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  1. We have been participating in Classical Conversations Foundations and Essentials for the past couple years. I initially decided to enroll my 12 yo son in Challenge A for next year but I'm having second thoughts. I'm not new to homeschooling and so having someone tell me the topics to cover are kind of irritating. As I look in to their choices of curriculum for CH A, I'm somewhat ok with what he'd be using but I almost want to wait one more year and use IEW before we start Lost Tools of Writing. I'm also wondering why they start using Henle Latin so early when it's a high school course. My biggest issue is with the lack of history study at this age. I know many CC Challenge moms that say they get plenty of history but it's through historical fiction and their Cartography book. There is no formal study using non-fictional sources. I want to add that in to the program but I'm told that with their workload thee is no time. My second largest concern is the price of joining. I've already paid my registration fee but I'd rather stop there and save the $600+ per semester. I just can't see why anyone would pay so much money just to be part of a community 🤷‍♀️ From what I understand, the parent works with the Challenge student at home and then drops the student off just to go over the previous week's work and do some review. I also can't understand why it's 30 weeks instead of 36 weeks. The program just seems so stinking' rushed and I don't understand the reason why it has to be this way. So, with all that said, I am wondering if there are any like minded parents here that have struggled with this very thing and have chosen to go a different route? What curriculum did you find that followed up well with the Essentials program? Did you just use the CH A materials at home? How did the transition make homeschooling more relaxed at home? TIA!
  2. I have access to both Notgrass From Adam to Us and Homeschool in the Woods Project Passport: Ancient Egypt. My son is in 6th grade and I’d like to know opinions on both curricula. I’m so torn that I need help choosing. For those that have used either, please let me know your pros and cons. I realize that there is a lot of printing and cutting with PP but I’d like more info beyond that if possible. How is the history? Interesting or dry? How much time does it honestly take you to complete? Does it seem rushed? Is it easy or hard to teach? Etc. We start school next week! ?‍♀️
  3. We used IEW's Fix it! grammar for a short amount of time before going in to CC Essentials. It was too much writing since we were also using the IEW Student Writing Intensive A. I wouldn't say he necessarily enjoyed it, but he also didn't complain much. I totally support your decision to stay away from the Essentials program. We are leaving after one year of incredible stress and expense. I am currently on the fence about moving to Easy Grammar (or) Rod & Staff. I've used both and I like both, however Easy Grammar has no diagramming sentences and R&S does. I used to think that it was a waste of time to diagram sentences but after reading "The War Against Grammar" I am not so sure. By diagramming sentences, our kids learn what the point of the sentence is all about. I think that by underlining and circling words in other programs, the kids get the gist of the sentence but not the true understanding. It's a visual thing I guess.
  4. I just purchased Science in the Beginning because it covers all the days of creation (similar to the sequencing in the Apologia Young Explorers series) but it's in one book. My son hasn't had much formal science and so I thought that it may help him get "caught up" so we can move in to middle school science next year at 7th grade. Have you used the first book in the series "Science in the Beginning"?
  5. We have decided to leave Classical Conversations and go back to homeschooling on our own this next school year. My son is 11, going in to 6th grade and has completed one year of the CC Essentials program. We actively participated and he did well for the most part, however the rush of the program stresses both of us. I am looking to use Rod & Staff English but having a hard time figuring out which book to choose. Do I choose book 4, 5 or 6 after using CC's Essentials of the English Language? Can anyone here help me?
