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  1. We went with Kerrie Childress with Excelsior Classes and couldn’t be happier!
  2. Sure! Spanish - HSA- 2x week live Chem, DC Eng, Computer Science- 1 x week live Alg 2- Asynchronous w D Owens AP Macro w PAH- asynchronous w daily assignments due Mon- Span Tue- Chem & Out half a day for music lessons Wed- no live Thurs- Span and English Friday - Computer * It May be the AP course that is throwing things for a loop since it has daily work due and big essays weekly. He works from 8-4 w about a 30-45 min lunch break.
  3. Yes they have done some evening and weekend work. In this situation it isn’t really the reading that is heavy but the assignments/writing. Maybe I am just frustrated that during the 1 1/2 hours they aren’t accomplishing anything off their to-do list and this is the first year we have taken all courses online. So when you add up all the hours they are sitting in class rather than working, it basically uses up a little more than a school day. Syllabi/assignment sheets are not being posted early so they can get ahead the weekend before on chapter reading so they still have to read the chapter after class that is discussed during class. Just wondering if there is a better balance between live online and regular at-home courses?
  4. Hi! I think our whole household finished week two of classes with our heads spinning. I haven’t let on to my teenage sons yet, but I think I might have overloaded them this year and am thinking of dropping one or two of their online courses and going another route with it. I ended up signing each of them up for 6 online classes each (5 live ones each ? plus Derek Owens math and an AP class for my oldest ??) I’d first like to say they absolutely LOVE the classes and the teachers. I also love the quality of the programs and the teachers. However, with each of the live ones taking up an hour and a half, that’s a full 7 1/2 hours of just being in class with no work being accomplished. Then each teacher assigns a full 5 days worth of fairly heavy assignments. Im just worried about them being under TOO much pressure. The last two weeks have been exhausting even for me and I just don’t know that I made the right decision due to the high volume of class work required after the 1 1/2 hour of class time. I can’t make the number of hours stretch out enough on paper. Plus I know my oldest needs to start some SAT prep study. I have always been an on-task academically minded homeschool mom but perhaps I’ve taken it too far this year. How do you know if you have? The kids struggled this week to even have a moment to breathe but I do want to push them acadmically since they are older but not make them miserable and completely overwhelmed. How much is too much in your experience doing online coursework?
  5. Evanthe, a lot of what they told you they wanted is almost the opposite of what’s i am having my son do and also what I planned on doing on his transcript based on the colleges I’ve spoke to. Do you mind me asking what University it is you met with? Feel free to PM me instead of posting if you’d feel more comfortable. I’d just like to see if it is one that my son is interested in so I can keep their requirements in mind.
  6. RootAnn -- thank you for your reply. I did see your review as well as the art one. I was just hoping I'd get a little more feedback as I am having a terrible time trying to decide on a chemistry course and a history one. Thanks again.
  7. Hi! Just wondering if anyone has taken classes through a place called Excelsior and if so can you give us a review of the class you took? I have been looking at some of their science and history classes as well as electives.
  8. Good morning, I was looking at having my DS take the PAH AP Macro class in the fall and self-study for Micro in the Spring because I saw that the majority of people were not signing up for AP Micro through PAH. Today I stumbled on info that Mr. Burns, the PAH Micro teacher, is teaching a full year of AP Macro and Micro through TPS. So, now I'm wondering is it the subject matter that causes people not to take AP Micro and instead self-study, is it the teacher? Anyone have experience taking it with this teacher or through TPS? I've found very few reviews for any courses at all through TPS so that is also perplexing to me. Any reason why?
  9. Thanks so much everyone for your reviews. I had not been able to find anyone who had taken his courses, so I didn't have a way to compare them to other classes I was considering for my children. Sounds like they are extremely heavy in work load though as some of the courses I have found, would that be accurate?
  10. Did anyone take the online courses offered by Jay Wile this last year? Looking for some reviews.
  11. How would you add this course to a transcript? My child finished a semester of DO honors physics and then due to time restraints/finances completed the remainder of the year using the textbook at home.
  12. historymatters - has your son already had a course with her? Thanks for the feedback on the teacher. That's very helpful as I try to plan.
  13. Is anyone planning on having their children take the dual credit course through Excelsior Classes? If so, how old is your child? Debating having mine enrolled but since I haven't seen much talk of it on here it makes me uncertain.
  14. In my "former" life I was a career counselor and I've considered putting together a course to offer online, but I've never been certain this would be something people would be interested in of if there was already an abundance of resources out there.
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