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  1. I have kind of an odd question. Does anyone know if there can be an easement on your property that does not show up on your closing paperwork/deed? I see nothing on our paperwork or on online information from our county. I am not talking about utilities easement but a neighbor having one. Obviously the recorders office is closed now due to Covid-19 so I was wondering if there way anyway I could find out. I would appreciate your help so much!
  2. You might really enjoy the blog The Perfect Loaf by Marizio. He has really great information and just posted on how to keep a smaller starter. I also enjoy Dan Larn on Instagram. His bread is art! After perusing there, you will need to purchase a lame. 🙂 I have one from Saint Germaine Bakery which is lovely.
  3. I love John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds and Johnny's Seeds and I don't think they have had a rush so perhaps you can find what you want there. I placed my seed order from Baker Creek and Johnny's in January and now I am so thankful. I couldn't believe the rush! We have a greenhouse and have been enjoying microgreens and lettuces. It is still too cold to plant outside but I am excited to start our garden. I am trying a new pelleted lettuce from Johnny's this year that is supposed to be pretty heat tolerant so I am excited for that!
  4. Cuboro or Cugolino...every kid loves them but they are expensive. You can find them online at The Wooden Wagon toy store. Varis Toys makes a similar ones that are cheaper.
  5. Your post was so beautiful! If it makes you feel better I went to a bridal shower two weeks ago on a Saturday and stopped by a big box store for some milk and eggs. I was dressed in high heels and a pretty dress and fancy wool coat with curled hair (!!!) and makeup. I was stopped at the door to check my receipt too. I think it must be a new things as every time I have gone since I have been stopped to check my receipt.
  6. I haven't ever been there Carol. (Actually now I live in Indiana!) But I heard about them from a friend and have been ordering for a couple of years. I used to get my spices from the Winco bulk bins and also grow my own but SF Herb Co is SO much better than Winco. So now I make one order per year and the spices just are so fresh. The shipping is really reasonable but I do just order all my spices at once. And their prices are amazing. Anyway, here is the address on their website: 250 14th Street San Francisco, CA 94103
  7. The BEST ever spices can be found at the San Francisco Herb Co. Great Prices and the spices are SO fresh.
  8. I know there have been threads about this before but I can't seem to find them. Amazon has the 8 qt Duo Plus for sale today for $89.95 and so I have some questions. First off, is that a good price for this? Secondly, would it be a good buy for someone like me? People rave about it all the time so I have thought about it in the past but have never bought obviously. I am fairly frugal and $90 is a lot of money. But, if it would make my life so much easier I would love that. So, I have six kids who like to eat a lot and so I cook from scratch pretty much every meal. We eat a lot of plant based di
  9. We are gifting Utter Nonsense to my husband's family. It looked perfect for them but I have never played it. For our family, I purchased Carcassone for Kids, Azul, and Dragonwood Here is another recommendation that I rarely see. Last year I purchased Colorku (basically Suduko with wooden beads) and it was amazing. So many people were drawn to it and we have all loved it in our family!
  10. We purchased a beautiful 4 car wooden train from this Etsy shop and it is amazing. We have had it for so long and my son still plays with it four years later.My other son got the firetruck and he still loves and plays with it. I highly recommend Mike!: https://www.etsy.com/shop/mikebtoys?ref=l2-shopheader-name
  11. Wow! You ladies are all amazing! Thanks for looking for me! I will try all your suggestions.
  12. For a while now, I am been redoing my wardrobe and when something wears out I am only replacing it with something I really love. So, I found this jacket/blazer/coat on Pinterest that I really love and I would like to find it (used if not new) or something similar. But the Pinterest link doesn't work and Google has turned up nothing. So, does anyone know how I might be able to go about this? What is the print of the jacket called? Any suggestions? I would appreciate any help you might give! Here is the link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/123145371045632915/
  13. Thanks ladies! This was really helpful. Perhaps I will wait then
  14. My oldest daughter will be turning 5 soon and I was thinking about getting a historical American Girl doll for her birthday. I was thinking I would find something on eBay- maybe Kirsten or Samantha. Anyway, I was wondering what age you all bought your American Girl dolls for your daughters and if you think 5 is too small. She is very careful and I think she would love it but I really want her to enjoy it. I had Samantha growing up and I loved her so much. Anyway, what do you all think?
  15. We really love these Dragon noodles but I halve the Siracha as the full amount is like breathing fire. https://www.budgetbytes.com/pork-peanut-dragon-noodles/
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