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    Preschool, 1st - 7th. Current editions only please. Large family in need.


  2. My latest version of "the plan": 6ish- Morning Routines (including music practice and a quick snack-like breakfast) 8ish- Bible, IEW, and EEL (grammar) 10ish- Brunch 11ish- Pick up where we left off on all the other subjects and go until we have to stop 3ish- thinking of stopping at this time on purpose to fit in read aloud daily but not sure....might have to be evenings 4ish- outside lessons and play 6ish- dinner and devotion 7ish- chores 8ish-bedtime routines
  3. I could go on and on about CC and maybe sometime this week I will answer these questions more thoroughly. I just want to add that every time I read or listen to "The Lost Tools of Learning" by Dorothy Sayers I think, "That's CC!" That essay is what sparked the whole classical education movement (in the modern day) and I think CC is the purest form of that model. It is beautifully flexible and adaptable for every family to use as a supplement or the core of their homeschool. It is what you make of it and I would say that the more you use it as a central curriculum in your home the more
  4. I would say that having both is not a bad idea. The book makes it so easy to pull out and teach without having to come up with things and you'd be surprised how motivating a book with a character on it can be. Memoria Press never meant for it to be much of a copybook b/c they already have Copybook 3 in cursive. I think the simple composition assignments and a chance to put a picture with it have been good. Part of handwriting is learning to transition from large ruled lines to notebook paper and NAC2 does a great job of slowly taking them down to small sizes. It also has things in there l
  5. My daughter is doing very well with NAC and is now a good way through NAC 2. There is a secular version of book 2 and we are doing that b/c it has American quotes in it and we are doing American History. I don't remember any verses in Book 1 but I could be wrong about that. And the third books is about manners and I'm not sure if there is Scripture in that one.....We really like it except for the capital T, F, and I. I just let her write those a different way. We don't own the StartWrite font yet but I have the cd I bought years ago. I mainly use our Mac computers so it is a pain and I r
  6. Hey, ladies. I am waiting for my revised version to come in the mail. Does it still recommend Spelling Workout and Explode the Code in it? Did it add other choices? Thanks! Shaina
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