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  1. It actually has to do with the press laws and police in Florida. So it’s not just that crazier stuff happens there, but the press has immediate access to all the dirt.
  2. I imagine it may be an easier sell because Paleolithic man was human. While we share a common ancestor with modern apes, that many millions of years of evolution that changed apes that much was bound to also result in a smidgen of change to the ideal diet or the digestive system.
  3. If there is a railing side and a wall side, it’s the wall side. If there are railings on both sides it’s on the inside, as far from the railing on the baby’s side as possible.
  4. I've got issues with water, falling off the edges of things, and come to think of it bridges and boats and I maybe should nevereverever go to Niagara.
  5. Wow. Let’s hit all my buttons. I transfer babies to the safe side just going down the stairs.
  6. That would populate my nightmares for the rest of my life.
  7. Is it possible that she has picked up on the fact that even if she does come to your functions, she still doesn’t do it in a way that is satisfying to you?
  8. Pineapple actually eats you back because of the bromelain, so that can be the feeling. But I have 2 kids who require Benadryl after ingesting pineapple because of the burning from oral allergies. So that’s a thing too.
  9. SLS in toothpaste can give some people mouth and lip issues.
  10. My 12 year old son is in ballet. Not one person has ever said anything stupid, either to him or to me. I can’t imagine my response, but it would likely be, I hope you’re kidding and not just a sexist idiot. Which is probably why nobody has said anything. ? I focused on finding him a school with boys, because yes...instructors often forget there is a boy there. On the upside, they often feature prominently in recitals.
  11. You've pretty much figured it out I think. If you have too many toys, then some need to go. To fight the problem creeping back, you may find it helpful to have a one in one out policy. New stuffed animal, which one are we done with that we can donate? There's no organizational system that will enable an 8 year old to manage an unmanageable number of things by herself. If you don't want to be the one managing it, then setting her up for success is necessary, which probably means a manageable number of toys. I never wanted to manage the whole one bin in one bin out system AT ALL. I don't l
  12. There would be no slack cut. No slack at all. I mean I can memorize a social security number, a meaningless string of characters, I can memorize the spelling of my kid’s name.
  13. Heather was my first instinct for that name too! Maybe Ammberr.
  14. Just saw your limitations on the kid front. Any way you could make her feel that baby is beautiful and celebrated is also wonderful.
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