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  1. Cassie or Penny or Millie or Lottie. She’s adorable!
  2. Thanks for the replies. Really helpful to think this through. I was also thinking of the potential to take an extra year to graduate. I'll try to get some good questions ready for our Wednesday visit. A 3 day visit sounds like a really good idea. I wish my boys were motivated to work hard at home and continue homeschooling, but that just didn't work out. There have been some positives to the public school, but overall I think a smaller school will fit him better. I would have thought my ds would not have a clue to everything that is going on socially, but it's really the opposite. He notices everything. It's as though he absorbs it. It may be the case at any school, but at a smaller school there will be fewer people to absorb from. His first year, he made one friend that he has kept in touch with, but he left for a private school. This year, he's gone to the movies with one kid and has some acquaintances in classes. The public school has about 2400 kids. His brother is leaving homeschool for next year, so at the private school they will have a better chance seeing each other throughout the day. They really get along well these days, which is not something I would have said a few years ago.
  3. We are just in the beginning stage. We go to look at the private school on Wednesday.
  4. Hi, my ds16 has been in public school for 2 years. He is just finishing up his sophomore year. He has an iep for high functioning autism. Currently, the iep has him in 2 social groups throughout the school week and several special studies where he can ask for help if he needs it. He can also get extra time on tests, which he uses about 10% of the time. His grades have been all A's and B's. He hates the school. I think it is just too large and overwhelming to him. He takes a lot of naps after school to manage. So, we are considering sending him to a small private school. My question is can I just simply walk away from an already signed iep? Does the town "own" him in any way? Thanks!
  5. I was at A Newbury Comics store a couple years ago and the woman behind the desk had the most face piercings I have ever seen and will never forget. She was trying to shock people and it worked.
  6. I was also disappointed. More so when I read about it and learned it had very little to do with the real Barnum.
  7. Yes, Boston Ballet in Newton. Slim pickings for schools around here. This is our third. Some are just farther than I want to go. Thanks, I hope she gets off the waitlist too!
  8. My dd 12 tried out for Houston Ballet because she wants a change of scenery from her home studio - Boston Ballet in Newton. Boston has 2 tracks: Newton is for general kids and Boston site is for pre-pro track. I could write a book from our experience with ballet already. We have not found a perfect place and her teachers now are drones. She’s on the Houston waitlist. If she doesn’t get off we will do the Newton summer dance program again. I won’t try others till she is older. My dh can stay with her and work at his company headquarters in Houston.
  9. Thanks Peter Pan, how do I ask for genetic testing, just ask his regular pediatrician? So far, the school says they will not take transfer credits from anywhere. They will only consider make up classes after he is already behind. Does a school test for language issues?
  10. Thanks Lecka, that is super helpful and I totally get what you are saying. He's on an IEP and he does have regular special studies, but I feel it is not enough. I tried to get them to have his art credits taken over the summer, he will need 8 to graduate, but the school refuses at this point. I managed to add one more special study and I'm hoping that his schedule in the fall will be too full for him to fit the art in. He does need as many studies as he can get. I've also thought many times of bringing him to see a specialist for co-morbid issues. Bi-polar may fit him. I will get working on an appointment for that this week. Our insurance stinks around here, so our options are slim.
  11. My ds15 is new to high school this year. He has Aspergers. He was getting too difficult and resistant at home, so I decided we needed help. DS seems to manage to morph negativity where ever he is. He is an extreme half glass empty guy. He is smart, but has limited capacity for what he can handle. Home school was sucking the life out of him in one direction, and now public school is sucking it out of him in another. He feels like he has nothing left after keeping up with school. He is socially, academically, and physically exhausted. He can't enjoy much at home. He can't enjoy a movie that he normally would have loved and never would have stopped talking about it. Now, he just says he's not sure if he liked a particular movie because he just doesn't feel anything. When he was homeschooling, I would say it was the opposite problem - his highs were getting in the way of accomplishing work (he has always hated to be told what to do and how to do it). Now his lows are preventing him from enjoying his highs. It's really painful for him and for us to watch. He is actually more motivated to accomplish work at school, and that has been really good. He sees a therapist every other week and she is helpful a bit. She is a social worker and doesn't think medication is the way to go. I'm not so sure. My sister is a social worker therapist and she said she used to be the same way until she has seen some medications be truly helpful. Or, do I just hope he matures a bit and learns to hopefully cope better - his moods seem to change on a dime. Just wondering if anyone has a child that has experienced some of this and whether anything has helped. Thank you.
  12. As for specific tests - you request in writing to the school that you want her tested for school services due to her diagnosis. By law, the school has to respond to you and have a date suggested for testing. They may ask what tests you want. You say the full battery. You need the village to come support you - that would include the school. The tests should include: speech, PT, OT, social issues, intelligence, and maybe more.
  13. I totally relate to you, OP! My DS is very similar. I finally don't feel so crazy also! My DS just began public school this year, as a freshman in high school. I'm not sure it's better. Nothing ever "fits" him. My DS is the glass is half empty kind of kid. If he is asked to do anything that he has to "work" at, he hates it. My Dh and I preferred to homeschool him all the way through. He did better with online classes from home. He learned better when he could go back to a class lecture and hear it again. Public school is overwhelming, fast paced, and frustrating. But, it is great to have him out of the house! My other 2 kids are so much more relaxed. Now they just have to wait till he comes home for the fireworks to start! I text him throughout the day to make sure he is organized. I pack his backpack in the morning, make sure he is working during studies, and have homework listed in the afternoon. It is still constant. There is no magic bullet! I had him evaluated mid-year the previous year. The school had him do speech and a social group the last 8 weeks of 8th grade. It was actually helpful. His speech improved and he new at least a handful of kids. The high school provided less services. My son was a ball of stress and has been so difficult at home. I asked for more support at school. He got a little. We live in a town with a high school known for intense academics. There are pro's and con's to everything. Nothing is ideal. I can only hope that he will grow a lot through his high school years and be able to manage college. And, I can only hope that I can survive it all without a nervous breakdown :crying: Good luck on your journey with your daughter.
  14. Thank you for sharing. You are a great mom! Hold on to the positive, beautiful memories of your lovely daughter. The pain will never subside. Do not blame yourself. If you don’t already, get out in nature and exercise. Use your energy for positive, uplifting things. Go to a support group. Very sorry for your loss.
  15. The judge was amazing! A delight and honor to hear speak. She rocked!
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