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  1. @historymatters did you complete this course? Did you use the 9th edition or did you upgrade? Thanks!
  2. We will be traveling for the last upcoming gymnastics meets in PA and hopefully FL for DD3. We also will need to travel to move DD2 out of University in May and take DD3 to University in June for a summer program. It will be me traveling for these trips with the girls and we will be flying to all except PA. DD2 will also fly to AF Field Training this summer as well. Just waiting to hear when. Then in August as a family we have to get both daughters back to University. At this time we are hoping to be able to visit the Ark Encounter, but we will see how things are going overall.
  3. Gymnastics is hard and each child develops and gains new skill on their own timeline. So sorry your son is going through this! Can you find another gym?
  4. I thought these were good too Ozark The Queen's Gambit Bridgerton
  5. I am 6.5 hours post first Pfizer shot. My arm is noticeably sore but nothing too bad. I am the first in my immediate family to get the vaccine, hoping my DH will be next now that the J&J is approved.
  6. I second the FB group! We registered our daughter in Freshman year because she qualified for the highest level of competition, JO Nationals, and the coaching pool wanted a number. I just submitted her CCW’s Monday morning and she was certified “Early Academic Qualifier” with 15/16 courses approved by Thursday morning! She was also offered a spot on the gymnastics team at a school she loves on Thursday afternoon! Excited and relieved to be done with the whole process!
  7. DD got into: Calvin College (Merit scholarship) University of Minnesota (Merit Scholarship) University of Oklahoma (Merit Scholarship) *She has decided to attend U of Oklahoma on a full 4-year Air Force ROTC scholarship to study Physics. Her Merit aid will cover room & board 🙂 University of Michigan (Merit Scholarship) Missouri Science & Technology (Merit Scholarship)
  8. I'm an April too ? My kids are January, March, May, August, September ( hubby is September too), and November.
  9. DD #2 is taking two AP's this year in Lang/Comp and U.S. Gov't. Her softball team is traveling to a tournament in TN next week. Thankfully, a local private school has agreed to let her test with them so that she can go with the team. I think I am more stressed than her about it.
  10. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00T3CGD3E i went with the bigger 13”
  11. Yes, a replacement for the recalled laminator. I went with the bigger sized one.
  12. Definitely the two lines I put in bold print. My daughter missed class on day because we were traveling and I forgot to tell him. We got a personal email wondering where she was and detailing how she could listen to the lecture. Gifted teacher and I wish he was teaching the Advanced classes too so my daughter could continue with him.
  13. My 11th grader DD is completing the Physics class and we both are enjoying it. She needed to be accountable to someone else and the class provides the right amount of push for her. She enjoys physics and wants to be an Astrophysicist. The physics class is ran just as the chemistry Denise in IN described above.
  14. I was skeptical at first but glad we did go with one. Since last November my washer broke (twice) and was replaced, dryer broke and was fixed, dishwasher broke and was fixed. I am happy with our service and the professionals that come out for service.
  15. I would be interested to know which curriculum you used for this year (17-18) and what you plan for next
  16. Interesting...can you tell me more? My daughter is taking two exams this year, U.S. Government and English Language, at two different schools in different states. For the Government test she is testing in TN because her softball team is playing in a tournament there during testing week. The English test will be taken when she returns home. Any information would be helpful to know as this is her first time testing. Thanks!
  17. http://astablebeginning.com Homeschool blog
  18. This! “ I don't regret any of it-the time in the car, the travel, and even the money because life is short with kids at home and I always believed that God gave me these kids and gave them their talents and I had a duty to help them develop their talents to the best of my ability”. I have 5 children at home and all five play a sport. 2 gymnasts (Lv10 & my little one training Lv7 now), two softball players, and my boy just started teeball. The days are long and the money spent is mind boggling, but all the sacrifices are worth it in the end.
  19. Thanks for the reply JanetC! I will check out the examples you supplied. I was not referring to a college application, rather an academic resume, to give to the recruiters. After looking at the samples I think this what I need. Thank you again!
  20. My 9th grader is being scouted for collegiate gymnastics. Last weekend as a 1st year Lv10 gymnast she qualified to Junior Olympic Nationals (essentially the Lv10 Olympics) which is super exciting. At Nationals there is a huge recruiter section where we, through her coaches, deliver a package with her gymnastics and academic resume. Has anyone done an academic resume? Can you tell me what to include or provide a sample? Or should I just supply a copy of our school profile?
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