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My aunt, who has suffered many years with a brain tumor, has passed on.

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Lisa was more like my older sister. She was not that much older than me, and our mothers had a business together, so I spent a lot of time with her when we were growing up. She used to dress me up and curl my hair and make me feel like a princess when I was a little girl. She was also someone in whom I confided and admired as a child.


Lisa was diagnosed almost seven years ago with a brain tumor. It had been growing for 15-20 years. When the doctor told us this, it made sense--I remember that her smile was crooked at her wedding, 17 years prior to diagnosis. After her first brain surgery, her smile straightened.


That first surgery was miraculous, a gift. Lisa was really herself, for the first time in many, many years. That summer after surgery was eye-opening as we realized that much of who she was as an adult had been shaped by the tumor and its effects on her cognitive ability and behavior.


Within months of that surgery, Lisa's life was in peril again. A second surgery left her brain damaged, with no hope of recovery. Every single year since then (this is our seventh year with this) we were told she would die soon, and every year she rallied.


The sad irony is that the second surgery, in wiping Lisa's memory almost clean of her adult years, brought restoration in my own relationship with her. She related to me as if we were children again. All the love and fond closeness of that time was restored, and I cherish that.


Lisa has five young children whom she prayed for every day. It was nothing short of agonizing for her not to be with them. Naturally, it's been awful for her five children, too, to watch helplessly as their mother's mind was broken, and her body twisted and sickened by inches over many years. Lisa's oldest just turned 14, and her youngest, who has never known her to be well, is just 6 years old. Lisa also leaves behind a fun-loving, musical, and grieving husband who loved her wholeheartedly.


I rejoice in Lisa's freedom from pain, and ask that you pray for her grieving family.

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My heart breaks for you. I lost my sister to brain cancer in 2001, after watching her battle it for 6 long years. I know what suffering your aunt experienced and I also know what you all suffered watching her. We aren't sure how long my sisters brain tumor was there, but looking back we always wonder if some of the bizarre behavior that she displayed were the result of that tumor. Cherish the good memories you have with your aunt - maybe even write them down for her children.


I pray you have comfort and peace in knowing she is not suffering any longer.



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Very sad for her family; I remember that when my Aunt died, just a few years ago.... she said, "I have lived a good life; I am ready." This was because of her battle with death. It's so sad when loved ones died, and you think, "Why couldn't we have had more time together?"

I am sorry for YOU too, as I know you're grieving! So... prayers for her family and for you!

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I am very sorry for your loss. It sounds like it was heartbreaking all these years; however, the fact that you were able to restore your cherished relationship after her second surgery is a true blessing. I'm sure you will hold on to those memories forever. May they comfort you as you grieve. :grouphug:

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I am deeply sorry for your loss. I pray that the Lord will bring palpable comfort and peace to your heart and the hearts of her husband and children. I pray that as time passes a new wind of hope and possibility and good things will blow away the pain and loss and darkness of such a long and devastating illness. I pray they find a new way to be family. I am sure the idea is unfathomable at this moment.



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