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  1. This is from last year......but since there are not replies and I am curious. I am bumping it. :)
  2. Couple of weeks late but have been researching planners. Like the previous poster, I am not good with a blank canvas so I am not sure how I would like one note. I use Cozi and love it (not as a homeschool planner but for everything else) and was looking for a planner like cozi only one I could input the assignments more efficiently and could print reports. I discovered Homeschool Planet and so far I love it. The one problem I have is that I cannot download it to my computer or use it as an app like Cozi, but it does have an ical format so I am able to share the two calendars and look to see what my kids need to do on Cozi or what my schedule is like on Homeschool Planet when lesson planning. I have only had it less that 24 hours but so far I am really liking it, just would like something all-in-one and economical. I am curious about OneNote and it sounds much more economical which would be a plus.
  3. I was a bit hesitant about this series until I read the first book and enjoyed it. I then picked up the first two books on audio for a song at a library used book sale and the kids listened to them and also enjoyed them. We then went on to check out the next 2 books from the library but like others began to find them repetitive. We never finished the series.
  4. Math: TT6 Grammar & Writings: EIW 6 or SWI & Easy Grammar Plus Spelling & Vocabulary: Word Roots A1 Handwriting: Pentime 6 Literature/Reading: Various Books Science: Apologia Astronomy + ? (thinking Tiner's Exploring Planet Earth) History: Mystery of History 3 Art: Art Explosion (from Timberdoodle)
  5. I know this is an older question but still one I would like to see responded to. :D
  6. 1) A Bible 2) A History Encyclopedia 3) Analytical Grammar TM or English Handbook 4) A Science Encyclopedia 5) Lial's Basic Math or Math Encyclopedia 6) A Dictionary 7) A Hymnbook 8) The Well Trained Mind 9) A Collection of Stories 10) a book of artistic masterpieces (ETA -updated my choices)
  7. what about MUS Zeta? It has plenty of white space and Zeta focuses on decimals.
  8. What Tracy, bugeyes, and Ellie said. I tried many different curricula with my 2nd oldest dd who is VSL, but have learned that just having patience was the most important thing, I would teach her something and the next day she would act like she never saw it before. Eventually by going over it and over it again every. single. day. she will finally get it. But I can't take off for the summer because then we have to start over the next year. So its a coulpe of lessons a week to keep it fresh I wish I had tried R&S with her, but it had been such a flop with my oldest I didn't even consider it with her until 6th grade and then I felt it was to late. ETA: She did thrive in the early years with manipulatives (MUS), it was once math became more abstract (multidigit mupltiplication) that we ran into a wall, and I impatiently jumped ship.
  9. I have a dd who is like that. She just seems to do her schoolwork (especially math) better when I am in the room. Can't explain why either.
  10. Sorry for the late response ladies, I forgot that my email notifications stop if I don't click the box again when responding so thought the thread had died. ok this makes a lot of sense and what I believe the other ladies were saying also. The ballroom dance classes was geared specifically for homeschool students (although PS students were allowed to join) and included a lot of instruction. I do not count the time she practices outside of class. I will double check my state laws about PE. I think my focus when I originally did was on the academic studies and can't remember what PE requirements there are. I know the college she is aiming for stresses English as the important credits. While painting is also a hobby, it is something she is constantly trying to improve in. She read books about art techniques and tries to implement them, she watches the teaching paint shows on PBS. I do not keep track of the hours that she spends o it in her spare time. Only the time she is learnong a new technique etc that we have scheduled as part of her art course during school hours. I guess I thought of including beading as art to show variety inf her artistic studies but can see now how it would be a better considered an extracurricular activity. :) This was part of a larger study. We used them to discuss lighting, costumes, camera angles, the differences between the musicals themselves etc. I wouldn't count if we just watched it for sheer entertainment. This has been very helpful. Thank you so much. ETA: I looked up my state graduation requirements and she needs a 1/2 PE Credit for graduation as well as a 1/2 credit ti Visual and Performing Arts. OK, I found that humorous. I will add in some Histoy etc, and count our first year as that was a hugh learning/instructional curve and count the rest as extracurricular. :)
  11. Thanks for your insight and wisdom. I remember Gym being required in School and thought a PE credit would be required so it is a relief to know that it is not. She uses a lot of books to help improve her art so a lot of it is instructive and practice. I seem to have received conflicting information on what constitutes a fine arts credit so will need to research that further. Thanks for sharing.
  12. My dd will be a sophmore in HS come fall. This past year she has done: Drama/Theater over 60 hours Ballroom Dancing approx 32 hours Volleyball approx 20 hours She is also painting, drawing, beading etc in her spare tim as well as having watched a lot of classic musicals. She will also be in another play this summer probably another 40+ hours. I know she has more than enough for a full Fine Arts credit with just the drama and painting alone. What she is lacking is enough for a PE credit. Do you think it would be OK to count the Ballroom Dancing as part of her PE Credit Should I divide the Fine Arts Credit further since she will likely be doing more of the same throughout High School? Not exactly sure how to break all this down on her transcripts. TIA
  13. Here is what has proved tried and true in our homeschool: Mystery of History Apologia Elementary First Language Lessons Teaching Textbooks
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