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5th Grade Plans

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Well, we have a 7th grade thread, a 6th grade thread... how about 5th? :)


Who will have a 5th grader next year, and what are your plans??



For us...


Math: MM 5/6. We're starting 5 now, and we'll likely get through 6 by the end of next year. We'll also do LOF, whatever book is next.


Language Arts: I think we'll do Hake again... finish up any that's left of 5, then probably skip to 7. We'll probably also do MCT Voyage level. That covers grammar, writing, and vocab. Additional "across the curriculum" writing. Not sure on Literature yet... might do an MCT trilogy, or go our own direction.


Science: no idea yet!! :D


History: Thinking about doing Human Odyssey with outlining/notebooking.


We'll also continue with Spanish, Logic and Computer Progamming.


For outside activities, art classes and sports/PE including swimming, basketball, and golf.



Anyone else??

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I'm having a hard enough time admitting I'll have a 7th grader; now I have to remember I'll have a 5th grader as well. :lol: He'll be doing a lot with ds11 (I like keeping them together in content and even in a couple skills based on where they are right now). Here's what is planned:


Math: Singapore S/E 5A/B; somewhere in there we'll fit in LoF Fractions and maybe Decimals/Percents, though I'm not sure where.


Writing: Mix between Bravewriter and WWE/WWS. He can keep up with ds11 in language arts, so I teach them together and just alter the expected products slightly.


Literature: good/great/classics; mostly read out loud, but we are working towards reading longer selections and I'm hoping he'll be up to easier novels for independent reading by next year.


Latin: Latin for Children A (covering vocabulary and grammar for now as well)


History: Continuing through Ancients (Greece and Rome) and into Medieval Times using a mix of SoTW, K12 Human Odyssey, and Catholic history books, with assignments coming from History Odyssey (he'll be bridging the gap between level 1 and level 2).


Science: I'm hoping I like the hopefully-soon-to-come samples of REAL Science Odyssey Bio level 2 next month as that is the plan for ds11 and ds9 next year. If not, I'm not sure. They are enjoying thus far our fun with Sassafras, so I'll probably keep reading those too.


Religion: Faith & Life 5 plus Bible and saints. I'm not sure if I'll include him in some of the books I'm considering for ds11; I might reread Marigold Hunt's books with him or read through some of the novels on saints published by Ignatius.


Spanish: Something I forgot on the 7th grade thread, but I'm considering doing Getting Started with Spanish next year (we will finish GSwLatin this year). Then, we can proceed with some other Spanish curriculum the following year. We really enjoy GSwL, so I think GSwS will be just enough to introduce that without being too much alongside Latin for Children A.

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Math: continue AoPS, Life of Fred


Logic: Orbiting with Logic


Language: MCTLA Voyage, IEW-SICC B or WWS (still deciding, maybe a combo), Voyages in English, Spelling Power, good books, Teaching the Classics, continue poetry memorization


Speech/Debate: Speak Out! Debate and Public Speaking in the Middle Grades and Well Spoken: Teaching Speaking to All Students; I've been looking for ways to dig deeper into current events, geography, politics, etc. and I think starting with family speech/debate would be a fun approach. It is definitely time to widen his world. DH is going to up his game in the life skills department as well.


Spanish: continue with Rosetta Stone & conversational Spanish


Latin/Greek: He wants to learn both after reading the Percy Jackson books, so Lively Latin and...something for Greek (suggestions? LOL).


History: SOTW 3 & OUP with guides, more primary sources, lots of good historical fiction, bios, and lit, continuing with The Story of Science


Science: highly tweaked/supplemented intertwining of CPO earth/life/physical science. We will also combine/continue inquiry science and tinkering but I will be teaching/looking for more organized written work and increased use of math. Also looking to incorporate a higher level of current non-fiction books on the subject. I am enjoying the suggestions in the CPO teacher's guides.


Nature Study: continue Desert Southwest Family Field Guide Project (plus classes at the botanical garden and zoo?)


Art: continue to integrate with history using A Child’s History of Art and Art in Story; applied art with whatever lesson plans DD comes up with


Swim Team


Guitar/Piano: continue lessons and learn a selection of historic pieces


I think we will also do another geography unit over the summer. I am thinking of incorporating Mapping the World with Art.

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I will also have a 5th grader (in addition to the 6th grader for the other thread)...


Her schedule looks much the same, as we combine a lot, except for maths and spelling:


Math: Singapore 6A/6B...maybe starting DM 7

LA: Hake 7



Poetry for Beginners A/B

Literature: Memoria Press guides to Trojan War & Bronze Bow, plus lots more ancients lit.

History: K12 Human Odyssey

Science: CPO Life Science

French: First Start French II

Spanish: Class at charter school

Art: Phonics of Drawing (excited about this one)!

