazing.

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