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  1. This is definitely something to think about. My daughter was accepted to a school a few weeks ago, into their theater department. A week after her acceptance, I found out online (not from the school, but from someone else in theater in the same area) that this school had decided to get rid of their theater department. The very next day, my daughter received an email from the school that they will no longer have the major for which she was admitted for, but they still wanted her as an undecided major. We took a few days to talk it over and then officially declined the offer. 😞 With Covid and the strange 2020 we've had. This is something we all have to look into more. 😞 Angie
  2. So, my daughter has been accepted to 8 schools. She's working on applying to honors colleges as well as top scholarships. It's getting overwhelming. We are waiting to hear back from her only EA school (will hear 12/15). If she gets accepted to this school, she will commit. I hope we can end the crazy on 12/15! She has one other school She's waiting to hear from (in March) and 6 more applications She's working on supplemental essays for. She'll submit these applications between now and December 20th (hopefully). So glad she has options, but her top schools are the ones she's either waiting to hear from or hasn't submitted yet. I keep telling myself there will be an end to the madness! LOL
  3. So, what I've learned is that the College Board sends scores on Wednesdays. So, if you were to schedule a score to send today, it will not send out until next Wednesday. If you schedule to have the score sent before the test, the scores are sent out according to their schedule online. I would assume with Covid, scholarships and schools will be more lenient this year. I know that some of the schools my daughter is applying to are being lenient with score receipts. One is saying they'll accept them up until the decision date (not sure how that works?), but each school/scholarship is different, so ask to make sure.
  4. Update!! Through searching the interwebs, I found that scores are sent on Wednesdays from the college board. Now, we paid for them to be sent on a Tuesday, but they must have missed the Wednesday send, but they made this past Wednesday send. My goodness, how hard is it to send when people request? LOL So, anyway, if you are sending scores from the College Board, do it before a Tuesday so that they don't wait a week to send out! Oh, yeah, we sent scores to more schools this past Tuesday. So the pending sends sent, and now the new sends are pending. LOL Also, as someone noted above, it's one score report with all scores unless you tell them you only want certain scores, so I regret scheduling scores to be sent BEFORE my daughter even took the test! Okay, it was free, but I still had to send other scores, resulting in the $12 fee for that school, so I didn't save ANY money because I could've just sent one score report with both tests on it for the same $12. I've learned a lot about the College Board and score sends, so I guess this was all for naught. LOL Angie
  5. Thanks for sharing this! I have a son (not a senior yet) I think this school will be perfect for...
  6. On the school's portal. On college board, we scheduled her August test to send before she even tested, so those were sent when the scores were released. We later decided to send her December scores as well because the school super-scores. The December test scores are the ones that haven't been sent yet according to the CB website.
  7. Thanks! I think we just need to be patient. I don't know why I thought an electronic send wouldn't take weeks to process. LOL
  8. Yes, she self-reported, but her EA school doesn't accept self-reported scores. According to her portal, her August 2020 scores have arrived at the school, but her December 2019 scores have not (the ones still showing pending on CB). This school super-scores, so really would like the December scores counted in as well. :) Thank you. It looks like we need to just be a bit more patient. LOL
  9. We selected Homeschool, and I'm glad we did. We didn't have to answer any information about what high school my daughter attended. I would assume either answer is okay, as technically, your homeschool student will receive a diploma. Our stat recognized homeschools as private schools, so we could've answered the other way as well. Angie
  10. We schedule one test's scores to send before my daughter took the test. The other test's scores were paid for and requested to send a week ago. This second test is still showing a "Pending" status. In other words, they have not sent yet. My daughter applied EA to her top choice school and is worried the scores will not show up in time. 😞 Does anyone know how long scores will sit at the "Pending" status once you pay to send them? I received the payment receipt for the sending of these test scores exactly one week ago today, and there is no explanation on the college Board website as to what "Pending" means or when they will actually send the scores. Thank you!
  11. I selected Home School for the type of diploma, so it never asked for our school name or location.
  12. For the FAFSA, I just selected Home School in the option of type of Diploma. I never had to select a school at that point. Edited to Add that "at that point" means that it never asked me to name our school or what state our school was in.
