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  1. My surviving twins were born at 35 weeks exactly. I had a graco duo glider with twin infant car seats that also worked well when they were a little older. It folded down with one hand, which was huge back then.
  2. Best wishes for mild cases for all effected.
  3. I don't store iron well. I have been most successful since I changed to an every other day schedule this year. I take ~200mg of elemental iron every other morning with OJ, on an empty stomach. I take a combination of Thorne Ferrasorb (cofactors are important), their plain Iron Bisglycinate, and Novaferrum polysaccharide iron complex (each have a specific role in anemia). New research goes into detail about how the hepcidin response influences absorption so large doses in first thing in the morning, but every other day capitalize on absorption when it's most effective. Here is one article, an
  4. Sending lots of positive thoughts and well wishes for your DS.
  5. We've had ours. We get them the middle of September every year. (Not sure how to put that in the poll so I voted that we will.)
  6. I am waiting to hear what this means for the state, and things like K-12. All I keep hearing is that everyone can ditch their "face diaper" which is very concerning with our numbers and hospitalizations inching up. Our seven day average is back where it was in April, luckily hospitalizations aren't at that level.
  7. Elective medical procedures resumed by the beginning of June. This wasn't in response to a lawsuit, which was the confusing part to me. They simply addressed the question by request.
  8. I'll just leave this here. https://www.wxyz.com/news/coronavirus/michigan-supreme-court-rules-whitmer-didnt-have-authority-to-issue-covid-19-orders-after-april-30
  9. So why are all these people, that were in contact with those testing positive, "allowed" to decline to quarantine because they tested negative that day?
  10. That was a poorly worded headline I saw a few days ago. Speculation that it was mutating to become more contagious. https://nypost.com/2020/09/24/covid-19-mutation-may-be-evolving-to-bypass-masks-hand-washing/
  11. Those of us in healthcare are usually very careful with hours since diagnosis, we don't just estimate, so this is concerning.
  12. The presidents doctor just said 72 hours ago in the update to reporters.
  13. I'm sure much of it is regional. All the big hospitals here worked with the outbreak we had in Michigan earlier this year. All of their precautions are very much in place.
  14. I've been to medical facilities under three separate large hospitals since covid hit. Every single doctor (so 12 to date) has worn a N-95 mask. In two of my doctors offices they are standard for all staff, from the receptionist to the lab person. I would have walked right out the door. I'm glad you filed a complaint. I hope you find someone better.
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