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  1. I thought Israel did not vaccinate those who had already recovered from covid?
  2. I (very, very nicely) asked my contact to order the test we need, and she agreed! Woo-hoo! Offering that as hope for everyone else, too.
  3. ^+1 Also, you (as a parent OR as a patient) can ask questions until you understand the risks and benefits associated with the procedure. The effects of radiation (and, tangentially, anesthesia) are cumulative, so if you have reason to be concerned, it makes sense (IMO) to study it enough to ask questions. There are reasons doctors want the information that a scan can provide, but there are also sometimes "standard operating procedures" that call for scans that are ultimately irrelevant.
  4. (Sometimes kids who have lots of radiation exposure through tests over many years are given radiation badges to track that exposure over time. Not an answer to your question, but something I learned at our children's hospital.)
  5. Because they have natural immunity already, the ones in my circle.
  6. Our public school has allowed our kids to sit for the exams in the past, but this year we need one that they don't offer / teach at their school. Is it ever possible that they would give it anyway, or should I also begin a phone marathon?
  7. Yes. ❤️ It's part of our daily school routine, along with reading out loud.
  8. Not quite the same as brainwashing, but sometimes an expert in one field comes to think of himself as an expert in ALL fields.
  9. The best thing that helped my kids increase typing speed was a huge reward / privilege that went into effect as soon as they could type 40wpm. 😉 Mine went through a couple of $$ programs, and then finally just wanted the reward enough to use typing (dot) com to get up to speed.
  10. Is that from this study out of Israel? Maybe I'm missing something, but . . . on page 12 it explains that in Model 1 they demographically matched 16, 251 from BOTH groups of the study, and THAT's where the 8 vs 1 hospitalizations came into play. Excerpt from p. 12: Model 1 – previously infected vs. vaccinated individuals, with matching for time of first event In model 1, we matched 16,215 persons in each group. Overall, demographic characteristics were similar between the groups, with some differences in their comorbidity profile (Table 1a). During the follow-up period, 257 cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection were recorded, of which 238 occurred in the vaccinated group (breakthrough infections) and 19 in the previously infected group (reinfections). After adjusting for comorbidities, we found a statistically significant 13.06-fold (95% CI, 8.08 to 21.11) increased risk for breakthrough infection as opposed to reinfection (P<0.001). Apart from age ≥60 years, there was no statistical evidence that any of the assessed comorbidities significantly affected the risk of an infection during the follow-up period (Table 2a). As for symptomatic SARS-COV-2 infections during the follow-up period, 199 cases were recorded, 191 of which were in the vaccinated group and 8 in the previously infected group. Conclusions of study: "This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity. Individuals who were both previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant." ETA: So, to the OP - yes! By quite a huge margin, a previous infection with covid gives the strongest protection against all 3: a re-infection, symptoms, and also hospitalization related to covid, when compared with the Pfizer vaccine.
  11. She looks a lot like our recent rescue! Ours is a Rhodesian ridgeback / lab / probably pit / probably also bulldog mix who is a LOVE.
  12. Haha! A close friend buys flannel AND cotton, cuts them up the center, and sews them back together as "half and half" sheets - cotton for her DH, and flannel for her. They look funny, but work GREAT, and - hey, when the bed's made, you can't see them anyway. 😉
  13. For flannel, we LOVE Eddie Bauer, and the quality is excellent. (If you're not in flannel sheet country, ignore me. Haha!)
  14. I didn't think it was a bombshell - ?? It's consistent with several other studies that have been coming out over the last several months. https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/lasting-immunity-found-after-recovery-covid-19 https://www.news-medical.net/news/20210426/Prior-SARS-CoV-2-infection-and-Pfizer-BioNTeche28099s-COVID-19-vaccine-provide-similar-immunity.aspx (I thought that later studies from Manaus discovered that re-infection there was actually super rare? Based on problems with the study?) https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.03.25.21254281v1.full
  15. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.08.24.21262415v1 Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections
  16. I would feel comfortable doing that, maybe stay outside if that's something you can do. Have had similar situation here.
  17. ^ Thank you, SeaConquest! I'm open to more links than the KY study, too, if you happen to run across them. I recognize that the data & understanding of recovered immunity is still very much in discovery phase - we have family members who have had positive antibody tests >13 months after prior infection. I know that's not universal, but I also respect their experience.
  18. I can only read part of your linked article, and the part I can read doesn't talk about recovered immunity - do you have easy links to other research that supports that idea? (I respect that you're busy working, so don't spend time on it - I have been searching quite a bit on this and reading, but am not finding documented studies contrasting recovered immunity vs. vaccine immunity (especially as it relates to breakthrough cases vs. repeat infections). Will definitely keep reading. )
  19. ❤️ flower in sidewalk - oh, my! And the tall window light.
  20. Wellllll, yes and no, LOL. This has been a topic of discussion at our house lately. 😉
  21. OK, just ordered one for the dog's "Back to School" basket. Haha! Will report back.
  22. (Is the brand name significantly better than, say, the Amazon brand?)
  23. Annnnnnd DH just fulfilled HIS special storm prep: Ice Cream Run! The first time we lost power for a long time, we actually lost all the ice cream in the house thinking the power would be back shortly. So the tradition became a 60-minute countdown: if the power remains out for 61 minutes, we eat every single bite of ice cream in the house (yes, even though we now have a generator, LOL). Which - of course - means, that when there's an EXPECTED power outage, DH runs out and "tops off" the ice cream supply . . . just in case. 😉 (And from the looks of the shelves Every. Single. Time. - he is not the only one in New England with this special tradition, haha!) And all the spoons are clean. I love that man.
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