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  1. Oh thanks so much for all the ideas! CLEP may also be the way to go, I hadn’t thought of that! I’m not really interested in them getting college credit bc they will likely take the class over anyway in college - I just want them to skip an unnecessarily boring and non-rigorous cc class. Also, Khan academy would definitely work as prep. Their text is unfortunately not Larson - it’s a McGraw-hill text by Smith and Minton. So I’m guessing they will have gaps to fill for AP.
  2. Hello friends: My dds are both currently taking Calculus Honors. Our plan was to have them take Calc II at the local community college in the fall. However, it has just come to my attention that the college may not accept a high school Calc Honors as credit for Calc I and may want them to take Calc I again. I haven't really decided whether we will just go ahead with that or not, but we had initally planned that they would take Calc again in college (for a more rigorous review) and it seems that taking it 3 times is a little much. Plus, my impression of the CC courses is that they are not particularly rigorous. Consequently, I'm thinking about having them self-study for the AP Calc AB exam as credit for AP clears the Calc I credit. Any suggestions for materials that would be useful for self study? Thanks!
  3. That's an amazing score -- congratulations to your dd!
  4. Was he the guy that had the bright idea to dumb down the SAT (it's newest form that came out in about 2015 or so)?
  5. Not only that, but the Cal States are much less expensive than the UC schools -- and appear to have a few more dollars in merit money for top students from what I've been able to tell. Cal States also have a reputation for being more "hands on" and helping students develop marketable job skills vs UC schools, that are more theoretical and geared toward prepping kids for grad school. Frankly, with the tuition explosion that has occurred over the past couple of decades, a couple of the Cal States are really appealing to our family (moreso than the UCs) -- and our dds are pretty high achieving students. Having our dds graduate without student loan debt is very high on our list in this house.
  6. If you mean the October school day test here in the U.S., the curve for math was -1 = 790 and -2 = 770. The reading curve was not as bad as the writing. My dd missed only one question on the whole test -- the writing portion. -1 on writing = 38. She was bummed they took off 20 points for just one question, esp when -1 for the reading portion was a 39. But really, it was not that bad of a curve, compared to some I've seen. See the QAS guide here:
  7. How annoying that the school is requiring the ACT. I hope the school pays for it too? I have no experience with the ACT, but I'm wondering, for the sake of your dd's sanity, if she could just cancel her score immediately after the test date, like you could for the SAT?
  8. Mirabillis - this curve really does stink. However, and this will be small comfort, I know, but even if your son had gotten 36, 37, 37, which seems more appropriate than what he received (esp on the math), he would have had a selection index of 220. Three 37s would have been 222. Really great, but not enough to qualify in CA where the cutoff is ridiculously high. EBRW is unfortunately weighted more than the math, which also seems unfair but that’s what the NMS Corp prefers, I guess.
  9. The website enables those of us with later release dates to get them today. We are in CA and got both our dds’ scores. Excited bc older dd is likely a NMSF with a selection index of 226!!!
  10. I know generally what gaslighting is. However, we are encountering a situation that "feels" like gaslighting to me, but at the same time doesn't seem to fit, exactly. I'm wondering if there might be a different term for this type of behavior. I will try to describe the situation below without being too specific to protect confidential details. ===== Let's say this is in an office environment where Persons A, B and C work together. (It's not really a work environment, but this is the closest type of environment I can think of) Person A (a male) harasses Person B (female) by first teasing her and then when she stands up for herself and asks him loudly and firmly to stop (attracting the attention of those around them), he starts calling her inappropriate names under his breath. As a result of the namecalling, Person B takes steps to limit her contact with Person A. Then, Person C (a male friend of Person A) finds out that Person B is limiting her contact with Person A and very obviously objects to her choice. He tells her she is overreacting and "can't just get rid of people. That's not how life works." Person B decides to ignore Person C because she feels he doesn't know what he's talking about, and it's none of his business. Subsequently, Person C starts making unsolicited comments to a number of colleagues at the office saying things like: "Person B overreacted when Person A teased her." (Person C either doesn't know about the name calling, or is choosing to not mention it). "Person B flips out or cries over every little thing that doesn't go her way." "She doesn't know how life works." ===== Is there a word for this? It seems like it's similar to gaslighting in that Person C is trying to discredit Person B as a hysterical crybaby and is overlooking the reality of Person A's misconduct, but because he is doing it on behalf of Person A, it doesn't seem to really fit. I suspect Person A has something to do with it in the background, but for the moment, what do we call what Person C is doing? eta: Ack! I had to edit some details because I confused myself between Persons A, B and C. I hope I got it right this time.
  11. Hello all: We have a slight dilemma for my oldest dd. She is in 9th grade and currently taking Pre-Calculus Honors at her high school. Next year, the school will be offering a dual enrollment math course on campus in conjunction with one of the community colleges. It will be either Statistics or Calculus 1 -- depending on which course the most students sign up for. I was fairly set on the idea that she should just take Calc 1 after Pre-Calc, but now I'm wondering....would Statistics be ok for her to take this year and then Calc 1 and Calc 2 the following two years? (She may go further in math but I'm using the most conservative course progression estimate right now.) I feel confident I could make sure she had a rigorous pre-calc review prior to Calc 1 (I typicaly have my girls run through ALEKS for review, which is pretty strong). The only reason I am considering this is for convenience -- we would not have to hassle with the commute to a CC until her senior year, and books would be free. On the other hand, I don't want to consider this option if it would not a beneficial choice for her math studies. Also, I may have to consider this option for her sister who is just a year behind her, and will also take Pre-Calc H next year as a 9th grader. Thanks for any advice.
  12. Wow! You must have some awesome insurance to have a breast pump covered. 15 years ago, I had the Medela Pump In Style, and it was really great. At the time, it was the one all my friends had purchased, as well. I have never heard of the other models.
  13. Suffragette is an awesome movie -- be advised it is about the women's suffrage movement in the U.K., though, not the U.S. Still, very well done. Just in case you were looking for movies about U.S. history, in particular.
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