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  1. Is Cambridge Latin unit 1 high school level or more middle school?
  2. We are doing a detailed literature analysis of each. He has to write 4 book reports this year.
  3. I'm planning 12 books for 6th grade. We are planning 6 this first semester and 6 the second semester. They are books like Sign of the Beaver, Johnny Tremain, Lion,Witch and Wardrobe. Is this too much or too little?
  4. Can you give high school before they reach high school? How does a college look at this?
  5. Ds is finishing up this week. He has math,handwriting and language to finish. He starts his long list of actives starting next week. He has 4 camps,two VBS and a trip to grandparents this summer. We'll do light school this summer. Dd still has stuff to finish up too. She'll be done next week.
  6. Ds will be a 5th grader. I'm wondering if I'm going to over schedule this kid next year. I need some others thoughts. We're useing Abeka 5 as our spine. I feel he needs more writing practice and reading than Abeka gives. Abeka 5 all courses( math,history,language science,spelling,handwriting and reading) Reading- tons of extra novels ( I have ten novels planned.) IEW - on- line class Public speaking- co-op class art history- weekly Logic- weekly Latin- daily Robitics- one project weekly useing mind strom He will run track and play basketball. He will fence and play the piano too. Am I over doing it?
  7. We are using Abeka. Dd came from public school this year. She enjoys it and fast forwards when she needs too.
  8. We did the abeka DVD for dd's high school. We liked the course. Dd learned a lot. If you used the dvd's you don't need the teacher manual. Dd watched the labs and did the lab book. We didn't want buy equipment.
  9. Ds is doing all abeka Daily 1. Math ( He is thrieving on the spiral approach) 2. reading ( abeka plus a chapter of 39 clues) 3. Language ( we watch the video and then I end up teaching it) 4. Spelling ( I hate there spelling. Ds is a poor speller and I needed a better program. ) 5. Cursive ( it take 15 minutes at the most) 6. History( we doing state history currently) 7. Science ( he watches the DVD) 8. Bible ( he watches the DVD) Weekly Lego mind storm weekly build Latin co-op class Kid nation co-op class Extras Fencing, chess club, track, a detective class and robotics I need to add typing and computer programming. I also would like to add IEW!
  10. High School is fun,challenging and exciting. I pulled my daughter as a junior and homeschooled her this year. It's gone awesome!
  11. My ds will be a 5th grader next year. I want to add computer programming to our curriculum next year. This mom is lost where to start. He is doing Lego mind storm and loving it. What else should I add? He wants to be an engineer.
  12. We use abeka as our spine and extend when we need it. Math : Abeka 5 and something for word problems Reading: abeka 5 and tons of novels Spelling??? Language : Abeka 5 Writing: IEW History:Abeka 5 Science : Abeka 5 , co-op science Latin: Latin at our co-op Music: composer study Art: co-op class Typing : ??? Computer science: ??? Spanish : maybe rosetta stone He will fence,play basketball, run track, work on Lego mind storm and do chess club.
  13. My understanding from Abeka Academy is that if you can make an A in 7th grade you can do Algebra in 8th. I've looked at the 7th grade book it has all the parts I would be looking for in pre-Algebra.
  14. I'm doing Abeka 4. You will see it next year too . Ds is on lesson 72 and is doing problems like 58/5789. He kind of got it last year. I was more concerned about doing multiplation facts last year. He picked up quickly this year.
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