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  1. If you find out how to get rid of dark circles, let me know. I tried everything even detoxing AND still I have dark circles under my eyes.
  2. Oh, I cannot wait until its available at the library! Which I believe is around January.......
  3. I don't know why you can't "see inside" but I can see it on my computer whether its home desktop, laptop, or at my work computer. BTW, he is 16 yrs old.
  4. Sorry, again..... I didn't mean to advertise. I thought because he was homeschooling and its part of our homeschooling project and class that it was ok to do this.
  5. Good to hear. I was going to say Apnea appt first, too....because my dh would fall alseep as soon as he sat down. He was tired and grumpy and fall asleep during his sessions with clients (he is a psychotherapist). And the fact you did have your thyroid evaluated and the doc said no further action. Also, did you look up symptoms for thyroid issues? It also includes very, dry skin, fatigued and alot of other symptoms, as well.
  6. Hi, Anybody looking for gift ideas for books for your dc that likes Sci-Fi? My son wrote a book, Part 1 of a trilogy -Settlers of Planet Nine. He is such a sci-fi fan that when he finished reading all the different series from Isaac Asimov to Robert Heilein, Arthur C. Clark, C.S. Lewis (his favorite Space series) etc., and modern authors like The Search for Wondla series, he was disappointed there were not many more like books like these. So, he wrote his own series of books. You can check out his website: You can find it on amazon. The science in the book is most up to date. He did all the illustrations himself. The first in the series is for sale, the second is written but in editing mode and he is half way through writing the third book. Check it out! Thanks! Sorry I did not realize I was "advertising".....Sorry!
  7. Quill - The website has questions for you to answer to pick the color. Do you know your color number from your colorist? I believe it is the same, atleast that is my experience from the different salons (& different color brands) that they used. I always liked my hair when it was color number 5.5N or there abouts. Plus, you can Chat or call them on Morgan Reed website with questions of color. They guarantee 1st purchase, so you can get your money back if you do not like it.
  8. Girlfriend I need to introduce to you my colorist Morgan Reed--- It's 25$ (plus shipping) and its DIY EASY!!! Except I know you have longer hair than me. I love the 2 tone color with one application. Link--> oooooo, its now available at Ulta Beauty--- Great I don't have to pay for shipping, that saves 5$! My hairdresser disappeared 7 yrs ago from a Salon and I have been going around trying to find a new one. It's a struggle hiding from the 1 and Done hairdressers 🤣 I am running out of Salons!!!! Last week we were in Thurmont, MD for a PSAT day and while ds was doing the test, we went to Frederick to a Hair Cuttery.....this is all atleast an hour from where I live! I actually live in a different STATE! I forgot to add.....This reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, where Jerry wants some other hairdresser in a barber place to cut his hair because his current barber does a lousy cut 😀
  9. Honestly the schools we have looked at in Pennsylvania, some do not require SAT/ACT scores (actually that was Catholic University in DC) and some didn't need to even see a course description. Isn't your dd applying at Penn State? Did you call them??
  10. Yes, peri/menopause - has a slew of these that I am currently going through it, as well. I get a couple of panic attacks during the day and night. There is book called "The Hormone Fix" which has ideas which I learned from this website: I bought the book from Amazon so I haven't read it yet, but her website has a wealth of information while I wait for the book. On her website, click on her "Blog" and under "hormones" is articles on anxiety and stress.
  11. Haven't read the replies.....We travel a lot and stay at hotels a lot that we get free stays at hotels a lot. Dh always find a hotel that is brand, spanking new OR recently renovated. So, there is always a new hotel wherever we go. So, I do not see a decline in hotels and we stay away from old hotels unless it is like the Sheronton or a very high end hotel. PM where in PA you are going....chances are we stay around there.
  12. To the OP-- I feel the same way as you do. I need this thread of encouragement and the "permission" to be homeschoolers, designing the courses to our teen's interests and their way of learning. It kind be hard to let go. Thank you for starting this thread!
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