Logic: Art of Argument

Music: Piano

P.E.: Ballet & Swimming

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So far:


Math: Teaching Textbooks 5

Lit: CHOLLA for Ancients Logic stage and list of books to read

Grammar: GWG Diagramming Guide

Writing: IEW Ancients (but looking at everything else to compare right now)

Spelling: SW E

History: SOTW 1 (with 1st grade sis) and AG activities (paired by week w lit)

Science: Equine Science by WP and 6 weeks of Human Anatomy & Phys (with emphasis on the book Care and Keeping of You)

Logic: Mindbenders

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I will have a 5th grader! I have been planning, but I'm also trying a couple of new things this semester to see if I want to use them next year as well. Here's how it's looking for now.


Bible: Awana and family devotions


Math: BJU 5th/6th; critical thinking workbooks


Literature/Reading: Book Club that I lead (6 novels a year) and some of BJU 5th Reading


Grammar: CLE 4th (will only use grammar portions)


Spelling: R&S 5th


Writing: US History Vol. 1 (IEW) in a co-op class


Science: Apologia Chemistry & Physics in a co-op class


Art: co-op class; drawing with Mark Kistler


History: American History (still researching, but will probably put together myself with resources I have on hand)


Social Studies: plan on studying US geography, learn the states and capitals, review other geography terms, etc. If there's time I want to do a study on economics and government.

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Loose plans for 5th next year


We will have a strong focus on writing. I would like to increase our writing across curriculum.


MM 5/6


MCT Town?? (most unsure of this he actually doesn't think he likes the looks of it)

Story of Science Aristotle

Story of the world 3 with lots of extra reading and documentaries

Lively Latin

Modern Greek

Art lessons

Music piano, recorder


PE is covered with soccer and BB

Health study: Puberty

Logic games and fun

Tons of reading and rabbit trails

Nature class 1x/wk


All subject to change

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Wow, I will have a 5th grader next year! This is the first time I have posted in this area. As far as curriculum the plan right now is for ds to do:

HOD CTC (everything)

R&S Spelling and Grammar

SM 5a/5b


Apologia Anatomy with dh

Continue with Spanish and any of our other extra subjects.

Swim Team

I haven't purchased anything yet so this isn't set in stone, and I'm sure I will add or change something. :)

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All subject to things continuing to work out this year.


Math Mammoth (likely 5b-6b)

Life of Fred (likely Pre-algebra 1&2)

Elemental Science - Earth Science

K12 Human Odyssey, Volume 2

Latin Prep 2

Caesar’s English 2

WWS (finish 1, start 2)

Lightning Literature 7

No idea for grammar and whatever else I'm missing!

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Math: MM5, HOE,CLE 500

LA: WWS 1, Rod & Staff 5 and Spelling 5

History: SOTW 4

Geography: Mapping the world w/Art & games

Science: Apologia Anatomy and History of Medicine


Typing software (Fall)

Horizons 5 Penmanship

Maries Vocab Cards

Fallacy Detective (Spring)


Ballet and Piano

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We are doing 5th now. It has been a good year.


Math: Saxon 6/5 and he just read LOF! He loves Fred!!! I don't supplement math but I bought this just for fun and I think it's a great supplement.


Grammar: Abeka sure is thorough. It really works.


Writing: this is my least favorite area for us this year. We used Writers Inc as a handbook and he did five different essays but only one was excellent. The rest were so-so. I just added Story Starters by Karen Andreola, and he produced a pretty good Creative Writing piece. We will be finishing out the year with ILL and Story Starters. I think forcing and drilling essay after essay has sucked the joy out of writing for my boy who used to like it.


We used Apologia Zoology together with dd9 and found it very worthwhile!!!


We have continued to enjoy SOTW, as always. Galen and the Gateway to Medicine was our favorite read-aloud.


This year has been an interesting year because he has really started to change in his desires and thinking. He started to learn to control hormones and strong emotions and take more responsibility for his life.

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If anyone's interested, here's this year's 5th grade so far:


Math: LOF - finished D&P in the fall, finished Pre-Alg1 before Christmas, chugging through Pre-Alg2

Latin: finished First Form, starting unit 2 of Second Form - Second Form has been much more of a struggle for some reason, but she wants to stay with it

Grammar: almost done with CHC's Language of God F, and when she finishes she's done - I'll have her write more, and we'll work through Figuratively Speaking, but no more formal grammar books

Composition: IEW's All Things Fun & Fascinating (currently on a break while her grammar book works on essays & reports) - this has been great help with understanding outlining & note-taking for history

History: spent summer & fall on a states/capitols unit, then started again with SOTW1, this time with taking notes, timeline, more writing

Science: CHC's human body study, then Tiner's Exploring the World of Biology, soon to start something WTM-style with an Usborne Animal Encyclopedia

Art: ArtPac 6 - got it for $2 this summer, and she's enjoying it as a once a week lesson, but not sure how much she's actually learning

Other: Rosetta Stone Polish, outsourced acting class & youthfit gym class until soccer starts again in the spring

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I can't believe I'm going to have a 5th grader!


