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  1. My dh insists that it is inappropriate for us to go in my ds’s dorm room. I think it’s not such a big deal. My ds does not seem to care. What do you all think?
  2. It’s a clear odor. Her brother definitely notices. I’m just not sure if it started when she started her period last year or it just began a few months back. It seems possible that it’s similar to what Tap said. She does not get in the sun much. I’m not so concerned that she hasn’t gotten it for a couple months, since she is super active with ballet. She’s very good at keeping clean and is not on the pill. She doesn’t take any medication.
  3. My dd14 has had her period for just over a year. I’ve just recently noticed she has a strong body odor during her period. Nothing fishy like, but almost a harsh metallic like smell. I’ve brought it up once so far, but taking it as gently as possible and we went and bought some body mist I told her could be helpful during her period. I just asked her if she had her period yesterday because I could smell her and she said she actually hasn’t gotten her period for a couple of months! So, the smell seems to come when she should have her period, but has nothing to do with her actual flow. I’ve thought about making a doctors appointment, but am looking for any insight here, thank you.
  4. A bit of detail: girl is 14, adopted, parents separated, older parents (55+) seem to be permissible type of parents, no idea where or with who she is going. No personal information beyond that. Wealthy suburbs.
  5. If you knew your neighbor’s teen was regularly climbing out a window late at night, would you tell them? Whether you knew them well or not at all? Not me, but an acquaintance just brought this up.
  6. My ds18 says Matilda.
  7. No cutting with the metal pipes. You just buy the length you want. They are pre-threaded to easily twist together with the elbow joints. We followed ballerinas by night YouTube video how to make a ballet barre. Shows exactly what to buy. You just determine the length.
  8. Galvenized pipes from Home Depot plumbing section. Super easy and only about $80. Easy instructions can be found online.
  9. My 17 year old moved to brick and mortar school in 9th grade, and switched again from public to private this year for 11th. Since doing earth science in 9th, he is now behind for chemistry and most likely won’t fit his schedule in the fall. The class he was supposed to take just canceled for the summer, and the other option at community college went from 6 weeks to 4. It would mean 2 six hour classes a week. I’m hoping there is some 8 week online class somewhere. I’ve checked the Potter School, WTM, K12, and Memoria Press with no luck. Please let me know if you know of any, thank you.
  10. This very funny video from yesterday was taken off YouTube?!?!?
  11. Our state just declared no return to school. We received an email from my dd’s ballet school saying they are closed through June, but we are invited to sign up for their summer intensive for July. And, she thanked us all for emotional and financial support. I don’t recall being asked to support the school during the closing. She has been trying to offer 1 or 2 classes a day on zoom (Monday-Friday). She gave 4 or 5 recorded classes, and the rest have come live only from some of her teachers and around the country. She also thanked the teachers for their volunteering their time to teach. My daughter was in the conservatory program, noon-5 Monday through Friday, and Saturdays 11-3. We will have lost 1/3 of the year. It’s about 3k. Do I just swallow that? I assumed the owner would offer a free intensive or money back. There is no way I’m giving her more money. Are any of your ballet schools giving money back?
  12. We payed the $20 on Apple and once you watch it in one sitting you have about 48 hours to watch it as many times as you want. I’ve watched it 3 times!
  13. I have only seen the one with Gwyneth Paltrow, which did nothing for me. I’ve seen all the Pride and Prejudice - my favorite of those is the oldest BBC version - which I think is most true to the book.
  14. I loved it! I hope the director does a new Pride and Prejudice too.
  15. My daughters school just started live zoom classes on Monday. One to two classes per day. She really needed it, because her self motivation was floundering last week. She has a small bedroom and moves her desk into the hallway for class. Her school has mentioned extending the year if it opens back up.
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