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  1. We are going Ms. Regina at High School Live Math, too, because of the wonderful reviews here. She has been very respondent via e-mail.
  2. We really enjoyed the Ben Franklin Museum. Its a new museum (wasn't around when I was growing up in Philly). It is a very interactive museum. I highly recommend!! Adult tickets $5.
  3. This is where our CC told me to go--->
  4. Jeremiah reminds me of the Simply Red singer. He has red hair, too!
  5. I think Jeremiah is more a Broadway singer than a Pop Star. I like Wade, Laine and Madison. Alejandro is very talented, too but just not a strong singer.
  6. Oh! I didn't think about our particular state. Thanks for the reminder!
  7. He will continue the language into high school but will be lapse a couple of years.....
  8. I just realized we did a foreign language in 8th grade. Can this count for High School?
  9. I didn't find the pinned helpful at all. I am just starting to really find a list for my son to check out which colleges has what he is looking for....I will try Rugg's
  10. book and website ---- Gluten Free on A ShoeString has dinner rolls. Also GlutenFree Wish List by Jeanne Sauvage (check out her website)
  11. Hi, I found Bright Idea Press has a Calculus class. I was wondering if anybody's children took the class with Michelle Glandon?
  12. Congratulations!!!! Thank you for the update. I only have 2 yrs left before I am done homeschooling and I am starting to ponder what to do. I like hearing other people's journey to fulfillment after homeschooling.
  13. Hello, Can someone explain how to read this chart? Is the 38 or 36 numbers, are these math for PSAT scores?
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