MFW CTG (includes history, Bible, science, art, and music)

CLE 500, probably continue with CWP 4 and more HOE

R&S grammar 5

Spelling Power

I'm thinking of ditching handwriting and requiring all written work in cursive, then adding typing back in.

MCP Phonics F

Probably CLE Reading 5



I am undecided about Latin - I don't know whether to go with LFC C, LNM, or just drop it for a couple of years and pick it back up in 7th.


Orbiting With Logic, Logic Safari 3, maybe some Grid Perplexors


What am I missing? I always feel like I'm missing something one these threads.


Now I'm considering going through IEW TWSS over the summer and doing the ancient theme-based writing this year instead of WWS. She'll have competitive gymnastics (at least 11.5 hours a week), choir (unless they change the gymnastics schedule again), and AHG.

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My twins will be in 5th next year. What I have so far:


Math: SM, EPGY

English with Landry Academy using MCT, additional writing with WWS/IEW depending on the class load

Science: PLATO Life Science, Glencoe Life Science, and a lab component

History: Ancients, leaning toward another combo of TOG and SL Core 6 similar to what I did with oldest DD, CC Cycle 1

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Wow, all these plans look so interesting. They are certainly helpful for a newbie like me. I've got a general plan, but don't have everything decided.


Math: Singapore 5 and CWP 5

Spelling: AAS 6

Writing: Bravewriter/IEW or BW/WW4 then WWS-I'm not sure what he will be ready for yet. We just finished WWE3 this week and he wants a change.

Language Arts: MCT Voyage for the grammar, poetry, Caesar's English, and undecided on writing portion.

Science: undecided. We are doing Exlporation Educ.'s Physical Science this year and its heavily supplemented with lego robotics.

Civics: on the fly discussions, attending community council meetings, volunteering at local preschool to read to kids

French: undecided. We have Rosetta Stone and Ecoutez Parlez now.

Latin: undecided to even begin....

Logic: Mindbenders, Balance benders, Word benders.

History: SotW3--books, documentaries, primary sources as well.

PE: Weekly Rockclimbing (his passion), Swimming. Snowboarding as time allows.


Gosh when I type the plan, I feel more ready than I thought!

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For my dd who will be 5th grade next year:


Bible - probably Memoria Press Christian Studies 2, w/ something else

Math - CLE 400

Writing and Grammar -CC - Essentials w/ IEW

Spelling - Phonetic Zoo

History - Middle Ages w/ MOH 2 and AO Year 2 selections

Literature - undecided

Science - undecided

Latin - GSWL, if any

CC Foundations

Piano, Chess, maybe a sport

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Shaking in my boots. I will have a 5th grader as well. I can't believe our time is going so fast. It seems like yesterday when I was researching Pre-K stuff!!


We do the full Seton Home Study School Boxed Curriculum with substitutions when needed.



Art 5 for Young Catholics - I may switch this one out for Atelier Art again. I really enjoy it and so does Melissa. Since this isn't a core subject, it's fine to substitute.



English 5 for Young Catholics



Handwriting 5 for Young Catholics - this is mostly practice and then copy work for practice in writing neater and smaller.



America’s Catholic Heritage - We are really looking forward to this. It's an entire year on American History - and goes all the way through my personal favorite President, Ronald Reagan!


Maps, Charts, Graphs – Level E, The United States and It's Neighbors. This is one of Melissa's favorite subjects and book series. She wants to work through it faster, but I want to make it last and use it as a carrot. LOL



Saxon 5/4 
OR MCP Math Level E Workbook. We haven't decided for sure, but I do think we're leaning to MCP Math.



We Sing and Blend (Catholic) - teaching harmony and reading music



Phonics 5 For Young Catholics - mostly focusing on roots of words, prefixes, suffixed, syllables, alphabetizing practice, dictionaries, diphthongs and digraphs.


Physical Education


They typically give us exercises for each week and milestones to accomplish



These Are Our People -These are readers. Love them!!!

Book of Gratitude - Very tried and true essays and readings about values, morals

Reading 5 for Young Catholics – Comprehension

Reading 5 for Young Catholics – Thinking Skills


2 Saint Biographies (Example: King David and His Songs)

Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal

If All The Swords in England



Religion 5 for Young Catholics - Focusing mostly on the commandments and the sacraments of the church

St. Joseph Concise Bible History

St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 1



God’s Marvelous Works Book 1 blech. We are going to minimally use it to pass the tests but our real science book will be Behold and See 5 from CHC

Health 5 for Young Catholics - This is actually a health and anatomy book.

We will be doing selected chapters from Apologia Flying Creatures also.


*There are some rumblings that they are currently writing a Seton Press Science book for 5th AND 6th grade that will replace the abysmal God's Marvelous Works and they MAY be ready for next year. I'm PRAYING!! Our favorite science book of all time was their book this year!! I love the way their science books are laid out and I'd be thrilled if they were ready for us. At least I know the 6th grade one would be.



