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  1. One of my children was fully vaccinated with Pfizer in May. They tested positive this week. No symptoms. Their only known exposure was at work, where they were masked unless eating or drinking. Multiple co-workers tested positive, which is why they tested despite being asymptomatic. The rest of the family (also vaccinated) has tested negative.
  2. That is the class and instructor that I do NOT recommend. We had a horrible experience with it. The instructor kept letting personal problems interfere with her ability to conduct class and grade assignments. I thought that she was just blowing off my child because she was one that had to work quite hard to maintain a B in the class, but I corresponded with the parent of a high-performing student and they were having the same issue - multiple assignments from October on were being left ungraded. There was no way to gauge how well my child was doing, whether she was struggling, or what she was struggling with. I ended up that spring and summer having to use the textbook and other resources to finish out the class with her myself. It doesn't matter how well an instructor knows the foreign language, if she has to cancel class because she can't find a good spot for wifi reception/remember to bring the power cord for her laptop/find someone to babysit a kid in her care...she isn't professional enough to teach a course. If she can't find the time to grade the students' class projects (worth a significant percentage of the grade), provide feedback on chapter assignments so students can correct course before the chapter exam, or even grade assignments period, she isn't professional enough to teach a course. She would do well to just sign up with one of those tutoring websites and tutor French students. It was a complete waste of time and money, and it was a negative enough experience that it killed my child's desire to learn the language well enough to someday travel to France.
  3. ASL study in high school is not a barrier to college entrance. My oldest took three years of it in high school as her foreign language and had no trouble getting accepted to two LAC's and two state universities (including the honors college at one). And not only do they accept it as a valid high school foreign language, some colleges even offer it. My middle child studied French for her foreign language. I can only recommend you don't do what we did. We used Global Goose Languages because I thought she would benefit from studying with a class. She would have been better off just using any resources we could find and conversing with me in my rusty high school French.
  4. You are way overthinking this. I have used R&S English 2 with all three of my kids. Literally all they are asking is for the student to differentiate between an action verb (that they can physically do) and a being verb (am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been). "Sarah is happy" has a being verb. "Sarah smiled at the cat" has a doing verb. Verb types are covered quite well as the student progresses through the program, but they begin by introducing action and being verbs by making this differentiation.
  5. Foxfire cabins near Lost Maples. We have stayed there twice, ten years between visits, and enjoyed it both times. It is within driving distance of Garner State Park if you want to spend an afternoon there. The cabins have all the necessities, it is on a river so you can swim and fish, and there are laundry facilities on-site.
  6. I had this online interactive physics of sound textbook bookmarked for my oldest to use, but she went a different direction her senior year.
  7. Lantern English does not consider four of their writing courses worthy of a high school credit according to their FAQ's. They state that a student would either have to take one of the full English courses that they offer or take a four each of their grammar, writing, and literature courses to earn one credit. I did not feel that their writing courses alone deserved a credit either and just considered them the composition portion of a high school English course.
  8. This is what I would recommend as well. I have a small collection of algebra textbooks, and this one is by far my favorite. My youngest used it last year. Each lesson is presented well in the textbook and the solutions manual contains every single problem worked out step-by-step. I know that Jacobs is very popular, but having used it with my oldest, I would not use it again unless I had a student that needed a slower pace. The teaching is good in Jacobs, but the S&S is quite behind what is covered in CLE algebra 1. My oldest used Jacobs and did quite well, and followed it with Unlock Math geometry. She wanted to continue with Unlock for algebra 2, but when we looked at the S&S she was disappointed to realize that she would need to use their algebra 1 for several months to cover all of the topics that she hadn't covered in Jacobs before she could start their algebra 2. She ended up using Teaching Textbooks instead for algebra 2 and precalculus - both of which are known to be behind in the typical S&S, and people aren't kidding...it really is. But that is where Jacobs left her. After using those two courses, she easily tested out of college algebra, which was fine for her major (computer science) since the only math she needed beyond that was statistics. My youngest is going into a science field, though, and will need multiple college math courses, so I didn't want to start him off behind as well. Looking at the S&S for TT algebra 2, he would spend the first four-ish months on concepts he covered in algebra 1. On the other hand, he places solidly into Unlock Math algebra 2 - CLE algebra 1 covered all of the topics in Unlock Math algebra 1, unlike Jacobs algebra. On a related note, the CLE course also covered all of the math that was in his physical science textbook this year, lol, which made that course pretty simple.
