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  1. I'm off on a tangent with post-apocalyptic sci-fi. I am on the last of seven books in the series Hell Divers by Nicholas Sansbury. 🙂 The audible versions are very good.
  2. Or you can use your own devices that xfinity doesn't have the passwords for. 😉
  3. My conservative small district, that won't even participate with the local CC middle college program because of fear of loosing money, is starting an online academy next year because a full 25% of students remained virtual all year by choice.
  4. I believe I read that people with B.1.1.7 have a lot higher levels of the virus in the respiratory tract, but I can't seem to find the source.
  5. Your graphs look very similar to ours. It’s hard to ignore the trend we are seeing with B.1.1.7. I’m glad you have stay at home orders. The local health department was able to convince school boards to close our schools, and the governor has asked for voluntary action.
  6. The state as a whole is still very much in need of more vaccines. My area of the state is an exception when it comes to vaccines.
  7. I included the state hospitalization graph above, which looks very different. My local hospitals were never at 43% covid cases before. This was the state demographics over 1,000 hospitalization ago (less than a week ago in time), it has since worsened for the younger age groups because they tend to wait longer to seek medical care and arrive much sicker than the older population, and isn't representative to my county, which is even more disproportionately younger. I don't want to seem like I'm singling you out @Penelopebut the constant disregard for the d
  8. We have 17% of the county fully vaccinated. We have 30% with the first of a two shot series. We have 59% of the 65+ and up vaccinated (have a large number of retirement and nursing homes). Sadly, they can't give shots away now. They had opened large venues to try and quickly vaccinate, as they opened shots to anyone, and they can't fill the spots, so they will be switching to local providers soon in an attempt to vaccinate more people. They are even going door to door for shut-ins. We have a big problem with vaccine hesitancy in this area, even before covid, so I doubt we'll ever see eno
  9. You hit a sore spot, I really don't need reports. Our local school moved most students virtual three weeks ago, with an attempt to keep the elementary open, they are now all closed until May, and will open only if our positivity comes way down. Our hospitals are full locally, and filling again statewide, with much younger people (I've posted the statistics in the last two weeks so I won't repeat that), to the point that U of M and other hospitals have been forced to stop elective surgical procedures. This is my county, which remains the highest cases per capita, with a positivity of ov
  10. Where is this from? I looked into the first, from Stanford.edu Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD. https://fsi-live.s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/cv-jay-march2016.pdf Where is the infectious disease experience? His research papers include: Effects of Obesity on Employer-sponsored Health Insurance Temperance and the Russian Mortality Crisis Helping Older Adults to Initiate Exercise Habits The HIV/AIDS Pandemic and Africa’s Orphaned Elderly
  11. 🤞 I hope all goes well and you don't have any increase. I have talked to a few people with existing tinnitus online that had a temporary increase, lasting a few days to a week, but those appear to have resolved.
  12. I will try to remember to check back. It's been two weeks without change so far. FTR: I don't regret getting the vaccine, and plan on getting any future boosters. If it hasn't resolved when I go for my physical next month my doctors want me to have a full workup with a specialist to make sure there isn't any hearing loss, but for now there isn't any infection or fluid that could be causing it, so I'm going the conservative route. I already get routine MRI's so I'm against scheduling any extra. 😉 I do have a new respect for what my husband goes through daily with his tinnitus. His is the r
  13. My husband has had chronic tinnitus for years. He had both doses of Pfizer and had no change. I had Moderna and after my second dose I ran a high fever for two days. I developed tinnitus in one ear after the fever broke on the second day. Per the V-safe recommendation I have seen my doctor and my specialist and they believe it is inflammatory and will resolve in time. There really isn't any treatment, although I see people online trying all kinds of crazy stuff online. For now I'm on something to help with sleep, and I'm giving myself time. My immune system is still wonky, shy of
  14. I know this has been discussed in one of the covid threads, but I thought it deserved it's own. One of our colleges announced that they will require the covid vaccine if students wish to live in any on-campus housing. Those that don't vaccinate have the option to commute. I see this as being a new norm, especially with Pfizer's announcement that they will apply for full authorization very soon. I'm waiting to hear what our local college is going to require for this fall.
