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  1. Aw, look at that perfect little face...so sweet! Congratulations! I like her name, too.
  2. My dh loves that book. I can't tell you how many copies of it he's bought, as he is always loaning it out, forgetting who he loaned it to, and then buying another one. Rinse, repeat. I used to play the piano and recorder, and sing in choir. Haven't done those since I had kids. Maybe some day I will again. I've kind of moved on to other things though, so I don't feel too bad about it.
  3. I literally just posted about my candy making fail on my blog. It was the first time I tried making honey lollipops. I thought those were the stickiest things ever, but it sounds like marshmallows win. And just to make you feel better...last year I asked my ds (15 at the time) to boil some water while I ran out to the store to buy more chicken. When I came back 15 minutes later there was all this smoke in the house and a burning smell. DS is sitting playing computer games unconcernedly. I'm like, WTH?! I went into the kitchen and he had turned on the wrong burner, which had a pot lid sitting on it. The lid was on fire. End result: one ruined lid, and some burned spots on the linoleum floor where I set the lid to get it off the stove. Yeah. Nice.
  4. Lots of great charities mentioned here, I will add one more I like...Catholic Near East Welfare Association - assists people in many locations. You can pick the area specifically (Palestine is one) or by type of project.
  5. Oh, yay, how exciting! Congratulations on your girl! You are having them in the same order I did...two boys first and then a girl (and then another girl, LOL). So sweet about your son wanting a sister.
  6. Another vote for Speed Queen. I bought mine locally. I had a Kenmore HE top loader previously and HATED it. Love my Speed Queen.
  7. John Denver was my very first concert. I think I was 15. I don't like it when people bring their dogs into stores. I don't like sushi. Raw tomatoes are icky. I don't think children will be traumatized if they don't get gifts for Christmas.
  8. I would argue that he *did* slow down, and that it would have been unsafe to change lanes. I really dislike this law - usually by the time you can see an accident or what you have, you don't have time to react and switch lanes. I had a friend who was able to argue a ticket in court and she wasn't able to get it dismissed but she did get to perform community service rather than pay a fee, so maybe that's an option, although obviously not ideal.
  9. I'm so sorry, Suzanne. I'm sure you made the right decision, but it is so hard to lose a pet. They really are members of the family. :grouphug:
  10. So, in my quick Google research, it looks like they cannot accept any form of cash, and gifts must have a value of less than $20, unless they are to be shared by the whole branch. Gift cards - it's a little wishy-washy...one says no gift cards, the other says no gift cards that can be exchanged for cash. Hmmm, I will have to think about this one.
  11. I was wondering the same thing. I know there are rules about what they can and can't accept. I do want to give our mail carrier something this year - he's done a really great job.
  12. I am just finally getting a chance to say thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes. I had a very nice birthday. We drove down to my sister's for Thanksgiving, and I spent part of the day cooking, and then I had a yummy Thai dinner and a brownie sundae from Sonic. I also got some great gifts from my sisters and aunt. It was a very blessed birthday and Thanksgiving.
  13. Our library allows us to "link" our cards, so that we can check out books on each others' cards. If you're not linked, they won't do it.
  14. So I got two scarves, and part of a third, done over Thanksgiving vacation. I'm also going to be making some honey lollipops this week. I may try experimenting with different flavorings and see which I like best.
  15. It probably would be fine in either spot. When we got our trees a couple of years ago I just kept them on my covered porch until we planted them; they were fine. The bare root trees at the nurseries are usually just set into beds of sawdust outside.
  16. Drop off ds √ Wrap up book to mail √ Post office √ Drop off recycling - center was closed Butterfly garden √ Governor's mansion field trip √ Indian museum field trip √ Laundry Pick up ds √ Tidy up living room and school room Crochet Managed to get dishes done and kitchen cleaned except floor √
  17. Drop off ds √ Wrap up book to mail Post office Drop off recycling Butterfly garden Governor's mansion field trip Indian museum field trip Laundry Pick up ds Tidy up living room and school room Crochet
  18. I vaguely recall it, and I think this is the one you're referring to: Atlas Statue - scroll down a bit, and see the one marked Van Nuys. I grew up in Santa Monica and I can just remember the Jack LaLanne fitness centers, and oddly enough, that other Atlas statue pictured, the one in Sacramento, was just down the street from me for many years. It disappeared a while back when the business was torn down, and I see it's now moved to another location. I guess you can move Atlas, but you can't kill him off :)
  19. We have an Aqua Star tankless water heater. It is about 10 years old now. Pros: Continuous hot water Electronic ignition, so heats water even if power goes out Takes up very little space No maintenance Gets very hot Cons: Can only run one hot water appliance at a time Takes a few minutes for water to become hot, longer in the winter Needs a certain amount of water pressure, otherwise it won't get hot For us it is a mixed bag - we definitely had to install one because of needing the space (converting a garage into a bedroom & laundry room). Overall, it works well and doesn't cause issues, but I do have to stagger all our hot water uses. This could be avoided by buying a larger unit or installing multiple units.
  20. Ew, ew, ew. No, I would not eat it. My dh on the other hand...
  21. Happy birthday, Jeannie!! :party: Have a blessed birthday!! Krissi, I hope you all feel better soon :grouphug: I'm not making a list today, and you can't make me! So there! :D This is really one of those days I just want to stay in bed and do nothing. Unfortunately that is not an option.
  22. Bath √ Banking √ Eat breakfast √ Find ds's missing notebook √ Drop off ds √ Pick up cash √ Get gas √ Drink coffee √ Fold laundry and transfer load over √ Lunch √ School work - some Have kids clean up living room/dining room/kitchen √ Dishes √ Clean out master bedroom closet More laundry √ Dinner Pick up ds Watch the Amazing Race Go for walk with dh ETA: Habits - Stick to diet...so far, so good, I'm down 3 lbs from last week.
  23. Are we long-lost relations? I had exactly this same situation just a few months back. Only, oddly the couple themselves were what I would call very conservative Christians. But yes, they lived together, got married "secretly", forbid anyone in on the secret from discussing it, then had the big church wedding. I thought it was strange mainly because these weren't 18-year-olds, but a couple in their mid 30's and early 40's. It was just weird to me. Anyway, I smiled, I attended the wedding, I gave a gift. All was good. But I understand that feeling of being party to a deception. It didn't sit right with me.
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