  6. I think we all feel this way towards the end of the school year. I came from using Sonlight and have often thought of scrapping CC and going back. What has made me decide to stay is that I evaluate what we have learned in CC vs the effort I have to put forth in using Sonlight (or any other curriculum). I never have time to complete what is in the teachers guides. With CC, all we have to do is gather books from the library (book basket) and go through our weekly memory work. There are lots of extras you could add to get that MFW feeling in CC. Just check out CC Connected and . If you are missing MFW, all you have to do is have the kids notebook and do a few projects on the side. You can use the same books they sell while staying on track with CC. There is no need to buy the curriculum set and add the stress of an additional teachers guide. One thing that has been easy to add for history is the SOTW audio cds. The kids love the activity guides! I have looked and looked for a good alternative to Essentials and I just can’t find one. Essentials work is rushed, but if you go to a traditional English grammar course, after being in Essentials, it is difficult to slow down and do the course work. I tried and then decided “ain’t nobody got time for that!” Besides, we’ve put so much time and effort in to the Essentials program. I have a friend that is an author and took Latin in highschool. She placed her boys in Essentials this year and told me that the way that CC teaches English grammar is an excellent preparation to learning Latin. She actually told me that she wishes her school had taught her the way the CC Essentials program teaches grammar. She did however say that some of the writing taught in IEW is not necessarily what an editor would accept. I think it’s just a way to get kids writing easily without tears. In Challenge, CC changes to a different curriculum so I’m not all that concerned. IEW works for my son for now. For science, there is an excellent curriculum for older grammar stage kids called God’s Design by Answers in Genesis. You can purchase 1 topic at a time and correlate it to the science portion of CC. We used it this year and my son so far really likes it. It’s not long winded and has short chapters. I actually think CC should team up with AIG for this additional resource like they do with SOTW. All this is extra though. The kids can just notebook using their CC science cards just as easily and read books from the library. The freedom you get to choose in CC for the most part is great. It is rushed, but if you look back to your childhood, most things you remember are the songs and chants that we learned in those early years.
  7. I only have 1 other option for a co-op in my area. In the past, we were members of it. However it got to the point that the classes that were being offered amounted to under-water basket weaving and I just couldn't devote an entire school day to such classes. I wanted more academic support. I wonder if CC could work as a co-op scenario with us doing our own thing during the rest of the week???
  8. ------------- The rock and hard place I'm referring to is the lack of co-op options.
  9. I understand that the first year is a lot and we are supposed to go through 2 more cycles. However, my husband and I feel that the EEL is over the top. I am tempted to audit the EEL portion and work through Easy Grammar or Rod & Staff for English grammar study. I actually went through Essentials tutor training this last summer because I offered to be the sub but I ended up backing out after training because this system overwhelms me. I have used IEW before but we used the SWI-A and it went at a much slower pace and was enjoyable. I don't feel that I should have to scribe for him so much. It only puts more on me as the parent. I'd rather he do the easier IEW until he is ready for the other level. Why is it that we have to be fire hosed? Why can't CC structure the program so it's doable for first year families? All these are my thoughts right now. I know that so many reviews of CC on here can be negative but I am also looking for real life experience without the CC filters that happen elsewhere IYKWIM.
  10. I need to rant a bit here. Maybe you can help me process?? We jumped back in to Classical Conversations almost a year ago (week 12 of cycle 2) and joined a new group that started in my home town this school year for cycle 3. The Foundations program that I loved so much last year seems to me to be lacking in depth of information this year. I feel as if I need to add more depth to the memory work for my 5th grader but with the load that we are taking on with Essentials, where does one find the time? Also, my husband was looking through the EEL work we have been doing and thinks that the workload is absolutely ridiculous, especially for a 5th grade boy. IEW seems to be a good program for writing and the math drill seems that it is good but I just don't know how much more of this speeding through like a freight train I can take! It's only week 5! I am not sure we will continue with CC next year but we may have no other choice due to a lack of co-op options/homeschool support groups that are academically rich for my son's age. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you solve it? I know that the program is to prepare for the Challenge program but to be honest I'm not sure I agree or am sold on their philosophy. CC states that their Challenge students graduate with higher scores (insinuating that others don't) however my oldest son is now a junior in college and did not have a CC/Classical education and is doing well at his private college. I feel as if I'm in between a rock and a hard place. What does one do when feeling this way???

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  13. I am having a heck of a time trying to decide which history spine I want to use. I first tried SL Core C that uses CHOW but it has too many choices and I'm overwhelmed with all the books, plus it seems to go way too fast though such an important time in history. I am currently using SOTW2 with the AG but what is bothering me is that I'm having a hard time with it chronologically (timeline). We really like the project options, coloring pages and maps. But the reading lists, I feel, are so boring. I really want to add in some historical fiction such as The Door in the Wall, The Sword in the Tree, The Whipping Boy, Viking Adventure, etc. but I don't know when to add them to SOW2. I own the All Through the Ages book that tells what stage in history but I'm still a bit lost. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have thought about not using either spine and just going with the Homeschool in the Woods Project Passport for the Middle Ages but I'm not sure if it would be too old for a 3rd/4th grader. I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!
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