  9. There is a large amount of space between bare minimum and no AP/DE. Bare minimum would be my middle child, who will struggle to have more math on her transcript than prealgebra and algebra 1 (I know prealgebra doesn't count for high school credit and I don't care and am putting it on there anyway). She is doing most of her classes on Power Homeschool (Acellus) and we all know what the opinion around here is of those classes. But they were created for students like her. Most of her strengths are not academic, so she is doing the bare minimum for traditional subjects. She will go to community college because they don't care that she will have two maths on her transcript (one of them prealgebra) and only non-math sciences and didn't read any classic literature. My oldest child did not have any AP or DE and was very average academically. With a lot of work she could pull off an A. She did not test well, so her ACT score was only in the mid-20's. She was in choir for years, but never made all-state. What she did was not the bare minimum, but it was nothing spectacular, either. She was accepted at two LAC's (waitlisted at a third) and at two state schools (including the honors college at one). Average kids still have plenty of open doors. (Because of covid she is living at home and attending community college with plans to transfer to one of the schools she was originally accepted at in another year. She was adamantly against taking out any loans to sit in a dorm and take online classes and have virtual choir.)
  10. I have a cat who does the exact same thing - she haaates vomiting, so when she is going to vomit she announces it to the family with a loud wail that sounds remarkably human. She is a seal point Siamese, so I was going to ask what your cat was because I have always wondered if it is a trait unique to Siamese cats...every other cat I have owned just silently vomited. Then I saw your picture and it answered my question 😄 My cat has several other very unique traits that make life with her interesting, so enjoy your cat! It will be an adventure, lol.
  11. The only sample of work that my oldest was asked to provide was a graded paper from her senior English course as part of her application to the honors college at a university. All students were required to provide it, though, not just homeschooled students.
  12. The studio skin joggers from Senita Athletics (they have a referral program, so I won't link to the website). Seriously the most comfortable pants I have ever worn in my life. I have to force myself to wear something else, and usually by the end of the day I am in them. The company also has outstanding customer service. I bought a pair of joggers in November and a couple weeks later I ordered another pair in a different color so I would have something to wear while the first ones were in the wash, lol. When I received them I glanced at the packaging and verified that they were the correct size before cutting the tag off and washing them. After I washed them I realized that the waistband said they were a different (smaller) size. Their return policy clearly states that items must be unwashed with the tags still attached in order to exchange/return the items, and I knew that. I emailed their customer service to let them know that they had packaged joggers in the incorrect packaging in the warehouse. I told them that I wasn't expecting to return them since I had cut the tags off without verifying the correct size on the waistband. They offered to let me exchange them anyway, and when I replied that I had already passed the joggers on to someone who could wear them, they sent me a new pair in the correct size anyway, just so I would have what I ordered.
  13. Your comment about him not seeming to have matured since you got married as young adults made me think of this chart. I found the chart very helpful, not only for having appropriate expectations of my child with ADHD, but with understanding that my husband's executive function age didn't (and won't) progress past the chronological age of 21. So I have to stop expecting it to. And I have to choose to live with him like that because this isn't something he can change or fix. It isn't something he is doing on purpose to hurt or annoy or exasperate me; he is honestly doing the best he can with the brain that he has. I have to remind myself daily that he has good intentions towards me. I understand the struggles of being married to someone with ADHD. On the one hand my husband appears to be a mature adult and has worked at the same job for 15 years and is wonderful at it. But on the other hand he will never, ever be good with money. Or remember that after dinner the kitchen needs cleaned up...it is an absolute surprise to him every evening. I have had to learn the hard way that I have to be the one to pay the bills and budget our money. I also have to either clean the kitchen by myself every evening (and have a good attitude about it) or ask the kids to help, because he will inevitably go straight from dinner to watching tv with the kids - not because he wants to leave me with the cleanup, but because it literally doesn't register with him that it needs done, the same way that it doesn't register with him that he needs to close a drawer after opening it. I don't think that people who don't have a spouse with ADHD can understand. From the outside it can look pretty intolerable, and I will admit to dreaming often of living alone. But I still love him, and he treats me well and loves me greatly. He just has the executive function skills of a teenage boy, and that can put an incredible strain on the marriage.