  13. My daughter is also applying to some selective schools. See if the schools your son is applying to superscore. They'll take the highest score from each area (EBRW and Math) and use those to make the highest score. For my DD, she took the SAT in December. Did okay, but needed to bring up her Math and wanted to bring up her EBRW. Well, that August test was horrible for the Reading section. Her EBRW score dropped 30 points, but her Math score went up 130 points, right where we wanted it, so her superscore will be in the range we needed. My daughter is also scheduled for the SAT for this Saturday (26th) and for the Saturday after that (10/3). She wants to still take these two tests, as though her superscore is where it needs to be, she wanted to get her EBRW up from the December test, and hopes the Reading portion isn't as brutal these next two tests. Angie
  14. I had my daughter take practice tests at home with a mask on to get used to it for the entire SAT (not sure how long the ACT test is, as we didn't go that route). Maybe try to find a mask that is more breatheable...It's so frustrating for these kids. 😞
  15. We did a lot of college searching last year, toured around 8 schools. With the lockdown, what has helped is watching youtube videos from students. Freshman move-in, a day in the life of a {Enter School Name} student, etc. You'll find some people post regularly, and so you get to see things that go on, issues students have, and stuff like that. As for testing, My daughter took the SAT in December of last year and got scores lower than what she wanted. So she tested in August and is also scheduled for September and October (Sept. and Oct. test dates are only one week apart, so what were we thinking? It'll all work out. We're so far behind schedule though. We planned to have all testing out of the way no later than June (This includes subject tests as some of the schools my daughter is interested in require them for Homeschoolers if not all their applicants). And then over the summer she was supposed to focus on essays. Now we are not done with testing, we will not get subject tests in at all (luckily the schools are being lenient on the subject tests), and her essay is not written yet. Well, she's written five different essays, but she hates them all. LOL She's signed up for an essay thing this month--every Saturday for 4 or 5 weeks. Anyway, the last two classes are on SAT days, so she has to see if the guy can change the time of the class on those two days because we're sure she won't be the only one taking the SAT on those days. This has been the only stress in my life for weeks, and it doesn't seem to be going away. We wanted all her applications in by October 1st, now we're hoping for October 15th...Hoping... Angie
  16. Their scores will be viewable online. I don't know about Subject tests, but my daughter did receive her regular SAT scores in the mail as well (I may have paid more for this, not sure). Your boys will be able to send scores to schools later, when it is time to do so. As for a hard copy, if you don't receive the scores in the mail, you can always print from the computer, I believe. The schools will need the scores sent from College Board though, not you. So, you can get 4 free score reports sent per test, but in your case, you may not want to send them early, and you may not know which schools they'll be applying to yet. If you do know, you can send early, but it's without seeing the scores... For my daughter's first SAT, we did not sign up to send any, as we knew it was her first time. For this coming August test, we have already selected the schools for her scores to be sent to. Four of them were free. We paid for the others. One thing to keep in mind, they need to keep this same email address for college board so that all their tests and scores are together. I think there is a way to merge accounts, if needed, but I would just use this one email address for everything college board per student.
  17. My daughter is taking the full SAT. She took it back in December and did well, but she wants to get her scores up for certain schools and scholarship potential. She was scheduled to take the SAT in March and May and the SAT Subject tests in June, but when March and May got cancelled, we changed her June test day to the regular SAT, and that got cancelled. At this point, we don't think she'll get subject tests in. We've checked the schools she's interested in, and all the ones that were requiring SAT Subject tests for homeschoolers are not requiring them for this one year only.
