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  1. This looks amazing! I’ve done things like Kiwi Crates with limited success, but I’ll look at this some more.
  2. Ok thanks. Maybe someday I’ll decide to use all of OM... Now to search for a stand alone art/craft program that will appeal to a 10yo. She wants to bake cupcakes and cookies every day. I need to find a different (lower calorie) outlet for her creative urges. 😂
  3. What are your recommendations for craft kits? DD adores crafts (I don't), and wants more variety to our days. I'm looking at using parts of Oak Meadow 5 for my dd10 (at least science), and I'm wondering about the craft kit. Is it just supplies? Or does it include the instructions? It would be nice to get the OM kit, but if the instructions are integrated in the language/history manual, it won't do me much good.
  4. I've thought about doing this too. But it feels like a cave down there. We bought our house for all the windows in the main areas, and I can't make myself spend any time in the basement, unless we're watching a movie during a tornado watch.
  5. I'm curious to know how deschooling looks for different people and how (or if) it helped your child, and what it looked like to transition into homeschooling. How did you know your kids were ready to transition into full-time homeschooling? Did you ease into subjects slowly? Or did you have an "official" start date to jump right in with a full schedule? I'm also curious how summer vacation might have factored into your deschooling time.
  6. Does anyone have resources for VA Studies? I've had my kids back in school for the last 2 years, and it's just not working for my youngest. So I'm exploring options for homeschooling 4th grade and keeping the topics close to what they are doing in school here.
  7. Here's a link I saved on Pinterest. https://pin.it/xf3nqqx2hr4ing I wouldn't do all the colors, just pick a couple that you like. My house is currently painted in Behr Antique White (it looks kinda like the baby fawn on this link). The previous owner painted all the walls and ceilings with it in a flat sheen. It's boring, but nice enough. I just wish they'd used eggshell so I could wipe the walls clean. I need to repaint everything, so I'll put some of these colors in some rooms and keep the antique white in the hallways and main living areas.
  8. I'm turning 40 in a couple weeks, and it's a little surreal. I'm applying to grad school at the same time my oldest is applying to college, and I feel too middle-aged to be starting a new thing. But then, I take a long view and see that I have years and years left. I might as well do things I enjoy (which means learning new things for me).
  9. I’ll tease out degree this afternoon. But basically what she said was that this girl tells her to go away all the time. She wants to play with friend A, but girl B is playing with her and won’t let dd join in. Or dd is playing with girl A, and girl B comes up and tells dd to go away so that A and B can play. If that makes any sense... She had about 2 min to tell me about it, but it sounds like dd is being treated as a third wheel, and she just goes away when she’s told to go.
  10. Like your DS behaves more like a typical child or he’s just more sedate? I’ll go read the article now. I’m just curious, because life is always easier when dd has a fever, but I assume it’s because she’s to tired to do much besides nap and watch tv.
  11. Another thing I realized this morning. When she was in 2nd grade we were living in a rental—it was a furnished townhome and dd8 had to share a queen-sized bed with a sibling. She slept so much better with a warm body next to her. Her quality of sleep is awful—she has been visiting me in the night since she was old enough to get out of a crib. Last year, when she shared a bed is the only stretch of time I’ve slept through the night since I started having kids. I know that lack of sleep makes her more difficult to live with on school days. Ideally, she would go to a school at 10am. I just bought a kit to make a weighted blanket. I’m hoping that will help her stay asleep at night.
  12. I’ve talked with her in the past about whether or not anyone is being mean to her and she says no. Today, I was driving her to school late, and asking more specific questions. Is your teacher mean? Is the lunch lady man? Is the school secretary mean?... she laughed at some of these. Then.. are any of the boys in your class mean to you? No. They just don’t interact with her. Are any of the girls in your class mean to you?... she refused to answer. Then when we got to the school she told me all about this one girl who is so mean to her, except when the teacher is around—then this girl is super nice and dd hates people like that more than anything (I have to agree). Then she begged and begged me not to make her go. Sigh... So I have something to work with, knowing the name of one girl who goes out of her way to be nasty. For school options, I have no desire to drive her to a different public school, and private is not an option. She has friends here and it’s a good school. She just hates going right now.
  13. I wish I knew!! She really can’t verbalize any problems other than, “I hate school and I never want to go again!!â€
  14. She filled out rating scales too, but she really doesn’t see anything. This is her second year teaching. Every other teacher at that school I’ve talked to says she’s a solid teacher, but I just see this young girl fresh out of college. Also, dd8 is 2e, so the giftedness probably masks symptoms at school. Dd has said that she hates sitting in her chair all day. She says she has a hard time paying attention and fidget toys help. She really wants a yoga ballot sit on, but the teacher doesn’t see a need for that (“she doesn’t have a problem staying in her seat.â€). I was so tempted to tell dd she needs to start popping out of her chair every time she feels like moving. Last year, dd’s teacher was a veteran teacher and she allowed kids to bring yoga balls in for chairs. I think the combination of flexible seating and a somewhat rigid teacher helped her be calmer.
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