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  1. Wash well, check twice daily, and at first sign of anything , go in . Cat bites either go away or go bad. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground. Though as nurse, I have only treated a few cat scratch fever cases and they do seem to go bad very very quickly, like went to bed with a scratch on the finger and woke up in the middle of the night with severe swelling, heat and dark redness over the entire hand and arm. Cat bites are so strange and unpredictable.
  2. Yep....what we had withheld and what tiny amount extra came our way through the year doesn't match up
  3. I work with peds/ob/ gyns on a surgical floor who openly state they see no reason for themselves to get any boosters but recommend their patients to do so. No one has been ale to give me a reason why it is okay for them to refuse to booster but not okay for their patients. Adults,especially the generation entering adulthood (the 90 kids) when chicken pox and other vaccines entered the market, will need to get boosters or titers checked throughout adulthood. THere is still concern that this group will enter old age and break out in childhood diseases from lack of boosters as immunity wanes.
  4. BUrned. Absolutely nothing can be claimed anymore such as our business expenses and other things we were able to claim to help with the tax burden. And we lost 2 children completely with the new law and the child tax increase didn't help. Our income is just enough that I will need to cut my hours back this year to fall back under the income line. I work a part time job and a even less part time job (still not full time between the two) and when that second job was added, our tax amount jumped 2500 dollars. So I'm working to pay taxes and health insurance. So I wont' be working as much this year All of the sales people in sales that we know lost 15,000 to 20,000 in expenses that they could claim last year but not this year. Not good for my circle.
  5. Also went whole food route and when everybody was healed, introduced slowly substitutes for their favorites.
  6. I agree with the above and add since she bakes so much.....everything open like spices as they are probably contaminated . I replaced the mixer, bread machine, anything that could collect crumbs and everything open. Second the idea of just starting over with cookware....even knives can collect juke under the handle. is great forum and site
  7. When I have trouble letting go, I imagine standing outside my house watching an absolute disaster strike and losing everything. My kids/pets are with me but we have survived with only what clothes we were wearing. Then I think when I am at the store replacing clothes, furnishings what would be the thing that I absolutely can never ever get again and makes me teary eyed to think I will never see it again? 15 years of out grown kid clothes? No but that special christening gown my sister and I spent hours sewing pearls on, yea. Baby blankets, no but the christening blanket made for the first grandchild by our grandmother and passed to each grandchild for christening and stored with me for the next grandchild, yea..... . and so on. It really helps me to determine if my objects are in my home because I love them and they are in and of themselves dear to me. Will I feel a sense of relief that great grandmother's rickety ole rocker no can sit on but it was grandma's chair is gone forever or will I truly be upset to never see it again? Coupled with the idea of if I love it, I will cherish it and take care of it (and keeping it hidden in a box stored in attic no one can reach is not loving an item) keeps me from storing stuff that in the end has no value for anyone.
  8. Luxury yacht crew. Nurse friend of mine spent her 20's traveling the world working on privately rented yachts. Crew was treated well and got to partake in a lot of things once duties were done.
  9. Nope, I would want someone with benefits. I dont want to be the relationship keeper, the taker carer of all things ever again. I just want someone to knock boots with when I call. Marriage is great but I've been at it for 27 yrs and just dont want to start that again.
  10. I'm from the south, directions mean nothing. My compass in the car is typically completely out of sync with road signs. Telling me to go north means..... south for 2 miles, go east for 1, go west, go to light post in Narnia, go to the ice wall and I've yet to actually make a turn or change direction lol! Maybe the place is north on the map but there is no way to go north and get there. Reason why directions are go to the store, turn left, turn to the right, after the church go left, if you see the gas station, turn!
  11. I would call the State education dept and ask to speak to the legal team. Ask them if the school's interpretation of the policy is correct. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. If it isn't,tell them you expect a call to the school to clarify and a proposed plan to keep your son safe. If it is correct, then find out if the school's proposed solution protects the school district from being sued by you if a second attack on your son occurs. And then go from there based on their answers
  12. Had a lop eared bunny and the thing was huge!!!! they can be litter boxed trained and will do that but I noticed mine would poop as he ate, so I set it up so the food was in front of the litter box (shallow pie pan kind of tray) and would put him in the litter box to eat. He quickly learned to to do that and always ate in his litter box. LOL! They do like to chew and he (or a maybe it was a she) pulled up an entire patch of carpet behind the couch and nested in it. He also was an excellent fly killer and I never had a fly problem. I would hear a big whack and find a dead fly beside the rabbit. They do like wires. And do find a vet that specializes in small animals.
  13. Birthday money is free money to do whatever with . Otherwise, people would just give gifts instead of money to a child. I have friends who take the birthday money and save it and I just think that is wrong but whatever. The kid doesn't actually get anything for their birthday. I think people in general expect birthday money to be blown on what the kid wants. I would ask him what his shoe size is and the last time his shoe size changed. Spending 200 on a pair of shoes for feet that are growing quickly is kinda of crazy and I would remind him if he is in that stage of development - the shoe may not fit for more than a couple of months. If he still decides a couple of hundred on shoes that won't fit in 6 months is still what he wants, have at it. I would then ask him if he wants help finding the best deal. Then I would spend the time showing him how to find the best deal and deciding when would be a good possibility that they may be on sale. Shoes tend to go on sale during back to school, holiday sales, January (new year resolutions to get fit) and in spring. We scour the internet, find coupons, lowest price, and then purchase. We have a lot of expensive clothes/shoes/purses. My kids know we rarely ever pay full price and usually get most things at half off or less and insanely dirt cheap is the usual price. My college kid will call and ask for help on finding the best deal because he knows we can save money. I would let him buy the shoes even if he had no job, no savings, and nothing else and big purchases coming up. In my thinking, now is the time to learn, GEE I can't get my car because I blew several hundred dollars on stuff instead of saving. Now it is going to take longer and there are things I can't do that I could have done had I saved the money and purchased car/phone/insurance/ etc. Better to learn that now than be like the majority of my coworkers- educated, degreed professionals working multiple jobs because they never learned that lesson.
  14. If you know you are going to use it, I think it is quite reasonable to cancel the order and order the pro. The motor is big enough to handle the attachments without issues. I use it nearly everyday when I am on a cooking kick. It dices, slices, shreds, grates, makes spirals and peels for me. wonderful if you do a lot with veggies.
  15. I would bet it is the box. I have 3 cats and when we kept a litter box inside, there was cat smell no matter how many times we cleaned that dang box. Once we made them go outside, the cat smell is gone. I did clean the whole room (my cats did not go anywhere else but their box) where the box was with vinegar and water and scrubbed the baseboard and floor by hand with pinesol. If the workers kept the garage door to the house open while the box was there, the smell will travel for sure! It can be quite strong. As long as the cat wasn't peeing everywhere in the house, the odor shouldn't require much to remove it. Bowls of vinegar left out overnight and/or charcoal spread around with good airing out after the garage is cleaned out where the contraption was should do the trick. A bag of baking soda mixed with an essential oil (or not) spread over the carpet and worked in with a broom and left over night works too. Unless when the cat was living there, the smell knocked you down, it wouldn't give me pause. Now cigarette smoke...that's another story altogether!!
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