Spelling 5 for Young Catholics - I really like their spelling series. They introduce the words by major sound, then they do a fill in the blank to check meaning, then a fill in the definition page, then a story using the words.



Vocabulary 6 For Young Catholics - we are ahead one year.


We are still deciding between Rosetta Stone Italian and Prima Latina. We will continue working on typing as well.

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I'm starting to look at 5th for next year too...


Math: MEP Year 5

English: Finish WWS1, move into WWS2; probably start Voyages in English 6

French: Finish "Alex et Zoe" 3, move into "Amis et Compagnie" 1

Japanese: Beginner B class

History: 1800-1900 (AO-esque, but tweaked)

Science: BFSU (finish 1, work through 2)

Literature: tweaked AO Year 5

Computer Science: not sure where we'll be... we'll start Alice in March, but I don't know beyond that)

Art: Artistic Pursuits 4-6 Book 1; artist study a la AO

Music: composer study a la AO; just now dropping piano so unsure of where we'll be next year

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2 rising 5th graders at our house, and after reading this thread, I feel delinquent! Haven't so much as put pencil to paper for plans.



Hmm -

1. math - Singapore 5A / 5B (and I want to add something to it, but don't know what yet - AoPS? Life of Fred? something else?)

2. grammar - probably more R&S

3. writing - WWE 4 (wait, is there such a thing?! is it time to panic yet?!)

4. science -

5. history -

6. music -

7. p.e. - karate + playing outside + farm chores

8. Latin - LCII (I think)


Will definitely be back to this.


If you're in the sharing mood . . . what is AoPS like? Someone told me it was a prep book for MathCounts? I'm also needing a long-term plan for math; that is on my list of things to sort through and figure out. I have 2 girls, doing 4B right now, and it's not overly challenging to them (but I'm reluctant to push them faster because they do need to review the concepts).

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Guest mamajoseph

History: Ancients, but can't decide how to supplement SOTW1 which we loved in 1st grade, but now seems to simple. Suggestions?


Math: MathUSee Epsilon

L/A: The Creative Writer, Writing With Skill

Spelling Workout or Sequential Spelling


Science: Apologia Anatomy and Phys; Zoology


Still lots to decide...

Readers: Great books for history and Sonlight selections for enjoyment

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Katie, yes, there is a WWE 4. You're good there! :) AoPS is more than math competition... they have a very full, rich math curriculum in addition to their contest prep books. We haven't used it, but I'm still considering trying it for pre-algebra in 6th.



Okay, updating a few of our choices (updated again 4/30):


Math: MM6 as our spine; supplement with LOF; start AoPS Prealgebra later in the year.


Language Arts: Hake Grammar - second half of level 5... We do it 2-3 times per week for reinforcement. MCT Grammar Voyage and Practice Voyage, and CE II. For literature, I think we're going to do most of our reading to correspond with Ancient History. Writing, incorporating BW elements and adding Kilgallon, plus I'm still deciding if we will do IEW Ancient History.


Science: One more year of Mr. Q - he LOVES it. He finished Life Science, so next year we're going to do Chemistry and Earth Science, and Physical if there's time. We're going to do double pace to cover more material. And, a unit on birds from MP.


History: Just got K12 Human Odyssey (text only) and it looks GREAT!! We'll do Volume 1 for 5th, with some form of notebooking/outlining, and a bit of supplementary reading. (And the historical literature mentioned above.).


Spanish: Still not sure what program we'll use after GSWS. Currently looking at Breaking the Barrier iBooks.


Technology: Continue typing practice, and give a few assignments with Word and Excel. Continue computer programming courses. He's using KidCoder Windows Programming (which is Visual Basic), and then we'll either go to Game Programming or Java. (Thank heavens DH is an IT guy, LOL!!)


Religion: Memoria Press Christian Studies IV, to do a one year overview of the Bible.


Logic: Orbiting with Logic and Mindbenders/Balance Benders.


PE: Working on a few fitness standards, such as sit ups and push ups, at home. He'll also do sports, including basketball, golf, and swimming lessons, possibly a session of tennis and Homeschool PE classes. We're getting to a point where I really want to instill the "activity" habit so want to do a whole variety! :)


Fine Arts: He'll take outside art classes, and we'll study composers and artists at home. We're going to start the recorder in the next couple weeks, so we may continue with that as well. I've tried suggesting piano lessons or choir, and he's just not that into it, so my goal is exposure to the arts.


Whew! That sounds like a lot of work, LOL!! :D

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We use abeka as our spine and extend when we need it.


Math : Abeka 5 and something for word problems

Reading: abeka 5 and tons of novels


Language : Abeka 5

Writing: IEW

History:Abeka 5

Science : Abeka 5 , co-op science

Latin: Latin at our co-op

Music: composer study

Art: co-op class

Typing : ???

Computer science: ???

Spanish : maybe rosetta stone


He will fence,play basketball, run track, work on Lego mind storm and do chess club.


