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  1. Geez! I am totally in your corner. I had one done and I received results of the echocardium before I was supposed to have my follow-up appt!!! I was freaking out at all the langauge and looking everything up on the Web, scarry results. For me, most were within range and only 1 thing pop up that made the doctor ask me if I snore. Otherwise, she just turned the page. I had the "Mild tricuspid regurgitation." I dont know about the others. It was normal results for me, too with strange words! I forgot to add- I had to wait 3 weeks for my doctor to tell me my results!!!!
  2. Praying that she comes through!!!
  3. Wonderful!!! How exciting!!! Congratulations!
  4. Just to add to the perspective....my ds is going to a private University in Washington, D.C. They strongly encourage being vaccinated. No fees but if vaccinated it will come with perks! They also want to know if vaccinated (Upload proof) or not by July 31st.
  5. Did the previous owners burn their trash?
  6. We used a metal detector to find our property boundary pins. It wasnt easy but it took a day to find it. It isn't very deep.
  7. I second the Fat Head Pizza. There is one with ground flax seed that taste great! It's usually with almonds but I have seen coconut flour version. What about making cauliflower crust version?
  8. I recently purchased gluten-free pasta at Walmart in their refridgerator gluten-free/dairy-free case, It was the BEST tasting and closes tasting to regular tasting pasta. The pasta did not fall apart like Barilla and other brands. I'm sorry I dont know the brand. All the brands listed in the past posts I tried. They all fall apart when eating it, whether I cook them a short time or the recommended time. The new ones I bought at Walmart did not fall apart and were very tasty.
  9. Sign up on her website. She offers free seminars! I didn't buy any packages. I just did her free seminars. I found her books at the library.
  10. linders Congrats for Georgetown acceptance! My Two Sils, one Bil and a neice went to Georgetown. They all loved it. Your ds will have a blast!
  11. At one school, ds keeps getting something everytime we visit the school (we visited alot). He has a t-shirt, 2 knapsacks, 2 water bottles. He also received a Christmas card with a hand written note. All from one school. The others nothing.
  12. Sometimes we make them at home but this NYD - so no cooking for us! We still live in PA but not in Philly. There is an Italian place where we have been getting our pizza this year and everytime we go in to pick up pizza, it smells like a place that would have good cheese steaks :) Sometimes you can get a good cheese steak in the oddest places, not just in PA. Do you buy the thin steaks like Steakums? Dh likes to get the butcher fresh beef that is sliced thin at the supermarket. But DH's Cheese Steaks are not quite the same as buying it in Philly. Do you chop up the thin steaks while frying it up in the pan?
  13. NYE - best corned beef sandwiches and rye bread from the Philly area. My dh grew up with this for NYE. Also, shrimp cocktail, chips & salsa and I making this year eggnog cupcakes! NYD - Cheese steaks, of course. Being from Philly, this was a staple growing up in my teens.
  14. Yes, I like the Monk fruit drops for my tea, too.
  15. WONDERFUL!! AWESOME! Love it!
  16. Yes, but we went twice last year in the Fall 2019. But we also went 2 weeks ago for Heritage Day that they had for prospective students. He wants to study Physics. Also, some of my friends have friends who kids went there and really enjoyed it and had no problems getting into Graduate school. You can PM'd me if you like to discuss more. We are going on campus for the scholarship test.
  17. Hey Jennay !! My ds was accepted at St. Vincent College, too!! He is doing the scholarship test in Dec., too! I am excited a fellow Boardie's dc has applied there. It's such a quaint little college. Good luck to our kids!!
  18. Thank you 8filltheheart for your encouragement and advice for my son. I appreciate it.
  19. Oh, I am so naive in this. I am telling my son, who is interested in Physics or astrophysics (if they have it), that he needs to do a Master's and Phd to get a good job. There was a time he wanted to teach at a college/university but now he really wants to do research. He found a university that has 4+1 BS/Masters program for physics, with prominent astropysics professors. So, you are telling me, he doesnt have to do Masters if he is interested in Phd? If someone wants to do research in the world, they should have a Phd--Correct???
  20. My ds did math in 7 & 8th grade but the beginning date I put down was the year he started 9th grade. On the transcript, in the notes I wrote he did alg and geometry in 7th & 8th grade. This is what I did.....my thinking is he did High School for 4 yrs and not 5.
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