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  1. I am still using a combination of books and audiobooks. I usually listen to new books on audiobook, because if it's a book, I have to read it through more than once to retain it well. So for example, I read the Circle of the Moon ARC three times in order to retain the story well and then still listened to the audiobook after it was released. I try to keep my rereads to actual books. I also use the Kindle app to read to me and have text to speech on all my devices, so sometimes it's a combination. It's still a work in progress. 🙂
  2. Patricia Briggs might be my next series to reread, it took me way to long to remember what River Marked was about. 😊 Since I last updated I finished my reread of the psy/changeling with Ocean Light, so I'm all ready for June! I also finished Grave Destiny (Alex Craft #6) by Kalayna Price, whom I was introduced to by this group. I wasn't sure I liked where the series was headed after the last book, I was definitively on the side of Team Death, but I was very pleasantly surprised by the twists this book took. Ugh! The ending. 🤐 I may have to consider revamping my reading challenge goals for this year. It's been three years since my accident on New Year's Day 2016, and I just received the go ahead from my entire medical team for a service dog, so it sounds like we will be pretty busy for a little bit if we are to see this to fruition. 🐩
  3. Robin, I'm glad to hear your Dad is doing well after surgery. I can't wait for your review on Wild Country. I still haven't gone back to that one. I haven't gotten very far this last week. I'm one book closer in my Psy/Changeling reread, finishing Shards of Hope. I read Faking Forever (First Wives #4) by Catherine Bybee, which is a spin off of her Weekday Brides Series. It wasn't my favorite, but it was a nice break and a quick read. (I enjoy Catherine Bybee as part of the Amazon Unlimited library whenever I need a quick light read.) All the talk last week about Marie Force reminded me of her newest release, so I finished Fatal Reckoning (Fatal #14). If you've been following the series you really want to read this book. Sam Holland's father, Skip, succumbs to his injuries, and the hunt is on to find his killer. There are lots of twists and turns, not all of which I saw coming. (It was finished up right after Marie Force buried her own father, and there were times I just want to cry, so be forewarned.)
  4. I haven't checked in for a while so here goes. (I confess I am behind with reading this year and actually went most of January without reading anything at all. ) I finished off some last in series: Summoned to Thirteenth Grave by Darynda Jones was a bittersweet ending to this series arc. Free by Kristen Ashley finished up the Chaos series for those that like sexy motorcycle club members. I read a few favorite authors: Circle of the Moon (Soulwood #4) by Faith Hunter released, and even though I'd already read the ARC I went back and listened to the audible version. The narrator is awesome! Crucible (Sigma Force #14) by James Rollins was another fast paced story with some scary implications for AI that I don't want to think to much about. Connections in Death (In Death #48) by J.D. Robb was awesome as always. I went back and reread this entire series after my fall because I couldn't remember the good stuff! Eve just grows on you. I have Wild Country (World of the Others #2) by Anne Bishop on audible, but I'm having some trouble getting into the story with all the new, or only slightly known characters. Instead, I've gotten sidetracked doing a reread of Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling Series (disregard the first link from another author that shouldn't be there). I'm currently on Shield of Winter. The next in the series, Wolf Rain comes out in June, so I should be prepared.