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Math: LOF

Bible: AWANA

Grammar: R&S5

Writing: WWE 4

Spelling: R&S5

Reading: Various Books

History: Finish SOTW2 & begin SOTW3 using AG with both

Science: Chemistry - ES -

Penmaship: Cursive Copywork

Geography: The Complete Book of Maps & Geography

Foreign Language: Spanish

Music: Modern Music

Art: HAS

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Here are our 5th grade plans:


Math: Saxon 6/5, Tables/Squares/Cubes, xtramath.org, Megafun Math Card Games (done at Essentials)


Logic: Building Thinking Skills 2


Greek: Hey Andrew 5


Latin: Latin's Not So Tough 5


Spelling: Spelling Plus (level 2 or B.....laid out in Essentials Guide from CC) and Dictation Resource Book


Grammar: Essentials of the English Language (CC) and Dictation Resource Book w/ Homophones book (done orally together)


Writing: Pre-Scripts Sentences and Passages (for copywork and drawing lessons) and IEW History Theme based (this includes vocabulary)


Reading: McGuffey 5th Reader (oral reading, oral interpretation), McCall-Crabbs Book D (comprehension), 5th grade literature list from The Writing Road to Reading and Veritas Press, literature terms from Teaching the Classics, narrations


Memory Work and Enrichment: CC's Foundations program, AWANA, Character First, West Minster Shorter Catechism CDs, and a stack of notebooks, living books, and reference books (including nature study)


Bible: What the Bible is All About, MacArthur Daily Bible, Life Application Study Bible, OT and NT Study Notebook, Balancing the Sword, ACTS Prayer Journal, Picture Smart Bible (and other Bible reference books for kids), Catechism or Character related family devotionals, hymns, and manners


Read aloud: Classic books from A Thomas Jefferson Education and Teaching the Classics lists, Tiner/Parker books, Poetry Anthologies, and biographies of Christians (usually from Vision Forum or YWAM publishing)


Possible April-August Supplements:

SOTW 3 and VP Explorers-1815 (self-paced?)

VP Gospels

Critical Thinking games on the computer


Lyrical Science, Real Science 4 Kids Middle School level, and/or Apologia Science to match previous CC Cycle, related Bible verses

Ludere Latin and/or Latin for Children Activity books or games

Greek copybook from Greek N' Stuff

IEW Theme based book? (Bible or Chronicles of Narnia or American History vol. 2)

SWR cds for spelling practice

Grammar and Diagramming Sentences (Garlic Press) and/or Our Mother Tongue for extra practice?

continue literature selections, sequels, etc.

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I just realized tonight I'll have a fifth grader next year too. :shudder: I don't feel like we're ready for logic stage, but who knows what changes the summer will bring.


History: CHOL Middle Ages

Grammar: MCTLA Town

Writing: CW Homer (?)

Spelling: SWO E

Math: BA followed by MM 4 (assuming BA 4 isn't ready)

Science: Mr. Q

Latin: SSL 2 (with her brother) and Minimus

Logic: ?

Activities: ballet, strength conditioning, and fencing

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I have a soon-to-be-5th grader too. And I have a twist....it looks like I will have to go back to work about half-time in the fall. I have a pretty "needy" 9 yo. She is very bright and capable but needs a lot of hand-holding to keep her on task and feeling confident. Some of her schoolwork will have to be independent. If anyone sees a curriculum choice I am making to be a grave mistake for a needy kid who will be doing some independent work, please let me know! 5th grade is NOT the year that I wanted this to happen....but we gotta eat!


Math: Singapore 5A/B with CWP 2-4

Spelling: Sequential Spelling level 3, moving on to 4

History: Human Odyssey vol 1.

Writing: WWS 1

Grammar: I have no idea! Can we get away with LFC and call it good? She will finish FLL 4 this year.

Latin: LFC C

Science: I have no idea!

Music: Suzuki violin


Now that I have written this, I can see I have a lot of questions that will probably require their own thread. So stay tuned:)

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I think the planning is done!


History: SOTW

Math: Saxon 7/6

Science: Holt - Life

Language: WWE -finish, Rod + Staff 5, AAS, Wordly Wise, Poetry (MCT?), ETC 7, Oral Language Exercise

Latina Christiana 2

Evan-Moor mapping 5 (plus memorizing countries in Europe and Asia)

Zaner-Boser 5 (again!)

Building Thinking Skills 2, Analogies, and Reasoning Skills

Continue: piano and as much karate as I can get him to!

