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  1. We are excited and nervous at the same time. Seton had it's place - more for my peace of mind than hers. Yep...I have a high schooler now! It's crazy!
  2. I have tried deleting the photo and uploading a photo again. I have tried using my gravatar, which will work, but then when I try to upload my new picture, it finds the OLD photo, which is a horrible photo, 40 lbs heavier than I am now, and I really want to delete it, but it won't go away! Yes, the new one is under 50kb. Any advice?
  3. I have done 4 Stitch Fixes now. The first box I liked 3/5, the second 1/5, the third I sent back, and the fourth I liked 2/5. I find them rather over priced, but I did find items that look really good on me, fit well, and they are styles I never would have thought of. That's good - and I enjoy them. I just hope that I want at least 1 thing so I don't lose my styling fee!
  4. Hi everyone! I have been perusing the site and seeing quite a few new faces, and not many user names of people I still know - but I know you're out there! I am Susan, homeschooling Mom of Melissa, 14 years old and getting ready to start High School. Since I have been a gone, we have decided to "drop the box" of Seton and enrollment and go out a bit on our own this coming year. Funny, when we SHOULD have been experimenting, I was too afraid to do so. Now that she's in High School - I start. Hey, perhaps I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box, but I really think this is the right decision, although rather scary for me. We live in Las Vegas, where the school system is abysmal. There is not an option that we find palatable to put her in any type of schooling here, so we continue to home school through the dreaded High School years. I look forward to meeting new faces and get/give support on this journey!
  5. Just let them start discovering it on their own! The beauty of it is the creativity!
  6. I am well, how are you? We bought a house and have been really busy with my IL's as well. Still fully enrolled with Seton and Melissa will be in 7th grade next year. She's a tween now. Nuff said. LOL I'm not hanging around here much anymore because I'm really not a classical educator and I use a box...there's not much discussion around for gals like me.
  7. Man, I can tell you, if someone writes one, they will make a FORTUNE!!!!! I can't tell you how many Christians I know that use YE texts and just redact or use OE texts and add God in...to have both would SOOO be a win win!!! I haven't found one yet.
  8. Is there any appreciable difference in content between the two? I have Saxon 7/6 2nd edition and I am having a heck of a time finding the answer key and test booklet, and they don't even make a DIVE or Saxon Teacher CD for it. I am considering selling the 2nd edition I have and purchasing the Home School Edition - but I don't know how the content differs.
  9. Very true!!! While I define who I am by my relationship with Christ, I do not wish to be judged by the lowest common denominator bad examples of my faith, which it seems like people tend to do. Just as I don't want to be defined by those home schoolers who don't take it seriously, I don't want to be defined by those who either never understood their faith and left it, took someone's "word for it" that was wrong, or never made a serious effort to learn what it really teaches. The most infuriating thing about faith is to have to listen to someone who is not of the faith tell someone who IS of the faith what they believe. It is the height of arrogance to think that you know better than someone who lives it, breathes it, studies it, and knows it.
  10. I know - WOW!!!! Such vileness and nasty fighting!! EEK! :confused1:
  11. I never heard it until I went online in home schooling circles. It's not even discussed in our real life home school group of friends. Young Earth proponents believe in a literal 7 day creation (each day being 24 hours long just like today) in the order and literal word of Genesis in the Bible. Through a Bishop's study (I totally blanked on his name) who followed the lineage listed in the Bible, he came up with a Creation Date of the Earth and how old it is - which is approximately 6000 years old. Some also believe that fossils were placed there by God to test our faith. Old Earth is the model in which the proponents believe that the earth is very old, as evidenced by fossils, by the age of the rocks tested, by the evolutionary theory, along with many other reasons. There are many facets in each side, which makes it even more confusing. I believe God created the Heavens and the Earth and everything contained within it. I believe He is an active God who interacts with his people. i don't believe we know for certain how old the earth is, and to me, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that God created all. Nothing else is a matter of salvation or theology for me. I call myself an Old Earth Creationist. I don't like that the minute you say you are a "creationist" that people assume that you are a Young Earth literalist. They actually are a minority of the thought, but the most vocal.
  12. I'm sorry, but I no longer have the book, so I can't give you the exact wording. IIRC, It had to do with fusion and how the sun works and they way they described it was written in such a way to support young earth, young universe thought, not how it actually is known to work. Flying Creatures is the other book I used, and it bothered me that in the text they talked about dinosaurs and pterodactyls on the ark. My biggest issue is the assumptive tone that their perception of the earth is correct and anyone else needs to be educated out of our blindness about it. They say things with a derisive tone like, "those who believe in... but those of us who know..." kind of wording. I got sick of redacting and discussing the differences in thought. We didn't even finish the book.
  13. Yes, that is the Catholic teaching and what I believe as well. I just don't feel the science of what I have seen is solid - especially the Astronomy book. There were many instances where my Astronomy buff husband cringed at how things were explained - especially the sun. Also, the "Creation Confirmation" parts just showed me how much these books are "evangelical tools" FIRST, then science books. As much as I love my Lord, and honor his creation, I have to honor that my science books need to be science minded! And I'm saying this as a former "evangelist" for the Apologia books. I thought they were amazing from what I saw and what people said - and maybe they are in the older grades, but of the two we did, I was left less than impressed. :(
  14. This is us as well. The Astronomy book killed it for our family. We will have to decide in High school what to do as Seton uses Apologia for their high school courses, and I don't like their alternatives.
  15. Ha ha - I guess I'm the odd Catholic out. We ADORE Seton's History here. We don't find it dry in the least. It reads like an adventure story in the 4th - 6th grade especially! We also LOVE LOVE LOVE SEton's 4th Grade Science and can't wait to see what their new Science for Young Catholics for 7th grade is like!
  16. I don't think it's crazy, but I'm one of those crazy box types that could never do this because I would be afraid to lose the momentum in the other subjects. If you blog, I'd love to read about your experience of doing this though! :)
  17. Sure! The reading comprehension is a story, and it usually is on the same person for the entire book, but seperated into one page bites. The child reads it and answers questions at the end - about 5-8 per page. They do one page at a time, 3-5 per week. The thinking skills is different in that it does have stories to read and comprehension questions to answer, but they also have practice in answering true/false and multiple choice questions about mechanics and deeper meanings that aren't directly in the story, but need to use the skill of inference. There are also venn diagrams, vocabulary fill ins (with word banks), word context, distinguishing fact from opinion, word classifications, following directions, synonyms, antonyms, analogies, logic puzzles, etc... I find the Thinking Skills an invaluable source myself. If you feel the need to skip one, and you are already doing some kind of reading comprehension - Keep Thinking Skills!
  18. If you use the lesson plans, you will see that they don't do them concurrently. We are doing Comprehension the first and second quarters and thinking skills the third and fourth.
  19. Thank you. It was something I saw on a FB Meme a few months ago and it really hit me hard as well!
  20. I hadn't seen the early grades. She started it in 5th grade. It's by the Jesuits, and it's pretty good in the older grades. It IS heavy on Social Justice, which is a charism of the Jesuits. If I saw that, I would be talking to the teacher and finding out how they can get out of that one! LOL - ridiculous.
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