  5. I would get two pairs. I have regular distance glasses, bifocals for reading, and computer glasses.
  6. I haven't read all the posts, but I brought this topic up on this board back in August. I have two standard poodles, and a golden retriever/standard poodle mix. I fed Orijen Large Breed Puppy food to all my dogs as puppies, followed by Acana foods until Champion moved the plant to the US, then I fed Orijen Original. All our dogs tested low for taurine back in August. Our doodle is believed to have TD-DCM. (It won't be verified until he shows improvement on the new diet.) One poodle was borderline, the other has a normal pro-BNP (under 400). All three dogs were put on taurine and l-caritine, and their diet was changed. When this issue first came to light with golden retrievers it was believed to be caused by decreased taurine levels. Many pet food companies responded by adding taurine to foods. Dogs continued to be diagnosed with normal taurine levels. Now the majority of dogs diagnosed at Tufts have normal taurine levels. Taurine was believed to be the canary in the coal mine. The exact mechanism of action is still being studied. The FDA and Tufts released ingredients they encourage people to avoid including peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and all legumes while research is ongoing. Unless there is a medical need for it they are suggesting dogs avoid grain-free foods with those ingredients. Cardiologists researching the issue put out the recommendation that dogs be changed to a diet that meets the WSAVA guidelines, which is a word wide group of small animal veterinarians. They are not seeing cases on those foods, and those foods are being shown to reverse the condition in dogs being treated as part of a comprehensive treatment approach. Those guidelines include nutritionists formulating foods, owning manufacturing companies, performing clinical feeding trials, performing peer reviewed research, and a number of things already mentioned in the link further up on this thread. Late last year a number of veterinarians took the time to contact and ask all the WSAVA questions of companies manufacturing foods. Based on their comments the only foods that meet all of the guidelines are the big four. There are other companies that are making changes to eventually meet those requirements, and companies that are just getting really smooth with their responses. Our cardiologist office says they diagnose a number of dogs a day with condition, so I think we will see more as research continues. My basic understanding is that grain-free in and of itself wasn't an issue for years, but in an attempt to formulate more economically for a larger profit many grain-free companies began increasing the amount of pea and legume products that they use (one can read about the excess of these crops coming in from Canada to meet this need). This allowed for an overall higher protein level and a more "human" sounding ingredient list. The problem came in when companies began using these ingredients based on a formula, without the knowledge to do so, without researching their impacts on nutritional profiles, and without feeding trials. I encourage everyone to keep an eye on the emerging research and I hope that it will have a positive impact on what we expect from dog food companies in the future.
  7. We have five calendar days from the semester start date to add/drop. After that they take a W.
  8. I have one graduating with three degrees this year, with two W's. One the middle college failed to review her classes and notify us that they did not want kids taking a philosophy class because the professor failed all the middle college kids. One was her own fault and failure to make sure she reviewed the professor before signing up. She retook the class the next semester with a different professor and got a solid B, so there may be a policy where the one overrides the other, I'd have to check. Overall she has a high GPA and had to fill out detailed paperwork on why she was dropping a class signed by numerous people, so there is a record of why that can be forwarded to answer any questions a college may have. I'm not concerned. I have another child taking a W in 10th grade. The prerequisites didn't state the level of math required for the class, outside of the lab which we didn't sign up for. It isn't reasonable and we have discussed it with both the middle college and the main campus. They plan to update the prerequisites. We will be very careful in scheduling for this child to eliminate the need for an additional W in the future. Add/drop ends at the end of the first week, so after the first or second class, depending on how often they meet. After that time all students take a W.
  9. The problem we have is that, as of this year, the kids are no longer supposed to ask questions about homework in class for the teacher's input. They are supposed to direct all questions to the discussion board for other kids to answer. The teacher will present the new information, and rarely take very limited questions regarding it. In my sons words, he has a live lecture only, which is not what we are looking for at that price point. Last year the class was much more interactive.
  10. I've decided that the discussion boards are a deal breaker for us in the math classes at WHA. I'm still upset that I spent the additional fee to add my student as an 8th grader and then they changed this, so I'm debating if I should try to recoup some of that by having DS take the Fundamentals of Academic Writing next year. Can someone share the average course load and amount of Chrisitan content for this class.
  11. Your DD's story sounds so familiar. We finally got somewhere with the University of Toledo. Dr. Grubb and his staff are simply amazing, but it was sad that I had to research and get us there myself.
  12. Does your DD happen to wear jobst gloves? We are debating them, but they are expensive! DS was diagnosed at the University of Toledo this last fall with dysautonomia, POTS, and mast cell activation disorder.
  13. My twins are not science majors, so we are doing the Guest Hollow High School Chemistry in the Kitchen. It's one of the last "fun" classes we will do together. We attempted Friendly Chemistry back with Landry when it was middle school level. I wasn't impressed and we ended up dropping it.
  14. I bought a new couch and kicked my husband out of the bedroom. It took six months or so, but he eventually got the sleep study. He wears CPAP now and I can only tell it's on when it's ramping up after he's been up out of bed at night. Now he had become so dependent he takes it camping.
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