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Tentative plans for rising 5th grader: (EDITED and streamlined)


Math Mammoth 5 and more time spend on math all around including tests and reviews

HOE and lots of DRILL


CC Essentials or R&S Eng finish 4 and start 5 and IEW SWI-A/WWE (WWE either way)

Spelling: WRTR or R&S or P Zoo (fine tuning this)

CLE Reading 5 and a bazillion books to be read and savored; Maybe an MP Guide for ONE book

In my dreams: a Narnia lit study and a Dangerous Journey (pic book of Pilgrim's Progress) study


Content will be one of two things:

MFW RTR for Bible, History, and Science (most likely)


VP NTGR and maybe a bit of MARR

Earth Science (CKE, RS4K Geology for oldest)


Classical Conversations Foundations

Bible Copy and Catechism memory work


Latin with Visual Latin or Latina Christiana (leaning toward Visual)

Would like to get the dude interested in something other than Legos and Lord of the Rings; music or sports or something ... we'll see!!!


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Oh My Gosh, I have a 5th grader next year! :svengo:


I have a pretty good handle on some of the things we are going to be doing, but others, namely writing, are still a little up in the air.


The list I am slowly culling resources from is this:


Bible: continuing with The Key to Bible Understanding: Rightly Divided, also would like to include an overview of other world religions, so may go with WTM recommendation of A World of Faith as a read-along and discuss


Logic: Mind Benders and/or Building Thinking Skills Haven't quite made up my mind on which one I want to use.


Math: Math-U-See Gamma and Delta, along with some personal finance extras like Checkbook Math, Family Math, that sort of thing


History: A-la WTM with UILE of World History and the Kingfisher History of the World. I'd like to use some of the Jackdaws, as they look like something dd9 would really get into, but goodness at the price!


Spelling: All About Spelling 5 and 6


Grammar: Rod and Staff's Following the Plan 5, perhaps Writing Strands 3 if I don't think we are going anywhere with the writing part.


Literature: ? I saw someone up thread mention using some of the MP literature guides, so I will look into that, too. I know we are going to be reading, and trying to talk about what we read.


Science: Elemental Science Biology Intermediate. We are using the Physics one right now, and it is exactly how I wished I could do science. And now I can! Love it.


Latin: Latina Christiana 1


Spanish: I'm playing with the idea of beginning Spanish this coming year, but I'm still not sure yet. I think I would like to complete LC1 first, before beginning, but...


Art: continuing with co-op class

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I'll have a 5th grader next year too and it floors me! Time does seem to be going too fast. So far (and this can all change like the wind) I have:


**Math: MM5A&B and LOF Fractions, Decimals & Percents, and Danika McKellar's Math Doesn't Suck.

Grammar: Finish MCT Town (just started it last week) and then move into MCT Voyage

Latin: Latina Christiana I

**History: Human Odyssey 1&2, Kingfisher's History Encyclopedia, and a History notebook ala TWTM

**Science: Aplogia Human Anatomy or Chemistry and Physics (Can't decide)

Logic: Mind Benders 3 and 4 and Building Thinking Skills Level 2

Writing: WWS and IEW (not sure if she'll do SWI-A or the Medieval Theme--I'll be doing TWSS over the summer)

**Literature: Using literature to go along with History from lists in TWTM

**Geography: Geography Coloring Book

PE: Tap, musical theater, basketball, and swim

Music: piano and voice lessons

Foreign Language: ASL


** Changes I've made


It looks so full--too full...I need to think more on this...

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Updated 5/21/13 in red. My ds saw his sister's Oak Meadow books and decided to jump on the OM bandwagon. Fortunately I hadn't ordered anything yet.


Am I too late? I've been following this thread forever and I finally started planning for 5th. (I thought I could ignore logic stage and it would go away, but apparently that's not the case. :D )


Math: Singapore 5A/B (Std. Ed) w/ I.P. from U.S. Ed. + Khan Academy and Xtramath


Language Arts: Hake 5, Logos Press Spelling 5, Words on the Vine, WTM grade 7 literature (fits in with where we are in history) and The Ecology Reader from Great Books Foundation (to go along with science). Also continue to pull from ILL & Rex Barks if needed. Added Oak Meadow English 5 + literature selections.


Science: Oak Meadow Science 5 (Environmental Science) & early modern scientists pulled from DK's "Science: The Definitive Visual Guide"


History: SOTW3 w/ AG and "The Age of Revolution" by Kovacs (The Kovacs book has some major issues. I don't recommend it unless you really enjoy arguing with beautifully written but fairly inaccurate and biased history books.) Added Oak Meadow History 5. We'll still supplement with SOTW 3, but we may not do many of the activities in the AG. Can't guarantee we'll have time for Kovacs.


Logic: Building Thinking Skills 2


Latin: Latin Prep


Artist & composer studies to match the history cycle


Woohoo! I feel pretty good about this.

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I'm coming to grips with my third DC being a rising fifth grader. He's going to enjoy it so much, but it's hard to see him as old enough for logic stage.