  15. I completely agree. I stopped my medication to increase the likelihood that I will have as much of an immune response as possible. My child was premeditated, knowing that may very well decrease the effectiveness, but because it was needed. I'll take whatever protection I can get at this point, for me and mine, but at the same time I realize the limitations in the science at this point, and will continue to take adequate precautions. I do see updated boosters for variants in the near future, and eventually multi-strain shots just like the flu. The argument Geert Vanden Bossche makes
  16. Studies released show my likelihood for a severe outcome with covid are much worse than the general population. I don't have that same concern with the flu. There are also studies that are showing real concern for vaccine effectiveness in those with impaired immune systems. So to some the vaccine may not provide a 90% efficacy against disease. Early data for organ transplant, as an example, are abysmal when compared to the general population. I wipe down fast food cups, and things like gallon milk, but I do that during flu season. I wear a protective mask. I don't think I'm excessiv
  17. I guess I'd be the OP. My husband is fully vaccinated, three of us are partially vaccinated, but two children don't qualify. Nothing has or will change for us. Then again, this is what's going on in my community, so I think my concerns are valid. I do think I will have a harder time letting go of some of these measures with the variants now showing up in my state. B.1.1.7 has certainly caused a difference. We get vaccinated and take precautions each flu season. I look at the covid vaccine the same way.
  18. Five weeks ago (2/19) we had less than 100 cases/week in our county. Positivity was 3%. This last week we had almost 1,200 cases and our positivity is 26%. Our hospitals are full, and today's case count doubled yesterdays record. We have community spread of B.1.1.7. It's down right scary with only my husband fully vaccinated.
  19. I finished a few books recently: Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs is #6 in her Alpha & Omega series. I love Charles and Anna. Beguiled by Darynda Jones is a Paranormal Woman Fiction (women over 40). It's #3 in a fun, quick read series. The Solstice Countdown by Lisa Shearin is #7 in the SPI Files series. I've liked this urban fantasy series from the beginning.
  20. Maybe we’re getting some of those states allocations this week. We’re supposedly getting an extra half million doses, and we need them. We’re still trying to finish 65+ in my county.
  21. This is the case here in Michigan as well, although it may be even higher than your 1/3. Our hospitalization rate is increasing faster than it did this fall. Our case numbers (county) far exceeded our records from this fall. The hospitals here (county) are actually full, they are transferring patients out. Our county now has the highest positivity in the state and our state has the highest positivity in the nation. We made national news today. 😪 Florida is just a tad bit ahead of us in total variant case counts last I looked.
  22. Side effects primarily, which the stress of can exacerbate symptoms, that's just the way it works, similar to my response with fever. They have had one patient have an allergic response to Moderna, but not anaphylactic.
  23. We have spoken with our specialists. My child with POTS and MCAS will receive an mRNA vaccine on Wednesday (not sure which, although we're hoping for Pfizer). The concern is similar to what my team mentioned, because of the concern of lower response, as being shown in what has been released in the ongoing COVaRiPAD study, we are going with the highest possible efficacy rate vaccines and 🤞for an immune response. There are also some minimal concerns with the J&J vaccine and the MCAS, so we are avoiding that. If you're just looking at severe disease and death, this may not impact you, but
  24. The Pfizer adolescent trial has already been unblinded. They began vaccinating those that got the placebo late last month. Results are due in another month or so. They received two doses to my knowledge. That may change for the younger group. I know Moderna is trialing doses, so I'm guessing Pfizer would do the same, but if you think about it, even the flu shot needs two doses the first time you get it. Add the fact that they are already trialing the second dose of J&J and I think most will be two doses in the long run with follow-up boosters, just like the flu vaccine.
  25. I won't add my own words when Derek Lowe has addressed this so well on his blog both here back in December, and here more recently. All the relevant links are included as well links to the original paper that appears to have set this social media trend in motion. As to the actual animal challenges, they are available online.
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