  18. My daughter's test is still on for August. I've been having her do full practice tests with a mask on so that she's used to it. I keep checking the school where my daughter is taking the test and so far no cases (been back to school for 2 weeks now). I spoke to a spouse of one of the teachers at the school, and she said everything was still on, and they are determined to keep the test going. We have been isolating ourselves so that we are not in contact with anyone. They have questions they have to answer on test day, and I want my daughter to be 100% able to answer so that she can take the test. It would suck to find out the day before or so that you have come into contact with someone who tested positive. I don't want that to happen. Angie
  19. I would definitely schedule an SAT just in case, maybe even another ACT. Maybe schedule the earlier ACT that was only 2 hours away and the first available SAT that is close to you. You can then cancel whatever you don't need to do, or take all of them. As for the SAT cancelling, the College Board has said they will not cancel across the board again. It is up to the individual testing sites. I would call the location of the SAT that you would sign up for and see where they stand. We are constantly looking at the website for the school my daughter is scheduled to take it at in a couple of weeks. I've spoken to some teachers and parents of other kids scheduled there, and as of right now, there is no worry of it being cancelled. The school is determined to have this test happen because none of their seniors have tested yet at all! I've read that many schools are in this situation and are trying very hard to have this August test happen. Anyway, good luck. This is the most stressful part of our journey right now. Our plan was to have all SAT and SAT subject tests completed by the June test date. Now we have no idea if we'll get the SAT Subject tests in at all. Our priority is the SAT right now. Some of the schools my DD is interested in require SAT Subject tests for homeschoolers, so we'll see what happens. Angie
  20. Hi! My daughter completed Foerster's Algebra 2 and Trigonometry book this year. As I was looking for a pre-calculus book for next year, I found out that many people use this book for Pre-Calculus, and that it should take 1 1/2 to 2 years to complete, as it includes intermediate Algebra, Advanced Algebra, and Trigonometry. My daughter completed it in one year with great grades. I gave her a placement test, and she did well enough to move on to Calculus for the next year. The problem I'm facing is how to award credits for Foerster's Algebra 2 and Trigonometry. Is it only one credit, as it's one course, or one credit for Algebra 2 and a half credit for Trigonometry? If giving 1 1/2 credits, do I put them as one course for 1 1/2 credits, or do I separate them as two separate courses, one for one credit, the other for a half credit? I've tried searching in the forums to see if this has been addressed, but couldn't find anything, so I'm sorry if I missed something. In that case, a link to that thread would be appreciated. Thanks! Angie
  21. So, what is the 5th section on? I can see how this added section could derail a kid easily! To study and prepare for four sections and have a fifth one to do, of which the student is not prepared mentally to do. Ugh. Is it the same type of stuff, or is it science or history? I'm confused as to why they need a fifth section and the content (subject) of the material.
  22. Congratulations! I hope it's that easy when my DD's time comes (She's a junior this year, so one more year!). She has one school she's applying EA-Restricted, meaning, she can't apply to any other school that would result in a decision before January 1st, and she can't apply ED anywhere. So, she'll have to put off Rolling Admission colleges until the end of December. Currently, she has 28 schools on her list. LOL She is NOT applying to all of them. My minimum is 6 (2 safety (financially and academically), 2 fit (academically, but not necessarily financially), and 2 Reach (could be academic or financial reach). I told her a max of 15. I hope she can narrow it down that much. It's all going to come down to the numbers, and she knows that, which is why she's looking into a lot of different schools.
  23. I signed my daughter up for the December SAT. When signing up, it said to make sure the name she is registered as matches the name on her ID exactly. Well, on the SAT registration form, I could ONLY put her middle initial, not her full middle name. Her ID has her full middle name. Has anyone encountered this? I'm contemplating bringing my daughter to the DMV to get a new ID with only her middle initial, but was wondering since the SAT registration wouldn't allow me to put her full middle name, that portion of her name is not as big of a deal. Thanks for answering my stupid question. My daughter keeps telling me to "chill", but I don't want her to show up and not be allowed to test.
  24. Your concerns sound like the some of the reasons we stopped doing Classical Conversations. It is way too rushed, they don't focus enough on math, so most of the kids put it to the side and fall way behind, and I truly don't believe all the tutors (directors for Challenge levels) are properly equipped to be leading the classes. My DD did CH A, B, and 1. It was CH1 that broke us. We left, and are so glad we did. We get so much more done now, and we are free to do it at our own pace. My kids actually have the time to think about what they're learning instead of stuffing and cramming just so they can be a part of the the conversations on community day. It really was a waste of time and money, and I wish we never went down that road. 😞 All three of my kids are challenge age this year. My DS1 did CHA in a community. He does so much better on his own. He hated doing his work when he knew he had to go to a class and talk about it with his peers, who, unfortunately were all elitists. That was a vibe I was so glad to get away from -- the elitists. Sorry, I digress... All that to say, your concerns are legitimate. 😉
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