Grammar: Rod and Staff English 5

Spelling: Rod and Staff Spelling by Sound and Structure 5

Literature: Narnia spine, using Further Up and Further In as a base to build on

Writing: our own thing, maybe using CW or a vintage text (probably Progressive Composition Lessons book 2 if we do)

Latin: Latin for Children B, some of the Bolchazy readers

Logic: Mind Benders, Word Benders, Visual Mind Benders, other random logic books/puzzles/games

Bible: Training Hearts Teaching Minds, but most will be thoroughly mingled with his literature

Math: Horizons 6

History: Veritas Press OTAE, and probably a good chunk of NTGR

Science: construction/architecture focus, starting with the Building Big DVDs and book, some construction kits, then we'll go to The New Way Things Work, maybe a couple Great Science Adventures, and I'll add more kits as we go



These plans were made in January. Now that I've actually made the purchases there are a few changes.


Literature: Further Up and Further In will be the spine, adding ROAR and some extra literature, dropping some of the heavier C.S. Lewis stuff (just for the kids; I'll read it for myself)

Writing: homemade, I just can't see me following a curriculum straight through for him

Logic: He's already put a dent into that list. Added some Prufrock Press books.

History: Turning it down and won't push to get to NGTR.

Science: Actually read a Great Science Adventures at HPB and promptly put it right back on the shelf. We'll start with the homemade architecture stuff, then The New Way Things Work. That won't fill up his year though. I've been researching and making a list of good options to choose from when we're closer to needing it.


Writing changed yet again: He really, really likes the idea of being a newspaper employee in Wordsmith Apprentice. The more he read through it the more he liked it. Wordsmith Apprentice it is. He'll still do plenty of mom directed writing on the side.

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I think this will take care of 5th, but we make some changes as we get closer....


English (I'm still thinking about this...we may go into CW Homer and we may add KISS for grammar)

Latin (she's bored with what we are currently using so I may move her into First Form in the fall)

French (carry on with her sister with L'Art d'Ecrire, reading fables, dictation, etc.)

Math (Singapore she prefers and I'll add supplements such as CWP, geometry labs and MEP)

Science (we have many areas to explore...Burgess Bird book, tidal pools with Pagoo, botany with a focus on trees, physics, etc.)

History (move into a new area in the fall...probably the ancients)

Literature (George MacDonald study, Treaure Island, Robinson Crusoe, poetry, and more)

Geography (after Paddle to the Sea we'll start Tree in the Trail)

Religion-Golden Children's Bible with MP guide

Arts (artist study, piano, drawing, painting and maybe art lessons)

PE (swimming and ballet)


Both girls still want me to add German and Gaelic...we tried but never seemed to get these going very well.

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Well, we are wrapping up 5th grade, and I will have another one in 2 yrs (she is finishing up 3rd grade.) Her year will be different then as she is a different student. But here is what we ended up doing this year for 5th. Educationally, it has been one of our best years.


Math Rod and Staff 6

Logic Mind Benders

English Rod and Staff 5

Spelling Rod and Staff 6

Latin Memoria Press First Form

Spanish for Children A (she has done about half of this. We do it half speed. One chp. over 2 weeks)

Classical House of Learning Lit. Ancients : no projects, just reading and writing w/this

WTM style ancients history w/KHE: outline the KHE, add to timeline, pick a subject to research, read and write about it, do Geography coloring book. We love the freedom of this.

Science: a biology mish mash: The Memoria Press 5th grade bird unit was awesome. We kept the bird watching up and attended a couple of Audobon Society activities as well. Then she read through the first couple of chps. of the History of Medicine before joining a science class using Science Explorers (prentice hall) and they did lots of hands on, plus tests and and worksheets and definitions. It was a demanding class, but fun. I had her read biographies along the way to go w/her science chps and w/history.

Art a co-op class and a community class mostly, though we did read art history at home alongside history chronologically and did a few projects.

other:dance classes, a play at co-op, and scouts. She earned her Bronze Award this year. We also created a Latin Club to study for the ELE and she took the ELE for the 2nd time this year. So a lot of time went into studying for that, but our ancients in history got her ready for it naturally this year, luckily.

It was a great year, honestly. We covered a lot of material.

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Can't believe my "baby" will be a 5th grader...sniff, sniff. Anyway, here is what I am thinking so far:


Bible - Trying out a couple of Amanda Bennett's Unit Studies cuz they are interactive PDF's and I'm trying to include some computer curriculum's for him next year. So, he will do Athletes in the Bible. Also, think I am going to continue PAC and have him do the 5th grade one. We will also have a focused Geography year with lots of Missionary reading.


History - We finished up AtB after two years in American History and our 4 yr cycle. I decided to take a year to do Mapping the World with Art with many of the activities, Missionary studies - Hero Tales and another AB unit study, focused USA - states and capitals, some videos and whatever else I can come up with.


Science - His first year on his own. He is loving science lately, so he will continue the science club that meets once a week - various topics. Also, Apologia Zoology 3 with Easy Peasy Zoology online for fun and I have Christian Kids Explore Biology also for other topics if he runs out of Zoology early...which he probably will!


Math - CLE 500


LA - not sure here - probably CLE LA and Reading 500 continued, but want to add in some other 'fun' stuff - probably Spelling City and Vocab.

