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  1. I can't believe we're a year into this and still debating masks.
  2. Here is what I refer to currently with regards to children and long haul covid. We definitely are in need of good data. https://yourlocalepidemiologist.substack.com/p/children-account-for-224-of-covid (I apologize if it's already been linked. I'm not going to have time to go back over the entire thread.) We continue to mask. That won't change for a while as I'm immunocompromised although my DS13 has gotten his first shot.
  3. Be careful, Nintendo Switches tend to multiply. 😉 One became, two, two became three, three became four, you get the pattern. The more you have, the more people can play a game online together. 🙂
  4. This is my understand as well. The other thing is that next years flu vaccines are often determined by the current season. With it non-existent because of the record setting flu vaccine uptake and lockdowns on travel there really wasn't a flu season to base this decision on.
  5. DC18 (twins) have gotten both Pfizer shots, including my child with MCAS. No issues, sore arms and tired after the second shot. My DS16 had one dose of Pfizer, slightly sore arm with second dose next week. Can't wait for my DS13 so all seven of us will be done...🤞
  6. I thought I wanted one and then ended up with a 12 pro. Make sure you get your hands on both before you decide. 🙂
  7. My understanding is that we know what levels to look at from those that have received BAM infusions, but that we don't yet know what levels we are looking for when testing for the spike protein antibodies after vaccine in the general population.
  8. It's been a month now since my second Moderna vaccine. I don't have any change in my tinnitus. I'm on a cancellation list to see an audiologist, otherwise that's a few weeks away yet. I spend little time on the FB group. The polls show most of these people had existing tinnitus, and it's become very anti-vaccine lately. I'm following to hear about the specialist from Mayo that also has tinnitus post-vaccine to find out if he had any suggestions. There do seem to be a lot of people lately with success stories and recoveries. There are also a variety of conditions, including those w
  9. Congratulations on your degree! I hope surgery went well and you recover quickly.
  10. I'm on the border. Closed for non-essential travel is definitely a misnomer. There is plenty of travel, even with the risk of such a steep fine. I'm surprised they haven't announced an extension yet, the current closure is supposed to expire in just a few days.
  11. I will certainly agree with you, and it's sad to see other others following in Michigan's footsteps. The rationale behind decisions is maddening. Our hospitals are at 48% covid, and our local hospitals are full, but there are a beds somewhere in the state, so it isn't bad. 🙄 Our schools opened this week because my county went from 30%+ to 28% positivity and standardized testing is scheduled for this week. 🤬
  12. I believe this was answered up thread, if not let me know. IB targets iron stores, while polysaccharide targets hemoglobin. I also recently was changed from daily iron to both formulations, once in the morning, every other day, because of the gateway that allows iron absorption. My numbers change faster with this change than they ever have before. We vary the ratio dependent on my bloodwork. That said, I take 200mg of elemental iron total, every other day.
  13. I take a combination of Thorne Ferrasorb and Novaferrum capsules. They are two different types. If you are not anemic I would stick with a bisglycinate. The polysaccharide formulations tend to target your hemoglobin, which you wouldn't need.
  14. We only have numbers for CVST for background comparison. We don't have the numbers for CSVT with thrombocytopenia in order to tell if the vaccines are indeed an increase in risk. We don't have good diagnosis criteria established for doctors to be watching for.
  15. I finished my first 13 week plan, but have been off a bit waiting for a new leg brace and getting through the associated high tone. My fitting is Tuesday so I plan to start another 13 weeks. Congrats on your success!
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