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  1. They did not have any information on the decision. I had contacted them a week earlier and they didn't say anything about it and even encouraged me to wait and combine shipping on my order. When I went to place that order today they were retired and unavailable. I contacted Wilson Hill today as we are debating continuing with algebra 2 there. They don't update their book lists for the next school year until April, but said they would get back to me.
  2. I spoke with HMH today and they have retired the Dolciani Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 series. You can no longer order any of the books or solutions guides from them. They don't know if there are plans to retire the prealgebra series, but it was available today.
  3. I spoke with HMH today and they have retired the Dolciani Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 series. You can no longer order any of the books or solutions guides from them. They don't know if there are plans to retire the prealgebra series, but it was available as of today.
  4. I've read Darynda Jones and Elizabeth Hunter over the years, but recently they have gotten together with some other authors and formed a group of Paranormal Woman's Fiction. The FAB13 each dropped a book today and they are available at discounted prices, many on Kindle Unlimited for a short period of time. If it's your genre, or you're interested in paranormal this list might be for you. Grave Magic Bounty by Shannon Mayer Magical Midlife Madness by K.F. Breene Sucks to be Me by Kristen Painter Wrong Side of Forty by Jana DeLeon Let it All Burn by Denise Grover Swank Betwixt by Darynda Jones Cloudy with a Chance of Witchcraft by Mandy M. Roth Writing Wrongs by Christine Gael Second Chance Magic by Michelle M. Pillow It’s a Wonderful Midlife Crisis by Robyn Peterman Suddenly Psychic by Elizabeth Hunter Halfway There by Eve Langlais Witching for Grace by Deanna Chase
  5. I worded that poorly. It's non-traditional in what is covered under those titles. Most of the MUS algebra 1 topics are covered in a traditional prealgebra (some earlier), some traditional algebra 1 topics aren't covered until MUS algebra 2 or later. I have a child in the upper MUS levels myself because it works for her LD's, but the topics don't line up with those in a traditional program, nor does the difficulty. Yesterday I was teaching my 6th grader (in Dolciani mathematics) and my child in MUS algebra 1 the same topic, and to be honest the 6th grade problems were more difficult. If you start the program with a child you will cover these topics, provided you stick to MUS, but they will not align with a child that is returning to a traditional program such as those used in a PS, as the OP mentioned. I do not feel that it is on the same level as any of the traditional programs I've used with my other children and it isn't something I would use with an average math student, and certainly not with my mathy child. YMMV.
  6. If he's moving back to PS for HS I would not suggest Math U See. It does not follow a traditional sequence.
  7. My current plan is to start Dolciani Preaglebra with my youngest this fall. I have Dolciani Structure and Method Course 1 to use between now and then, but here is the catch. He struggles with writing out the problems. I've scribed the first week because I can't seem to be able to locate a workbook for it. Is there something out there in workbook format that would be comparable? I will scribe the entire book if needed. None of my other children used Course 1, but they did not use a workbook format either. DS is dyslexic and has a lot of trouble moving the problems to the paper. It's obviously something that we will be working on, but it slows our day to the point it's not something I'm ready to tackle all at once with three high schoolers and one middle-schooler. My day it too long already.
  8. When it was released back in 2014 (wow, time is flying) it was said to be the conclusion of the series. Also, for anyone interested books 1, 3, and 4 are available on kindle unlimited if you use the links from her blog. Now I can start from the beginning!
  9. I will come back for an update. I just finished a reread of The Hollows book 12 and learned today that Kim Harrison is doing a read-along group to American Demon on Goodreads. I absolutely love the Hollows series! Anyway, as they go through the books they are also being offered on amazon kindle for $1.99. Currently at that price are #6-8. The group is currently reading #7 White Witch, Black Curse for anyone who is interested. 🙂
  10. I am studying Lord of the Rings and Tolkien with my DS. (I never read any Tolkien.) I'm also working on Algebra 2 via Dolciani to decide if I'm comfortable teaching it next year. I did the entire AoPS prealgebra and algebra with one DD. It was an experience. Enjoy!
  11. Make sure you "interview" a few doctors if you go this route. My local allergist wanted to charge me $400-$500 for three months of drops because he'd formulate them. (He really pushed shots because they make more money on them.) Instead I travel an hour and a half every three months to see a doctor that uses the La Cross Method. My insurance covers all the testing and office visits and I only pay $122 for three months of drops using the Allergy Choices pharmacy. Once I hit maintenance I only have to go once a year. The La Cross is three times a day optimally, but can be twice a day.
  12. I'll add this suggestion, because I didn't know how much it would be a game changer for me. Feel free to disregard. Look into treating the allergy either through shots (I tried 20 years ago and don't tolerate) or oral drops. I'm a year and a half into the LaCross Method of oral drop therapy, with three months until maintenance. It's a commitment, but being off medications I've been dependent on for decades is a game changer.
  13. He is beautiful. Sending lots of positive thoughts and well wishes to you both. Congratulations!
  14. An ESA simply requires a letter from the doctor or therapist. It is only good for air travel and non-pet friendly housing. The requirement regarding behavior is changing with new updates to the ACAA which now distinguishes between service dogs and ESA, so keep an eye on that for specifics. ESA's have no other public access unless provided by your individual state and are not covered under the ADA. This comes into play depending on why/how you are traveling because they don't have access to hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc., that don't accept pets.
  15. Here is my goodreads token: Just drop me a note with who you are here so I know who I'm adding please.
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