Writing - Cont. WriteShop that I am teaching in a small co-op with a few other families. Part 2 - been awesome - I have had 4th - 8th graders this year and they have all improved GREATLY!!!


Going to try to squeeze in a Gov't type study also - a little weak area.


He is on a competitive club baseball team and plays LL - a baseball nut!!


Lost our piano teacher - so hoping to have older brother cont. piano lessons and older other brother start guitar lessons with him!!


I think that is all!! Would like to change things up and make it a little more enjoyable for him although he keeps saying he LOVES CLE and the workbook learning?!! :)

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:crying: Y'all keep reminding me dd#2 will be a "fifth grader" in the fall. :leaving:


She's not ready to enter the 'logic stage' and I'll probably end up having her 'repeat' a year at some point, but ...


Latin - Prima Latina (2nd time through - She did it & then LC1 with older sister several years ago. Won't hurt her to have an easy year of it combined with dd#3)

Religion - Baltimore Catechism #1 (Part 2 of 3) with DD#2 & add in Child's Bible History by Knect?

Math - Abeka Arithmetic - She just started 4, so keep trucking with that at whatever pace she can *understand*

Writing/Grammar - Writing Tales 1 - She's a natural writer, so we'll see how she does & what type of pace she wants to keep.

Spelling - Spell to Write & Read w/dd#2. She may have to 'do spelling' until she graduates from high school...

Memory - States & Capitals (again) + some poetry

History - Story of the World 2 w/AG + related literature

Science - Apologia Astronomy (w/ES's Lapbook) + Earth Science using some sort of spine that I'm still looking for

Art- Hope to find her a local teacher/mentor, but she'll also be working through Ellen McHenry's Geography through Art (Mapping the World...) once per week.


I think I'll also add a "map skills" workbook once per week to her schedule because she's struggling this semester with the one I picked up for her. Chances are her standardized test results will show she needs more work in this area, too.

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Yay! I love planning threads.


Here's my plan for DD next year:


Math: Finish Saxon 5/4 and as much of 6/5 as possible, plus Fred (hopefully through Fractions). OR, Fred + MM Blue, Key to, and Process Skills workbooks...depends on what DD thinks of 4/5 come August (we'll be working through summer) AND whether Saxon is used by the charter she wants to attend in 6th (if so, we'll stick with it).


Latin: Continue BBLL1, started in 4th


Geography: World Geography using Mapping the World with Art plus a Nat Geo atlas, library and other supplemental books, following my own outline


Spelling: SW C, hopefully we'll get into D. (this is another thing we're working on through the summer)


Grammar: Finish Simply Grammar, then complete Diagramming Sentences


Writing: Maxwell's School Composition (I do so love free curricula!)


Penmanship/Art: Draw, Write, Now


Reading: Continue comprehension exercise on Read Theory


Literature: We're going to try out a Moving Beyond the Page lit unit, then do more if it's a hit. Otherwise, I have a Shakespeare unit sitting on the shelf and we'll do some "book club" style lit study of children's/middle school fiction.


Typing: Typing for Kids


Foreign Language: DD will take both Conversational Spanish and Sign Language at her enrichment program


Music: DD will be in Show Choir and Band at the enrichment program


Science: DD is taking two science classes at the enrichment program: So You Want To Be An Astronaut and Gardening (a hands on class)


P.E.: DD will be taking an Active Games class at the enrichment program


Religious Studies: We've recently become more involved in the local community, and she will be attending rites/study groups, etc. with me.


Her enrichment program is 2 days a week Tu/Th, and we do home lessons Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri.

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I'm still tweaking things since we just decided to join a co-op and that is adding a whole new element to our week, but here is what I have so far...


Math - Singapore 5A/B & LOF


Writing/Grammar - MCTLA Town and Wordsmith Apprentice or IEW SWI-A (I cannot make up my mind)


Spelling - MP's Phonics Zoo


Poetry - IEW Linguistics through Poetry (co-op)


Literature/Reading - book club (co-op)


Foreign Language - Latina Christiana I


Geography - Countries and Cultures study (co-op)


Science - CPO Life Science (home) & Apologia Botany (co-op)


History - Human Odyssey, SOTW 1 (cds), lots of living books and documentaries


Music - composer study at co-op


Art - picture study at co-op and Meet the Masters at home


Phys. Ed - swim lessons, Taekwondo, soccer


I think that covers everything!

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Math- TT 6/ LOF
History- SL Core G (his pick w/ his older sis) /Famous Men of Rome (he loves Memoria Press books but the workbooks…well, not so much)

LA- Grammar- undecided

Writing- not much, lol -SL

Spelling/ Vocabulary- Megawords and something for vocab/ unsure

Computer - Game Design 1

Bible- Character training

Science- RSO Bio 2
Greek- Hey Andrew level 3
Latin- undecided (LFC, or Latin’s Not So Tough)
Logic- Mindbenders (on CD)
Possible 4H Club/ and or the Y
Fencing, golf lessons, swimming

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