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  1. Honestly the schools we have looked at in Pennsylvania, some do not require SAT/ACT scores (actually that was Catholic University in DC) and some didn't need to even see a course description. Isn't your dd applying at Penn State? Did you call them??
  2. Yes, peri/menopause - has a slew of these that I am currently going through it, as well. I get a couple of panic attacks during the day and night. There is book called "The Hormone Fix" which has ideas which I learned from this website: I bought the book from Amazon so I haven't read it yet, but her website has a wealth of information while I wait for the book. On her website, click on her "Blog" and under "hormones" is articles on anxiety and stress.
  3. Haven't read the replies.....We travel a lot and stay at hotels a lot that we get free stays at hotels a lot. Dh always find a hotel that is brand, spanking new OR recently renovated. So, there is always a new hotel wherever we go. So, I do not see a decline in hotels and we stay away from old hotels unless it is like the Sheronton or a very high end hotel. PM where in PA you are going....chances are we stay around there.
  4. To the OP-- I feel the same way as you do. I need this thread of encouragement and the "permission" to be homeschoolers, designing the courses to our teen's interests and their way of learning. It kind be hard to let go. Thank you for starting this thread!
  5. Have you looked at Homeschool Connection? They are Catholic, too.
  6. Hugs (((Quill)))) so much change in one month.... 1st your son starts high school AND now your beautiful daughter leaves for great adventure. I am vecklemping here.... Here is a funny story....on the first day back to Coop, your son's friends at Coop had a ceremony in his honor which included all of your son's accolades that they thought were funny 🙂
  7. We went to an Open House at a CC for high school kids for Dual Enrollment. They had a panel of current high schooler both public/private and homeschoolers. The students were asked which did you like-- AP classes or Dual Enrollment. All the kids liked doing Dual Enrollment because they did not spend so much class time on AP test prep. My ds is not interested in any AP because for him - it just class to study for a test. He is more interested in taking a class to learn something new. So, we are doing both online and a irl University for dual enrollment.
  8. This. You already know the answer. Sorry I did not read any responses. This is what came to mind when I read your post.
  9. Great that everything well for the first day! Hurray! Glad to know I will still bump into you sometime 🙂
  10. Oh lots of (((((hugs))))))!!! So I won't see you at Co-op anymore 😞 BTW, I can see he is so excited to go, too. P.S. My son does not recognize your son. He asked if public schools have your hair parted that way.
  11. Do I have to make sure to contact public high school to let my son take the SAT, like everyone does for PSATs? Or I just sign up at College Board site and I am good to go?
  12. Have you done "What my color parachute for Teens" book? That book asks the same questions and more that Happysmileylady was asking. We are doing this book with ds this year.
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