  14. Most of the live classes at Colosky's Math Academy meet three times/week according to the schedule posted on the FB page. A couple of the classes only meet twice/week. We have never used them, so I can't give a review.
  15. I have used Grammarly's free plagiarism checker with my own children. It seems to work really well. They offer a premium version as well, but I have not used it.
  16. FundaFunda Academy offers a couple of their regular programming classes as self-paced 5-week modules. We haven't used the classes, though.
  17. I really, really like the Core 10 line of workout clothes on Amazon, specifically the All Day Comfort line. I have five of the yoga shorts with pockets which I wear to work out every morning. They are very comfortable, have great compression (without making me feel like a can of biscuits), are squat-proof, and don't budge during my workout. I also have three pairs of the full length pants, and I love them - they offer better compression than the cheap off-brand leggings I bought from Amazon, they are extremely soft, and the colors are really quite pretty in person. I don't wear the pants to work out (I sweat too much to wear long pants or even capris), but I wear them out of the house because they don't look cheap or sloppy.
  18. I had this same reaction to minocycline (antibiotic prescribed for acne). My husband almost had me committed after I begged him to just let me end my life. I had enough of my wits about me to realize that I had started the antibiotics ten days beforehand and thought I should see what happened if I stopped taking them. Two days after I stopped taking it, I cracked a joke to my husband and he started sobbing with relief (and he is not a crier).
  19. I thought that CLE did a better job of breaking instruction on new concepts down into smaller steps. I also really appreciated having a solutions manual with fully worked solutions. It was much easier to find where my son went wrong in a problem when I could compare the answers to each worked out step in the book instead of having to work the problem myself until I saw where the problem was (which I had to do when my oldest did algebra with Jacobs). I also felt that there were a lot more word problems in CLE.
  20. Send the recommender requests before submitting the application. After the application is submitted the recommender can still upload the recommendation, but I am not sure the student can make changes to the application like adding new recommenders - the student is only supposed to submit a completed application since it immediately goes to the schools. Also, you want to give recommenders as much time as possible - no matter how much they promise to get it done in a timely manner, they often leave it until the deadline is quite near.
  21. My son has listened to many of the books on audio, and apparently it's all wrong hearing someone other than John R. Erickson be the voice of Hank. So the podcast didn't last ten seconds before it was shut off.
  22. My oldest used Jacobs Elementary Algebra and did well with it. My youngest preferred the looks of CLE Algebra (the new textbook) so that is what I used with him. Both are very good programs, though after teaching both I can say that I prefer CLE. My middle has struggled with math, but she is finding success with Teaching Textbooks algebra.
  23. For the sake of brevity on the transcript, I just listed the course as Honors English 11. On the course description I put the full title of Honors English 11: American Literature and Composition.
  24. First, throw away the donut shop blend. Donut shop coffee isn't meant to taste like donuts or even anything good; it is meant to taste like the burned, bitter, watery brew that is served in donut shops. It could have just as easily been called skuzzy gas station blend. Buy a breakfast blend or anything that says light roast. If you are worried about getting the measurements right, start by using k-cups until you know you have a brand that you like and then you can use a drip coffee maker. The brand matters, as well - unless you live in Texas and can buy the HEB brand coffee, stay away from store brands and from Aldi coffee. Starbucks coffee usually tastes burnt, so get another well-known brand - San Francisco Bay, Peet's, Caribou Coffee, Community Coffee, etc. Also stay away from folgers and maxwell house - they use low-quality beans and don't taste nearly as good as most other brands. Don't buy flavored coffee, use flavored creamer instead. Coffee bean quality and flavor is sacrificed when they add flavor to the beans in my experience (unless, again, you are buying HEB brand coffee beans, lol, or beans from a gourmet store).
  25. The school report is just the section of the common app that you are on that covers info about the school. It is not a separate thing that you have to write up yourself like the transcript and school profile. You are verifying that you understand that you have to upload a transcript for the student as well, that you aren't just going to send info about the school and call it good.
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