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  1. ok.....In PA the PA Dept of Education recognizes our diploma. According to my PA evaluator, she thought answer US Diploma would be correct. For us, using US Diploma would be ok. Does someone else have a better insight that I am not understanding???
  2. What did you put down for this question: What will your high school completion status be when you begin college in the 2021-2022 school year? "High school diploma” means you have received or will receive a U.S. high school diploma, or a foreign school diploma that’s equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma before the first date of your enrollment in a college or career school. “GED certificate or state authorized high school equivalent certificate” means you have received or will receive a General Educational Development (GED) certificate, or state authorized high school equiv
  3. While I am on hold with FAFSA, I google how to input high school name on FAFSA. I found someone posting on some FAFSA website. It's a old post said to just press next....but it didn't work for the poster. Then there is a last post from a parent that said just put down "Open High". I tried it and it worked! Except at the same time FAFSA got on. They said to put "Homeschooled" and city and state and then press "next". I actually tried that before calling but I kept getting errors. Anyway.........for anyone else trying to add homeschool to your FAFSA ....try "Homeschooled" for name of sch
  4. Lanny, what did you put down for homeschoolers? When we input homeschoolers its looping back for us to input the info.....
  5. For my child's school I try to put homeschool but it does not take it. What are you putting down for homeschoolers?
  6. Thanks for the tip on 2 different school years!!
  7. That is exciting news!! Congratulations!!!
  8. Thank you! I was not aware that, after submittal, the student was not able to send out recommender requests. We were thinking he had to submit his application first. Thank you for the heads up!!!
  9. Are you supposed to send the recommender request before or after you submit an application through the Common App? Ds is working on his Common App essay. When he is done, he will submit his application. So while he is working on his essay, shouldn't he send out the request for recommendation to his recommenders now even though he has not press submit for his application to schools, yet?
  10. Yep! Same here! Office decor is so telling and the bulletin boards full of activities listed of unusual clubs is also telling if you have an area of same interests.
  11. OP- We have the same problem, we can visit the campus but only outside. We are doing it anyway. If he gets accepted, hopefully Spring will be different, he can get more access. He will meet with faculty and admissions through Zoom. After visiting other colleges last year, he is confident that this is all he needs for this one particular school we could not visit. But we will see. We are definitely doing it NOW, because in a month, the campus could shut down again. You never know!
  12. Question - Here is the blurb on the counselor recommender site: "By checking this box, I certify that I will upload a PDF of each student's transcript for transmission with the School Report. (Parchment users should also check this box.) I understand that Common App member institutions do not want to receive the School Report transmitted online if the transcript will be mailed. I also understand that if I fail to send the transcript online with the School Report this may cause confusion and processing delays, resulting in an late application decision for the applicant." What is a "Sc
  13. Our chicken did not defrost. Plan B is take out!!! Yeah!
  14. I cannot believe it but I am really stuck and I didn't even create account, yet! Please help! My choices when I go to create account: First - year student Transfer student Educational Profession Parent or Other Adult Which one do I choose for School Counselor? When I click on "Educational Professional" I get a blurb -"By continuing, you will create a practice account with the Common Application. A practice account lets you explore the application and experience what a real applicant sees, up until the point of submission. Applications cannot be submitted to coll
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