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  1. I thought that CLE did a better job of breaking instruction on new concepts down into smaller steps. I also really appreciated having a solutions manual with fully worked solutions. It was much easier to find where my son went wrong in a problem when I could compare the answers to each worked out step in the book instead of having to work the problem myself until I saw where the problem was (which I had to do when my oldest did algebra with Jacobs). I also felt that there were a lot more word problems in CLE.
  2. Send the recommender requests before submitting the application. After the application is submitted the recommender can still upload the recommendation, but I am not sure the student can make changes to the application like adding new recommenders - the student is only supposed to submit a completed application since it immediately goes to the schools. Also, you want to give recommenders as much time as possible - no matter how much they promise to get it done in a timely manner, they often leave it until the deadline is quite near.
  3. My son has listened to many of the books on audio, and apparently it's all wrong hearing someone other than John R. Erickson be the voice of Hank. So the podcast didn't last ten seconds before it was shut off.
  4. My oldest used Jacobs Elementary Algebra and did well with it. My youngest preferred the looks of CLE Algebra (the new textbook) so that is what I used with him. Both are very good programs, though after teaching both I can say that I prefer CLE. My middle has struggled with math, but she is finding success with Teaching Textbooks algebra.
  5. For the sake of brevity on the transcript, I just listed the course as Honors English 11. On the course description I put the full title of Honors English 11: American Literature and Composition.
  6. First, throw away the donut shop blend. Donut shop coffee isn't meant to taste like donuts or even anything good; it is meant to taste like the burned, bitter, watery brew that is served in donut shops. It could have just as easily been called skuzzy gas station blend. Buy a breakfast blend or anything that says light roast. If you are worried about getting the measurements right, start by using k-cups until you know you have a brand that you like and then you can use a drip coffee maker. The brand matters, as well - unless you live in Texas and can buy the HEB brand coffee, stay away fro
  7. The school report is just the section of the common app that you are on that covers info about the school. It is not a separate thing that you have to write up yourself like the transcript and school profile. You are verifying that you understand that you have to upload a transcript for the student as well, that you aren't just going to send info about the school and call it good.
  8. No ideas for managing it, but I want to thank you for putting a name to the disorder. My husband has had it for as long as we have been married, but I didn't know it was anything more than extreme sleepwalking. It has increased this year from several times a month to several times a week, so I am off to the store to buy some melatonin to see if that helps him. He and I could both use a good night's sleep, lol.
  9. I am also in Texas, and my local high school is refusing to allow homeschoolers to take AP tests at their school this year. Which, according to the same education code, they can't legally do. But they are. So I would recommend people double-check that the school they thought their kid was taking an AP test at will still let them. Any homeschoolers with plans to take an AP test in my district will have a fight on their hands this fall; thankfully no one in my family has any plans to take one.
  10. The 2-layer cotton masks at Swaddle Designs have an elastic that goes around the head (the 3-layer do not). I have a couple, and the ear loops are not tight on the ears; the elastic that goes around the head is what holds it in place.
  11. Google says no. Cuban oregano is supposed to have a menthol flavor (it is also called Mexican mint), while Mexican oregano is in the verbena family. I think it is funny that they are both called oregano when neither is in the oregano family, lol.
  12. We have not used it, but GPB has a free chemistry course that is video-based.
  13. The oregano in a Mexican seasoning recipe is not regular oregano but Mexican oregano. It has a completely different flavor than the regular stuff since it belongs to a different plant family. You can use the regular oregano in place of the Mexican oregano, but it will not have the intended flavor.
  14. I have used both. Grammar Revolution includes short instructional videos and Analytical Grammar has DVD's available (though I did not get them when I used it). Both have very similar instructional notes at the beginning of each week's topic for the student to read. Grammar Revolution then follows it with one sentence each day to diagram and parse; Analytical Grammar has 10 sentences each day to diagram and parse. Unless your student hasn't had any grammar instruction or exposure whatsoever beforehand, 10 sentences/day is very much overkill. My daughter had used R&S for years, so we tossed
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