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  2. Since the libraries are close I’m going to get some nonfiction. Books for my little ones for their Easter baskets. When my son (17) was little we read the let’s read and find out series and the Rookie Science books. I was thinking of ordering these but wanted to check and see if there are any new series worth checking out. Thanks
  3. In PA. Looking for hotel reviews/recommendations and park tips. Ttaveling in July. Thanks
  4. LOL. Truth is we had a $100 airline credit and it was $100 to fly there. I’d love to see all 50.
  5. Planning a family vacation in May. Going to rent from Airbnb. Any parts of the city to stay away from? Best area to stay? Thanks
  6. Wood or plastic. I can’t decide. Looking for toddlers.
  7. I got my son a sheet set from amazon basic line. $18 for the set. Have held up well. Got a blanket and quilt at tjmaxx or Marshall’s.
  8. Welcome to the world Crispin. Take care of yourself momma. I know it's hard. It very important. I'm a NICU nurse and The Dr Brown specialty feeder is what we use at work for our patients with clefts. It is great so much easier than the Haberman. Waiting on test results is hard. Hold your little man skin to skin as much as you can. Mommas have healing touch.
  9. My son is doing Derek Owens. He doesn't mind it despite his dislike of all things science.
  10. I'm glad you took it seriously and that you are ok.
  11. Books. Some for baby some for toddler.
  12. He needs to learn to be responsible for his own actions. If he is that upset he will be more conscientious next week. It's hard but sometimes we have to let kids fail. It's learning.
  13. Please get this checked immediately. Could be nothing but women tend to have vague symptoms such as this with heart disease. Please check it out ASAP.
  14. The Columbia fleece we had last winter held up well.
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