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  1. Yes, I made DD read these before she was allowed to see the movie when it came out. It was her first movie!
  2. We started with chores last year and I think our school start time got pushed back too far. This year we are doing more afternoon/evening chores.
  3. After all I money I spend there, I'd like some free stuff. Lol!
  4. I don't believe in "preschool." It is an invention of the modern world, and really, of the modern world since, oh, 1970. I wonder how children ever learned anything over the past several thousand years without it? I do believe in preschool. Some Moms can't or won't do anything with their kids. Lots of Moms work. Preschool or early ed is super important for lots of kids. My 3rd is a slower learner. She was in 4k last year so that I could get school done with the older kids (while pg). I needed all my energy focused onto them. She had a great time and was in a class with 5 kids so practically one on one time. This year we are doing light K and she is still learning her letters. It's still so so. But she is also learning lots and is more prepared for school time. I expect she will be ready for learning to read mid way through the year. Now, if she were in K this year at school she would have been behind. I would just wait til next yr and start again. Don't forget to do lots of things like magnet letters, tracing in cornmeal, and just reading letters sounds a lot. It will sink in.
  5. I don't think anyone has asked this, but what are your kids doing? In my estimation you have at least 3 people available to clean the house. We are schooling from 9-3, M-TR. We have activities almost everyday. DD 1 is in charge of breakfast while Ds and I begin chores. DD 2 is our bedmaker and does shoe duty (mudroom) and helps Ds with dishes. DD 1 also sweeps the kitchen. I start and fold laundry with Dd2's help. I also wipe down bathroom, empty trash, etc. Get dinner or lunch started. Once a week we dust and vacuum and mop. An hr a day with 3 people is all you would need, IMO.
  6. You have an 18 yr old going to college right? In this case college is the only option:) Sorry buy a car when your kids are out of college.
  7. Yes and no. Within reason. I know people who have a hard time supporting their children and the kids only get to do things because of Grandparents. For me it's more about emotional capacity and what kind of lifestyle you want. Part of me would have been fine with just 2. We have 4. I see the pleasure in both. My big issue is I wish I had started earlier having kids.
  8. It's in full swing! -fabric ready to sell online -hs books to sell -donating books -fall clothes to consignment and donations -various baby stuff being donated or sold My fall goal is to purge the kitchen.
  9. My parents live in Holland and it's awesome there, very family friendly.
  10. I'm in the process of painting it white now...bright, bright, bright!
  11. Another tried and failed here. I go by week and maybe a month and that ends up working.
  12. So I've decided on a set time schedule, goals for each kid and each subject. I have an idea of how it will go, but I too, have a ton of stuff I want to accomplish. I "plan" to have an idea of how it will go after the first few weeks. We are working HARD M-TR and then Friday is a fill in of stuff we wanted to do but weren't able to during the week. Think about what you want to accomplish from each subject and draw from their. Example Shakespeare: do you want then to read a bunch of plays? Memorize lines, know his biography? I would concentrate on a bit of memory work and read two plays and REALLY dig into them. They have plenty of time to get more Shakespeare later.
  13. No. My 7 yr old is required 15 minutes a day. Maybe 4 times a week. They always practice the day of the lesson anyway for some reason. He has taken for exactly one year and has moved along very rapidly. He went through four levels so he's in a bit of a slump, no problem, it's just 15 min. My dd at almost 10 has put in 3.5 years. She doesn't need me to require any practicing, it's all self-motivated. She's finishing level of Faber. I don't know if they'll want a career in music at this point, but I want them to love it and so it need to mostly come from them. If I have to force it too much, for too long, we might need to stop.
  14. We had some in a rental house once, we moved. We had major water damage from our bump out (roof) leaking upstairs and had to replace the ceiling with new drywall. There wasn't any mold, but I feel like upstairs is so muggy sometimes. I think I'm calling someone to check out the attic and make sure there isn't any mold. Good luck!
  15. I feel that way doing dishes, cleaning. I have to "rock it out" or I just wander off and do something else. As far as reading goes, maybe you're just not a big reader. Maybe you are an info person. I could read all day if I was allowed, but write out Latin declensions...snooze. Neither are bad to be so let yourself off the hook, maybe you just read for info and don't need to read for pleasure.
  16. Hmm..we bought a table and chairs made by a local guy and have had it for 4 years our kids are hard on it. We have used it for school and everything under the sun. It was $400. I expect to have the table for.ever. but the chairs will likely need maintenance at one point. For $600-700 I would expect at least 10 years.
  17. I actually do think 50 will be good. I didn't mind 30 at all. But 40 has been hard. It's getting better and I think I'm seeing things more clearly in the past few weeks. I was pregnant during my 40th b-day and frankly felt done and di not want to start over. Much prayer and grace was given and I have the easiest baby ever, at least out of my 4. I still struggle with the we have the 5-10 set and how smooth that had become thoughts, but it's only what I make it and I think having her in some ways has motivated me more. I'm taking what's mine now and finding a bit more direction with some things I'd lost these last 10 years. By 41 I think I'll have this 40 thing down:)
  18. We do piano all year. I took off one summer in the beginning with dd, but it was due to her age. Our teacher also depends on the income and his (oppressive)university only allows him to teach so many students; it's hard to opt out or he'll have to find new students.
  19. I am getting ready to paint our 4th hsing room! I'm about to try and carve out a space...AGAIN. We have 5 bedrooms plus a den, but school always ends up in the kitchen and my stuff is spread. out. everywhere. Since I have 3 this year and a baby I have to get serious about everything organized and in it's place, um in ONE place!
  20. I have to start this tonight. I signed up last month and have had all kinds of crazy this week so glad it's set up this way so you can work around your schedule and still get everything out of it.
  21. Up until recently it wasn't a problem, but now I'm a bit more budget conscious so I'm using only money from selling curriculum. I also spread out the purchases so I was finished when the fiscal change began. Now I will set aside a bit each month to make purchases.
  22. I haven't read the above responses, but when my dd was that age she was reading an over an 8th grade level, but wasn't reading that much on her own. She is very science oriented and was always more interested in building, exploring, crafting, experimenting, etc. My dh and I were at a loss at first because as BIG TIME readers we didn't quite get it, but I just implemented afternoon reading time and it just grew from there. She is still very busy, but reads during reading time and for at least an hour at bedtime. Lately I've been catching her up reading WAY past lights out. I think it's a maturity issue sometimes as well, they're still very consumed with active play at 8. My dd is 10 now.
  23. My dh is 4 yrs older. I was engaged to a man 9 yrs older and dated men 10, 12, and 17 years older. One was only 5 yrs younger than my parents, glad that didn't work out, AWKWARD.
  24. We're using Mapping the World with Art as well and I can't wait. We will also be using a couple of geography cards games and the game Where in The World? as supplements.
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