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  1. They just closed down all indoor bars in the lower portions of Michigan. I posted yesterday about the current outbreaks related to indoor bars. It needed to happen. In my hometown they aren't following the rules, at all. The local owner and manager of one bar doesn't "believe" in masks, therefore no one on the premises wears them.
  2. We now have 107 cases linked to Harper's bar in East Lansing. 40% are MSU college students or recent graduates. I can't believe they think sending teens back to college will go any differently as the health department determined they were abiding by all opening guidelines. Those students come from 13 different counties around the state.
  3. If they have quarantined for two weeks I would not. You'd potentially put them at more risk having them tested.
  4. We are waiting. Our company is talking about making exceptions on the FSA accounts for this year.
  5. I'm doing okay with my reading challenge, with 55/100 books read, but it was iffy for a while. I had a whole month that I didn't read anything. I finally delved into some rereads of favorite authors and that has gotten me out of my funk, mostly. I finished the Elemental Legacy books this last week with her latest in the series Dawn Caravan. I really enjoy Elizabeth Hunter and all she writes. I finished rereading The Hollows in preparation for American Demon, but I'm still putting it off. I'm read the first 40 pages and realized I'm just not in the right frame of mind to give it the attention it deserves.
  6. Don't set yourself up for that disappointment. My husband spent 20 years waiting for his mother to be able to spend time with her grandchildren. My children were never allowed in my MIL's house by my rules. All you can do is set boundaries for your own health.
  7. We have both Siri (for me) and Alexa/Echo (for the kids). My iPhone, Home Pod, and Apple Watch all listen for Siri and recognize my voice. It's give and take as they are a security measure with my fall history. If I don't want 911 they can call my DH or my kids when asked. I do disconnect the internet for Alexa/Echo unless I want them in use, but Siri stays.
  8. In a way I think it depends on if you are looking at individual states, or the country as a whole. As a nation we haven't had a significant decrease in cases to meet the widely interpreted medical definition of a second wave, which requires a decrease in cases, while some individual states have certainly met that definition. At the same time some are interpreting the change in population, the shift from elderly to younger people, as a second wave regardless of the case count. COVID isn't fitting into established boxes very well.
  9. We haven't gotten through the first wave, so I'm really not sure about all the talk about a second. Cases counts at the end of last week rivaled those in early April.
  10. I missed a post. They are gorgeous!
  11. I love Yin Yoga for when I'm in pain. It's gentle, mostly done on the floor with lots of props, and often includes some meditation or calm soothing music.
  12. 1/3 of Michigan educators have said they may not return this fall due to COVID. The cut to our district alone in funding is over 3 million dollars, and we are a small district. They did state at the last meeting that they were advised to get their PPE order in and have spent $50,000 on that, but the recommendations from the state won't be released until June 30th, so we have a bit before more will be known. There are a few school districts that have already announced on-line only education for the fall because they don't consider masks and social distancing something they can maintain.
  13. I started listening to American Demon (The Hollows #14) by Kim Harrison tonight. I quickly realized that book 14 is not the place to begin an audible series. ☺️ Morgan just doesn't sound right after creating her voice in my head for the last 13 books. Now I will have to wait to begin reading until later this week. Bummer!
  14. No, just no. If I get it and die we're not okay, my family is not okay.
  15. Nothing cultural is open and every summer event that we would locally have, powerboat races, fireworks, fairs, carnivals, everything is cancelled. None of the pools are open so people are really concerned about kids in the river with high water levels. (Because of the shut down, no one could get lifeguards this late in the season even though the restriction for outdoor pools has been lifted.) We do however take the Jeep for a ride somewhere almost every day, and boating has returned to our area.
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