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  1. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/johnson--johnson-announces-single-shot-janssen-covid-19-vaccine-candidate-met-primary-endpoints-in-interim-analysis-of-its-phase-3-ensemble-trial-301218035.html
  2. The information I've seen shows the effectiveness for J&J in severe covid to be 85%, and that jumps to 100% after day 49. Pfizer is only 90% effective in severe covid. On the flip side we have no actually efficacy rates in the new variants (except UK in Pfizer) for the mRNA vaccines, we have predictions and impacts on antibodies, but not what those actually translate to.
  3. The other thing to think about, when you have time, is CBT therapy. DC is working through Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think right now in therapy. The advantage you have is that if DH has medications that work, a psychiatrist may try those or similar medications first. My sister is bipolar, so we tried medications that were part of her combination first. My DC takes the same NDRI, and the same mood stabilizer. My sister takes a high dose anticonvulsant and my DC takes an atypical antipsychotic.
  4. I'll just step in to say I'm sick of shopping and food prep so I I agree with you. All of my children are old enough to fend for themselves, so I took a break. I haven't cooked in days. I feel so much better. My kids fended for themselves from the freezer for two days (there is always food to cook), the older teens took turns making dinner for two days, my youngest made plain cupcakes, and they all pooled their money and got a contactless pizza delivery together tonight. I realized I need to do this more often. It's good for them.
  5. In addition to my upstairs pantry I have three large metal wire shelving units in my basement. They are ceiling to floor and great for rotation. I also use 5# buckets with gamma seals for flour, sugar, and other dry staples. Toilet paper and paper towels are stacked between a space I created when configuring the shelves. Extra stash is in a storage room. I shop twice a month, so yes, we normally have a large stash for our family. I would be putting sauce on a list at 6 jars. 😉
  6. My DC had genetic metabolic testing done. Most genetic testing isn't relevant to mental health treatment at this time but the exception can be the few genes that influence drug metabolism. There are specific tests that are showing promising results, one can search the NEJM for specifics as some new studies have been released since the Harvard Study dated 2019. I'm sure this field will grow in the future. The testing didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know, but reinforced it. My teen has been in therapy for years, has bloodwork done regularly, and takes a variety of supp
  7. The update from the FDA vaccine meeting also mentioned the variants. From one of the epidemiologist I follow (the bolding is mine) Update on Variants in the United States An epidemiologist at the CDC (Adam MacNeil) updated us on three variants circulating in the U.S.: B.1.1.7 (UK); B.1.135 (South Africa); and P.1 (Brazil). But, if you’ve been following my newsletter, he didn’t present anything we didn’t already know. -Variants are widespread -B.1.135 and P.1 are worrisome because they can overcome immunity, like seen in Zambia and Manaus -To have 95% chance of identifying
  8. I physically shop in Sam's Club or the local grocery store. I curbside pickup from other stores. I have yet to shop and see all the shelves filled (whole isles are often empty), or pickup an order and not have multiple things missing without substitutions available, so I think some of this must be regional. This is actually the time of year that I do most of my non-perishable stock shopping.
  9. I asked my DC with the above conditions what advice they would have for you and was told, "find a really good psychiatrist, and be willing to listen to their advice. Meds can be so important. They changed my life. Day-to-day can still be a struggle, but they've improved my quality of life SO much." DC takes one each of the meds I listed, and it took many attempts (one allergic reaction, and one negative side effect) to find the proper combination. Feel free to PM.
  10. I'm coming back to add, do your research, be very aware about what meds you are giving a teen, but realize that you may very well be looking at atypical antipsychotics and mood stabilizers, not just SSRI's, for this combination of symptoms/behavior.
  11. There are a number of countries that have halted giving the AstaZeneca vaccine to those 65+. They state a lack of data in that age group. Indonesia isn't vaccinating the elderly population and news list various reasons, the most common being the economy, but the vaccine that they are using wasn't studied in those 59+. I know of no country that halted vaccinations because of concerns about deaths in the elderly. Norway studied it, and deemed no link.
  12. They are already self-medicating, that's what substance abuse becomes for many with mental health issues. Self-harm won't just resolve and becomes a tight walk with suicidal attempts. I agree with everything stated above, how can you not? We have a history of self-medicating in our family, and a child who has a history of self-harm. My suggestion is to find a very well regarded psychiatrist. They are not all created equally. Realize that young adults often take a combination of medications for different symptoms, and it may take a while to find the right medication, or medication combina
  13. I did my best to make a general statement, maybe I shouldn't have quoted to prevent this, but the amount of misconception and flat out false information that persists, even here on these forums, amazes me every day.
  14. There are many misconceptions related to the use of fetal cells and mRNA vaccines, so this isn't directed necessarily to you, but to clear up those common misconceptions. MRNA vaccines do NOT contain fetal cells, full stop. They were NOT used in the manufacturing of the mRNA vaccines. They used fetal cells to test that the vaccines worked before they started human trials. Fetal cells are NOT the same thing as fetal tissue cells. Fetal cells are grown in a lab and are thousands of generations removed from the original cells that date back to 1973. I am sorry that this makes the covid vaccine
  15. I remember reading about that on Facebook as the day went on, surreal was all I could think of. At least the doses didn't go to waste from what I read.
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